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Let me live, O Mighty Master,

Such a life as men should know,

Tasting triumph and disaster,

Joy--and not too much of woe;

Let me run the gamut over,

Let me fight and love and laugh

And when I'm beneath the clover

Let this be my epitaph.


Here lies one who took his chances

In life's busy world of men;

Battled fate and circumstances,

Fought and fell and fought again.

Won sometimes, but did no crowing,

Lost sometimes, but didn't wail,

Took his beating, but kept going

Never let his courage fail.


He was fallible and human

Therefore loved and understood

Both his fellow man and woman

Whether good or not so good.

Kept his spirit undiminished,

Never failed to help a friend,

Played the game till it was finished,

Lived a Sportsman to the end.

Author unknown

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