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Just Mike


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I want to thank every man or woman who served in the Military. Not only you, but you who have family members who served and have passed on. This MEMORIAL DAY is truly a day for us to remember those who have not only served, but died while serving our country. Many of us have family members who served in as far back as the Civil War, and  WW l and WW ll and the Korean War, Vietnam War and other Wars. Each and everyone no matter what they did, no matter how lowly the job, serving our country makes then honnorable people who gave of then self to serve so we could enjoy our freedom. Some paid the highest honor to our country and died serving us.  Today let us all thank God for those has the courage to do their duty.


                                                                                                 Definition of a Veteran


                                                                              A Veteran is someone who, at one point in

                                                                            one's life, wrote a blank check made payable to

                                                                           "The  United  States of  America".  for an amount

                                                                             of "up to and including my life."  That is honor,

                                                                                and there are way too many people in this

                                                                                  Country who no longer understand it.


                                                                                                                              Author Unkno

May God once again Bless the United states of America!  Oh  MIGHTY GOD, bring our people to their knees!  OH  HOLY FATHER do whatever it takes to bring our Country to repentance, and seeking YOU for the forgiveness of our sinful lives.  In JESUS CHRIST name I pray this prayer.




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