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Hope Dwindles for Families of Lost Argentina Submarine Crew

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If the subs batteries had a serious issue more than likely the lights went out. Unless they had lights that ran of alternative sources, even for several days, i suspect they might have been in extreme darkness for a good length of time. If the batteries leaked any fumes they all might have died earlier.


I can only imagine that these sailors suffered, or are suffering before they died or are dying.


This German built, diesel Submarine was on CBS news recently, and they showed pictures of the insides, completely gutted, while being refurbished. This type of sub is old technology, but many countries still have these in service. Diesel submarines must surface on a regularly basis in order to keep running. This type of subnmarine was the kind used in WW ll, and only a few sailors who sailed back then are alive to tell stories of living in a "can".

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