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Is Christianity a primitive religion? Far from it.

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If you've every had an debate with athest then you've probably heard an argument along the lines of Christianity being primitive religion. When we take a deeper look at the argument find what's called religious evolution we can see just how backwards the argument is.


The theory of religious evolution goes like this:

In time man begain to believe in the simplest form of religion and as civilization advanced so did religion.


Right away we see how this theory can totally backfire, if civilization evolved into a supernatural belief then that makes athiesim the starting point therefore atheisim is the most primative by their own theory.

Then there's the fact that there is no evidence to support the theory, big surprise.


Now what we can observe is that Christianity is the being and transcendent religion that so many have broken away from unto religion with multiple gods unto religions of spirit worship like voodoo, unto simple religions involving natural energy from the earth, animals ,and plants and collecting items for their energy (worshiping the creation instead of the Creator) unto humanism.

We can observe this in modern times. In America there was a decrease in church attending Christians and an increase of wiccans, eastern spiritualisim, satanism, and atheisim.

For more historical evidence you could cheak out William Schmidit a Catholic anthropologist who went all over the world to find the natives first belived in one God located in the sky or high mountain, is referred to by a masculine name, who created the world, and provides behavioral standards.


Stay strong in Christ and be blessed everyone.

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