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Dan Peek.

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Most of you probably know of the folk rock band named Amarica, with songs like Horse with no name and Lonely people. Dan Peek, music wrightter and singer of America, fully turned his life over to Christ and went on to make gosful music. The three members of the band came from evangelical backgrounds before they formed the band as teenagers. Dan tried everything the rock and roll lifestyle had to offer, but still that emptyness in his life. While sitting in his mansion overlooking the ocean he examined his life and found it was all vanity, he realized without Christ life is worthless. He went on to make beautiful music, some of those songs are Doer of the word, All things are possiblle, Your Father loves you.

Dan passed away at the age of sixty in 2011.


I hope you guys go check out Dan Peek, he made some beautiful Christ centered music. He also did a nice remake of Christopher Cross's Sailing too.


Stay strong in Christ and be blessed everyone.

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I saw Dan peek in concert in Washington state, I think in 1980. He was soloing and played songs like lonely people, which he changed into a Christian song.


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