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Freedom destiny (jesus set me free)

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“freedom destiny”

[h=1]my freedom to give[/h] [h=1]my reason to live[/h] [h=1]i’m already there for[/h] [h=1]christ took i could bare[/h] [h=1]because he took the blame[/h] [h=1]i’ll never be the same[/h] [h=1]i’m now part of the elite[/h] [h=1]jesus took me off the street[/h] [h=1]i must have a thankful heart[/h] [h=1]it activates a fresh start[/h] [h=1]delivered, forgiven and set free[/h] [h=1]so now i’m living my destiny[/h]

lyrics by: Tom edward douglas johnson (legacy7)


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Hi, Tom, this is the first time I read such a poem, this is something new for me. I like it and I will sure visit this section more often because I have something to learn from here.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem with us!

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