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  1. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    Not to criticize another site, but there is quite a bit of heresy spread there.
  2. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    I have been a member here for a while, but I had honestly forgotten about it. I enjoy it here. I got banned from CC for maligning the site and recruiting members. I wasn’t maligning that board, but did recruit their members.
  3. Well howdy...Minnie Pearl style.

  4. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    If you study the context here, it’s not really about drinking booze. Jesus is telling those self-righteous religious leaders no one can meet their self-righteous demands. John was not a glutton or a sot, so they accused him of being demon possessed. The Christ came eating and drinking...obviously not getting drunk or committing gluttony, and they called Him a glutton and a drunkard. And He also sat with ***gasp*** sinners!
  5. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    No to your first question, or at least that’s my opinion. Plus, that was prior to the Levitical priesthood. I would guess unleavened.
  6. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    That was unfermented wine.
  7. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    And don’t get drunk with wine, which leads to reckless living, but be filled by the Spirit:[Ephesians 5:18] Here it says don’t get drunk with wine. It doesn’t to not drink wine, but not to get get drunk with it. Why? It leads to reckless living.
  8. SovereignGrace

    How many are going to heaven?

    The exact # John saw coming out of great tribulation...a # that no man can #. That’s how many are going. 😎
  9. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    It was well articulated. However, that can be said about smoking, too. I work as a lab tech in a hospital and see ppl literally smoking themselves to death. Yet, nary a word about that. But drink one beer? You’ll get, “You heathen, you’re going to hell for doing that!”
  10. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    I thought so...just making sure. Don’t run with that, someone will wrest the baton from you and actually teach it.
  11. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    Huh? 🤔 🤨
  12. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    Well, Jesus goes to a wedding in Cana. He gets news there’s no more wine. Now, He didn’t condemn them for drinking it. He tells them to fill six water pots and take some to head waiter. It all boils down to this...moderation. Even in fitness. Ppl can take it too far and end up in bad shape. Too much water also dilutes your electrolytes and can cause mental issues.
  13. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    In my opinion, it’s no more wrong to smoke a cigar or cigarette than it is to drink. Regardless of what we do, someone will take umbrage to it. How many pastors, whose belt has disappeared under their belly will shake a fat finger of someone drinking a beer, glass of wine, or shot of bourbon?
  14. SovereignGrace

    Alcohol and Christianity

    Paul told Timothy to no longer drink water but Welch’s grape juice for his stomach and other ailments.
  15. SovereignGrace

    Chiliasm/Historic Premillenialism?

    So, here’s what I am set on. Christ’s return is future, physical, with a physical resurrection. All those who died in faith will raise first, then those who are alive(saved in proper context) are caught up(raptured) to be with Him in new physical bodies just like His most glorious body. I believe there is no pre-trib rapture, either. Now, seeing Revelation is about the second advent, where does it teach His touching terra firma in that book?
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