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  1. SovereignGrace

    Predestination and Calling

    CHS was such a bless minister used by God.
  2. SovereignGrace

    Hey, nice to meet cha!

    Or did this site really find him? O_o O-O :-) ;-)
  3. SovereignGrace

    The Prayer of the Arminian

    I hope you know that was me being facetious.
  4. SovereignGrace

    The Prayer of the Arminian

    Father, please save my lost ppl w/o violating their free will. I know you're a true Gentlemen and will not force anyone to be saved against their will. Thanks, R. Minian
  5. SovereignGrace

    John 3:16 and Calvinisim.

    Sissy, one of God's attributes is His immutability. In others words, He changes not. Now, if He loves everyone the same, then turns around and pours His divine wrath upon His objects of love, He is no longer immutabile. Read Romans 9. There are objects of wrath and love. The objects of love are from the same lump the objects of wrath are in. This is divine election at its finest.
  6. SovereignGrace

    Is the Old Testament for Christians?

    All scripture is profitable for correction, reproof, &c. Jesus even said the OT testifies of Him. Today's churches seem to be NT only desiring ppl, and that's wrong.
  7. SovereignGrace


    Uhhhh, I think God does not love the non-elect. However, I do believe He does show them common grace such as blessing their crops, giving them rain, &c. But God is immutable, so if He loved the non-elect, and then turned around and cast them headlong into hell, then He has changed His love for them to hate.
  8. SovereignGrace

    Thorns and thistles after the fall or were they already here?

    That is true. However, could these have been laying dormant and sprung up after the fall? Notice how the hills will be set ablaze and afterwards thorns will spring up. I am not dogmatic about this, just thought it was something worth investigating.
  9. SovereignGrace

    The Pelagian Captivity of the Church

    What I meant is that pic would be Luther today. Instead of nailing it to the RCC, he would be nailing it to those churches who hold to pelagianism and semi-pelagianism.
  10. SovereignGrace

    The Pelagian Captivity of the Church

    This would be Martin Luther in today's pelagianistic churches...which covers a vast majority of the USA's churches...
  11. SovereignGrace

    Chosen But Free?

    Arminians look at how they are saved by their actions. Calvinists look at God and how He gave us life from a birth of the Spirit, gave us the gifts of faith and repentance, and how it was He who saved us.
  12. SovereignGrace

    Chosen But Free?

    Dr. James White stated that Dr. Geisler once said the cross did not save anyone, just made them savable. I really don't care to read anything from "Dr." Geisler after him making that foolish of a statement.
  13. SovereignGrace

    Answers to Arminian Arguments

    I love how they mangle this verse...that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.[2 Corinthians 5:19] They'll say "Lookie!! God is reconciling the world!! He's leaving no one out!! Why can't you see this?!?!?!?!" Ummm, because there's a 500 gorilla in that verse that is not being addressed. He is not counting ppl's sins against them. If that means God is reconciling everybody w/o exception, and not imputing their sins against them, then hello universalism. They read into the text and posit into the text what their theology demands of them, to hold to their erratic system. No matter how badly they mangle the text, they will mangle it to hold to their traditions.
  14. Only problem with the movie theater example is that no one wants the ticket. :p You'd have to go to the local cemetery and dig up those you want to have the ticket, bring them to life, and then give them the ticket, for that example to work. I am sure you posited that through the eyes of Arminians, but that is how you'd give away those 100 tickets.
  15. We can read where God told Adam thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you; and you shall eat the plants of the field.[Genesis 3:18] Now, did thorns and thistles exist before the fall, or did they spring up afterwards? I tend to believe it was only after the fall and here's why. But if it bears thorns and thistles, it is worthless and near to being cursed, and its end is to be burned.[Hebrews 6:8] So, thorns and thistles are compared to fruitless ppl and they will be burned up in the end. This seems to me that the fall is when these sprung up, because the ground God made before the fall was 'good and very good'. Thoughts? 'Pinions? Ideas?