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  1. josea4577

    Prayer for grace and blessings

    Amen in Jesus name.
  2. josea4577

    Its been a strange, long journey.

    God will continue to give us power to overcome sin, while we keep reading His words in Jesus name. Amen!
  3. josea4577

    Only if you obey

    Obedient to the words of God is the only way to be at peace with Him.
  4. josea4577

    Prayer for grace and blessings

    Lord take me and my family out of poverty level.
  5. josea4577

    Joined Just now

    To God be the glory as Christianity is growing.
  6. Church has been established on a rock, gate of hell will never prevail.
  7. I wish the woman rest in peace, but no matter the persecution Christianity will continue to grow stronger.
  8. No matter how people may fight Jesus, they will continue to fail.
  9. Every race of the must be present in heaven, that it God's strategy to win soul to his kingdom.
  10. josea4577

    Its been a strange, long journey.

    Abundant blessing is for him that created relationship with Christ Jesus.
  11. josea4577

    Its been a strange, long journey.

    Sin is the greatest enemy of a Christian, please run away from sin. Read your Bible always.
  12. josea4577

    New Member

    It's good to be a Christian and be in the midst of Christians.
  13. josea4577

    Joined Just now

    Coming to this forum is a dream cone true. I'm a Christian since 1984 when I undergo baptism. I attend Apostolic Church. I am one of those who are in haste for rapture.
  14. josea4577

    Minimum Posts Required

    Thanks for given opportunity to bear our mind at this forum. I believe the coming together of Christians will bring out another fire of revival.
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