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  1. Just Mike

    Pentecost/ Confirmation Sunday

    Thank you for sharing this with those of who are unaware of such things like Confirmation. Being a Baptist this is all new to me, brother you are so kind to share this with us. God bless you.
  2. When politics have a higher number of posts that Scriptural posts or Christian related posts its very discouraging.
  3. I do not read where the school has failed to make sure our kids are protected, as the students come in, or leave. Bullying is serious, but this has been a part of school as far back as when I was in 1st grade. I was bullied clear to high school, but I did not hurt one person. This is a very poor excuse, this young man most likely was not in a Christian home and he never got saved, or was exposed to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. IMO.
  4. Its hard to understand why schools do not have taken seriously their responsibility to protect our kids. Schools have done so little to secure the campuses, and whey a murder happens. blame it on the parents. law officers, or whoever, but they are the ones who have failed to protect our kids.
  5. I disagree. This young man knows right from wrong. We do not know if he shotgun was locked and he took it. This young man is totally responsible for his deadly actions. H e needs to put to death asap.
  6. Here again is another example of a High School that used poor protection for the students. How does a student get a shotgun and a pistol into a school? This snacks of no metal detection, or checking bags. This is a schools failure once again! How many more students must die before school take seriously their responsibility to make sure each and every person entering to school is checked for guns and weapons? Stop blaming everyone except the real responsible party, the very place where students go, the schools are killing our kids! This is not a mental illness, or a sickness, but a sin problem. This 17 year old sold his soul to Satan long before he pulled the trigger. This young man needs Jesus Christ! I hope those killed were saved.
  7. Just Mike

    Prayer Request.. For me.

    I never am called Reverend, as I really know anyone who is just that. In the churches I was pastor, that's what they called me Pastor Mike or by my last name. I try to humble myself, and insisting on calling me anything seems to defeat that IMO. God bless you dear brother.
  8. Just Mike

    Just another great feature

    May Gods Holy Spirit be with you and comfort you . Knowing your dad is with The Father in Heaven and seeing Jesus face to face how awesome that must be. I will continue to pray for you brother William.
  9. Just Mike

    Sen. John McCain Will Not Seek Re-Election

    Obama's speech, Spoken by a true servant of Satan, that he was and still is..
  10. Just Mike

    Prayer Request.. For me.

    You and I feel much the same about our loyalty to our denomination and most of all the Lord Jesus Christ. I have no desire or would consider changing. I was Licensed and Ordained by Southern Baptist, and If ever I left I would turn in my papers. I highly respect Loyalty and admire those who think the way we do.
  11. Just Mike

    Demons block prayers?

    I am sorry to read all this. You both mean a lot to me.
  12. Just Mike

    Prayer Request for Origen

    I am going to go back several posts from now on so I won't look so stupid. I pray the feeding tube gets removed soon. I sure do miss him.
  13. Just Mike

    Prayer Request.. For me.

    William never doubt that God uses you with the Forum. That is your very special ministry. I never thought that because I was a bi/vocational pastor that that made me any less than those who had churches that were "full time. My wife has always said being a Bi/vocational pastor meant that you were paid half as much but worked just as many hours, but longer into the days. Both of your dear brothers are dear to so many of us. Don't ever doubt that you do have a ministry.
  14. Just Mike

    Prayer Request.. For me.

    I do not know how your denomination works, and no disrespect was ever intended. I highly respect your loyality to the Church and of course to King Jesus. God bless you dear friend.