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  1. In the town where we live close to there was a such a pay day rip off place. It was there a couple of years. This same company which had at least 4 to five locations stayed about five years, then all of a sudden they were gone, I was glad but why the went bust I have no idea. But there a few still about. There are two Air Force bases within 40 miles of our home, and yes I believe you are right William there are a lost at both bases. Also there are more Mobile Home sales about the bases compared to most of Missouri towns and cities.
  2. A few years ago a family member took out one of these pay day loan, I think it was a $300. loan. The interest rate as I remember was over 300%! when we became involved they eventually wound up owing more that $600.! With our help they were able to pay it off. These pay day loans or anything but a help, they are blood suckers that once they get you, then you become a slave to these dirty greedy loans. Interesting that those who furnish the money to start up these loans are insurance and real estate companies, according to our states Attorney General.
  3. I can't imagine how it is to loose everything in a fire, or for that matter in a flood. No amount of money can restore what was lost, pictures important papers, Bibles, and precious belongings. Our country has lost many thousands of houses this year, the cost of building materials has increased, insurance in the states effected will increase, in a real way our country has been hit with a huge problem. How can the US help all these many now homeless people? I pray for the Christians in this desperate time of need. Remember to pray and help support these people in the way you think best. God bless .
  4. Just Mike


    Wow a thread from the past comes alive once more. In Missouri medical weed was voted in on Nov. 6th. I know the next step will be the voting in of recreational weed, one follows the other always. Weed is a big cash crop for a states taxes. But don't kid your self crime, auto accidents follow when voters so stupidly approve this drug. Yes weed is a drug, it alters the brain cells. For years the medical community has been telling us smoking is bad and harmful to our bodies. Now the profit hungry greedy companies and people seeking to make money at any cost, even to destroy your health so they can get wealthy. Only ignorant persons who are gullible enough to believe that smoking this drug will make them enjoy life to the fullest. Smoking weed for a Christian is sin, as we all know smoking is a serious threat to our lives, and as many can say with real authority smoking is very difficult to stop. While in the Navy and a few years later I smoked a pipe. I enjoyed smoking a pipe. When our middle daughter was born prematurely, the doctor said I must stop smoking right then and there. I found quitting smoking my pipe was painful, but I stopped cold turkey. Never to smoke a pipe ever again. Its funny I never see men smoking a pipe any more, I wonder why? Maybe weed smokers might start using a pipe. Its easy to point out someone else's sin, but please don't point mine out. Ya know don't judge me, right?
  5. I watched most all of their weekly programs, and I enjoyed them. Glad they are returning. I think money has a lot to do with their return.
  6. I would so happy id Ms. Clinton would run a 3rd time. This would be a real blessing for the Republicans....a sure win for President Trump. However I wish our V.P would be the one running instead of Mr. Trump.
  7. Just Mike

    Are there any TV preachers that you watch?

    Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, Michael Youssef, Winning Walk, Ed Young Sr., Robert Jeffers, Wretched. I
  8. Just Mike

    Hi All - Hope to Learn More

    Welcome to ChristForums. I wish you would tell us something about you, like male of female, Christian, or searching? But this is unusual just to start up with nothing. I am glad your here.
  9. Just Mike

    Is Annihilationism Biblical?

    Erik I am glad you can understand how we try and respond with love and kindness. When someone shows an attitude of rejecting how others respond then perhaps there is a problem in their theology that is far different that that of the forum. I am pleased a punch, you all that you see we do in deed care. God bless.
  10. Just Mike

    Is Annihilationism Biblical?

    Here is my response Erik. You are of a very different belief than most all of us, you signed in knowing what the Scriptural standard her is. Because of a pretty snarky response to all of who responded you you, and you seem to be on attack mod, this is not how we show love and kindness here to one another. You sure seem like a SD, and more than likely you would fit better in a SD forum. Give it some serious thought please.
  11. Just Mike

    Is Annihilationism Biblical?

    Erik Paul says nothing about the Virgin birth of Jesus, so.......There are things written by New Testament writers that they did not include that are in Gospels, that does not mean they did not believe tham.
  12. Just Mike

    Is Annihilationism Biblical?

    Erik, Read 2 Thess. and Jude I think further reading will help. I am willing to guide in more Scripture if you like. It take reading and sifting to come to a Biblical foundation on these different things that make up Orthodox Theology. I had a friend who was a SD and he held firmly to soul sleep and no one suffers in hell. Because his church taught it, he would not dig into the Scripture to find the truth of the Bible. Those who believe such things soon know the truth when they die. God bless.
  13. Just Mike

    Is Annihilationism Biblical?

    Erik you surly are not following Baptist theology. How about that there will be enough consciousness, and they will be among the Goats and the sheep stay with Jesus. Read more about this in Matthew chapters 24,25 then report after reading this. I wonder have you had someone close to you die that was not saved?
  14. Just Mike

    Is Annihilationism Biblical?

    Spiritual death is punishment. The Bible describes a sever pain, the nashing and biting of teeth. Ever been is so much pain you grind your teeth. That is how I do when I endure go some painful medical procedure. Something to think just a little of what Hell must be like. Those who reject Jesus now will join the rest of those who yelled out "crucify Him". Rejecting Jesus is perhaps more serious now, we now have even more things to convince souls that Jesus is God and He will save them if they but will be saved. No escapes hell when they rejects Jesus Christ. No excuses!.
  15. Just Mike

    Praise for continued healing health

    How special to hear from someone so new to the forum! God bless you, you have a tender heart in deed!
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