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  1. Just Mike

    Was remarriage a mistake?

    behopefu11, be sure to check out the date of the last post on any thread before posting a comment, the last post on this thread was Jan. 18,2018. Not any activity after that. Lots to learn here, God bless.
  2. Just Mike

    The unforgivable sin

    Moses was married to a dark skin woman if Scripture forbade interracial marriage then Moses teaches us it is A OK. I caution people of different Christian Denominations that this can cause real issues when considering marriage. Often there is a big enough issue to cause division in the marriage that might be able to bring closeness. Its best to seek out a marriage partners within our or as close to possible denomination. If one person believes in speaking in a "heavenly language" and the other feels its ended and its wrong to do so, there can be a real problem. Perhaps one is a Assembly of God member and the other a Baptist and the issue of God keeping us eternally secure, and the other says we can loose our salvation, that can be a problem. To consider marring a person that is not a Christian is IMO a huge mistake and against Scripture, we are not to be unequally joined in marriage.
  3. Just Mike

    Religious obsessive compulsive disorder

    We tend to some how think some sins concerning sex are much more of a sin that other things. Surely Homosexuality is the worse sin, but looking at a woman with deep lust is not near as bad. Wrong! All sin no matter what it is, even a white lie Jesus had to die on a bloody cross for. Yes, involvement with the same sex, doing what is unnatural sexually with someone is serious sin as it has crossed a natural boundary that basic instinct, our conscience tells us is off limits. When we (no matter what our sex is) start lusting, and we can not control our body, and we start looking to satisfy our lust with someone else, or by using porn to satisfy our lust, we are starting to climb the sexual ladder. Each step we take up the sexual ladder, increases driving desire to satisfy our lust, but that never is enough. One more step up leads to the next until the most vile sexual acts totally consumes that person. Then that person has shown to themselves what Romans chapter one clearly warns us about. The Bible clearly tells us that we all have the potential to live out calling what is good, bad, and what is bad, good. Little sin's can mushroom into lives that no longer even recognize or hear the voice of the Holy Spirits pleading to repent. The end result is a shipwrecked soul saved only by a thread, if at all.
  4. Just Mike

    Smoking (tobacco)

    I smoked a pipe while in the Navy and for about three years after getting out. Our daughter was born 2 months early and stayed in the ICU for a while. The Doctor said no smoking any where he near her. I quit that very day and never smoked a pipe again. I smoked because I needine something to keep my hands doing something and at the time it looked cool Noe I said it was so stupid and dangerous.
  5. Just Mike

    Hello from the sunny South!

    Skepticalone, we more (mature) older ones, have a lot in common. The more mileage we have on these bones, the more maintenance it requires to keep us keeping on. Its wonderful to hear of another older man who studies the Bible in a serious way. What Bible do you read from the most? Do you have a favorite couple of Scriptures to share? For me I see so many (mature) people having what they call fun that never seems to stop. I see a lot of senior's shortly after retirement go and buy a huge RV that is in reality a big bus, and a driver of a bus as big as the RV is required to have a special Drivers license, but not Mr. Senior Citizen. So off they go driving like they own the road inconsiderate of having 20 people behind him as he slowly putts along at 45 mph. They never give any thought about God, or that they have only have maybe 10 years left to live. How many senior's have seen their retirement savings go up in smoke, because while RVing their health went South while they were driving "North to Alaska", and their home was in Kansas. Yep just about everyone as we get older develops some health issues. So Skepticalone I want to welcome you to the forum.
  6. Just Mike

    Should A Minister Charge For His Ministry?

    I began preaching while in College. I accepted every chance to preach where ever I was invited. I never even suggested an amount I wanted. I traveled up to 150 miles away from my home. There were some places like the Rescue Mission that I went just for the joy of sharing Christ with those who were rejected by families, down and out broke and had given up on life. I have gone to places where they knew in advance how far I drove and the time it takes to prepare a message, and after the service they were so kind and gave enough to pay for gas and some extra. I can't recall a single time where Gods people were selfish. I was asked twice if I was available and willing to be their pastor. I truly loved those day where I went where ever the College had a need for someone to go preach. However I have no problems in accepting an gift given in love. As a pastor I was very disappointed in the first church where I was called as pastor. I was there 42 months. Every year the church increased the yearly missions offering, the support for the SBC State Cooperative was increased, as well the local Association, but my salary stayed the same. The church treasurer who did not attend the church, gave his budget plan, and the people voted it in every year, but there was never even one dine increase for the pastor. This was very difficult as I got $65 a week and a parsonage that was 100+ years old and just the utilities ran much more than I got in my monthly pay. There was a phone allowance, and the treasurer insisted I give every phone call number to him so he made sure it was really church business. I politely said that would brake confidence for those I had to call. I got the church to agree with that, as I had a phone line put in just for our family. In the four churches where I was pastor three were Bi Vocational churches. The one person I found to be difficult to work with was the Church treasurer. Three of the church treasurers felt they were to guardian of the money and their job was to make sure as little as possible was spent as they felt bad times were coming and funds must be saved for those bad times ahead. All three of these men were older and had endured the Depression, so they feared being without, and perhaps they might loose the church because of lack of funds. If a pastor ever runs into a church with treasurers like I did, extra patience and love is required. Being creative and looking outside toe box was required by me. The church refused to have bake sales, or anything to bring in extra money as it would look like the church was in trouble, and they could not ever be seen like that. When I did weddings when an envelope was handed to me I always said thank you, but there were times that there was no envelope and it was no big deal as these people were poor as the pastor was. With four little ones and I was in Seminary which was 70 miles away from our parsonage money was extremely tight. But God provided often in ways that were clear it was from the Lord. Now for Funerals, most always the Funeral Home includes a gift in their list of things the family should include, like the singer, flowers,and the pastor> Often I did funerals for non-church members. I used these gifts to buy books or for family needs. I feel that there is nothing wrong in accepting gifts, but charging for services is unacceptable. For a church to ask someone to come preach its reasonable to expect that expenses the preacher incurred by him should be reimbursed. This should be discussed before excepting the invitation to come preach, this prevents any misunderstandings. I am a firm believer that a church should be willing to do the best they can and that God provides for the preacher coming,, but expectations from both sides must be clearly stated before the event.
  7. Thanks PLACABLE! Very interesting about how your parents have started you reading the Bible. Start kids early enjoying the Bible and this sure helps as adults.
  8. Just Mike

    Religious obsessive compulsive disorder

    I have to have a quiet place with no distractions, by that I mean no music, telephone, or grandchildren near me. When I have background noise I find myself being distracted, especially if there is noise outside like a road grader or my wife has Christian music on. For me to keep my mind focused and not wandering, I have a bottle of water, good light and window shades closed, because I tend to look at the birds feeling on the feeders next to the window. I then pray to see Jesus in what I read. I do have a self made way to read the Bible that works best for me. I like reading the Bible after I have eaten breakfast and my basic things done where I can be less frustrated thinking about what I did or did not do. Some things I do after my daily reading a prayer. Unless my wife says its urgent I do not answer the phone or talk to anyone. There are days when I have doctor appointments that require us to leave our house at 5 AM then I have my special time later in the day.
  9. Over the many years I have been asked what is the best way to read the Bible? There are many Bible reading plans to help Christians to read the Bible on a orderly consistant way. Would you be willing to share how you read the Bible and how it works for you?
  10. In early June my wife got me a Holman Christian Standard Life Application Bible. I have a New American Standard Bible Life Application Bible, and I used it so much that I was using Elmer's Rubber Cement to put pages that came out, and Scots Tape on many pages that got torn over the years. We were in the LifeWay Christian Bookstore in Springfield, Mo on June 1st and there they had 4 of these Bibles. The Holman Christian Standard Bible went out of print in 20016 and the HCSB in the Life Application Bible was published by Tyndale House Publishing for only one year 2014. So finding these four Bibles was very unusual. If you find a Bible made by Tyndale its a quality name in Bibles. I find the Holman Christian Standard refreshing and reading it with the Life Application notes is wonderful. I have been so used to reading the NASB and the ESV on occasion the HCS Bible is a good balance between the others. The most important issue for most Christians is they do not read the Bible on a regular planned way. In fact many Christians hardly ever read the Bible. I have looked at a goon number of reading plans for the Bible, and they seldom appealed to me. I find just taking one book at a time and reading a certain amount every day and being consistent in doing it is the best way for me.
  11. I do not get the point of the picture, could tell me what it means, please?
  12. How can Jimmy Carter teach Sunday School, and say he is a Christian, and yet completely disagree with what the Bible says about homosexuality? I am assuming Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians and other books must be torn out of the chopped up Bible he reads. Perhaps Jimmy does not have a Bible? Then again maybe Jimmy's eyes have been so badly damaged he can't read the Bible? Better yet the real truth is Jimmy just does not believe the Bible and what it says. Now her is my belief, that no Bible believing, true Christian could possibly be a Democrat! You can't possibly support murdering children of any age, especially in the womb! Murder has always been against Gods WORD, Abortion is MURDER! Jimmy Carter goes against what my Bible says! How many people has Jimmy taught wrong?
  13. Just Mike

    #ChurchToo movement?

    Its no wonder there is so much hidden sexual tension, among Clergy surveys show 60% of those in ministry view porn. With those members between 80 to 90% say they use porn. young boys now start viewing porn between 6 to 8 years old, just a few years ago it was 10 year old's viewed their first porn. It is perfectly clear the Church has a sexual purity problem and that problem is sin and considered by many to be adultery. Just why so many men who say they are Christians view porn is a serious question that this subject is avoided by most pastors, and men in general. Ask the wives these porn watching men what they think. I think the women in the porn addicted men's lives and you will hear anger and hurt just as if they were cheating, and in truth they are. Men who indulge in watching porn destroy the close relationship that a Christian marriage demands. Some say their wives don't satisfy them and that's why they turn to porn, but its much deeper that that. Simply put porn is satin's best way to destroy a man, his marriage, or in the case of unmarried men it destroys much chance of a happy pleasing sexual re;relationship with a wife that God has for him. I honestly believe viewing porn is perhaps one of the worse sins anyone, men or women can become addicted to. Porn rots the tenderness out of a person, takes away the love a person could have, and shipwrecks their soul, besides is a sin that God calls adultery. I encourage men to allow their wife to change the TV station if something is even suggestive. Tell that woman in your live to be an additional set of eyes, ears to help watch over the man she loves and wants him to remain pure sexually. Accountability if a good think and most men need this. I pray we all may be pure before the Lord Jesus Christ.
  14. Just Mike

    #ChurchToo movement?

    Sexual abuse is far more common that most church goers could possibly imagine. Don't fool your self any man in your church can be a loyal porn watcher. This is well established.
  15. Just Mike


    May I suggest that you both need a solid Biblical Christian counselor. The problems you had when you got divorced at still likely there, just hidden for the moment. Sex is a HUGE attraction for both of you. Sexual tension can put your brains where they don't function and you forget the past, for the moment. We all know what's that like and its pretty normal. Men get pretty excited about getting the feeling they are loved and sex accomplishes that real well for most men. You are no longer one flesh, and this just might turn out like a one night stand, or a few more. If his and your desire for restoration take your time, put your marriage back with Jesus Christ doing to glutting together of both your broken lives that turned into pieces, that got so bad that divorce was your only option. God is able to do above and beyond what you can believe. But keep sex out of the picture until your truly one in Jesus Christ. Start your marriage out renewed with Jesus Christ as the center. If you two can't pray together now before you get married you most like ly never will. Test him out and see exactly where his true thinking is, unless he exhibits a desire to grow your relationship together in Jesus Christ, and wait until your are married he is not really wanting to do the work that will take to put your lives back together. I pray this helps and my words represent what God might say Himself.