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  1. Once again Russell Moore has spoken for the SBC. I feel the SBC should respect what President Trump and his administration actions. The US has too many refugee's now.
  2. Just Mike

    The Obituary of Dispensationalism

    I am not too sure I would say Judaism was unheard of before WW II. New York and many eastern states has communities of Jews. In the West Coast in Los Angles they were know of. Perhaps in the Mid West that might not have been so well known. I am more sure about New Yyork as my parents talked about this.
  3. Just Mike

    I feel better than in quite a while!

    If you live more than 40 miles from the nearest VA hospital you are able to get at that VA a card where you can go to Doctors out side of the VA. Home bound means Vet has serious enough health issues where they are limited in going places, and basically stuck at home. Not many Vets are considered home bound. The Compensation Board is the one that determines this after interviewing the Vet over several years. For me I use a the motorized carts in stores, or wait in the truck when my wife shops, I try to go to church, and go to Doctor appointments, that's about all of my going outside our home. At times it has been worse and my wife has had our daughter in law stay as she shopped, that was a long time ago. I thank God when we can go to church , the last time was July 22.
  4. Just Mike

    I feel better than in quite a while!

    The Kansas City and Saint Louis VA's are noteworthy for vets dissatisfaction. A person must take caution in going to the PATIENT ADVOCATE, as they are paid directly by the local VA and seldom side with the vet. Doctors get angry when contacted by the patient Advocate, and if the vet is named so the Doctor knows who made the complaint, that generally means you are pushed aside, and your care gets neglected. Many Vets travel to the Columbia VA to avoid the Saint Louis VA, as that VA has a had bad reputation, so they say. Basically I like my Primary Care Doctor, my Kidney Dr, and hearing Dr. I go outside the VA for three other specialists under the Choice 40 Program which is very helpful for me. As a 100% Service Connected Disabled vet and home bound, I am blessed in many ways. I have had a hard time in getting some Doctors to understand what "home bound" means. They expect me to travel up to four times a week for appointments, which I simply can not do. The VA is about 100 miles from my home and it takes 2 hours if traffic is good. That means 3 hours at the VA and 4 hours riding with my wife driving, 7 hours minimum, and by the time I get home I am in pain and utterly exhausted. I keep wondering just what does "home bound" mean? The VA Choice 40 Program means less travel, and better service for me. Have you heard of the Choice 40 program? Its worth looking into. God bless.
  5. Just Mike

    Is water Baptizm necessay for salvation?

    For me, Scripture exceeds always above and beyond the Nicene Creed. For many Baptists have rejected the part where it says "baptism for the remission of sins" I understand that is one point wher you and I disagree. This is a outside of the core theology, and we walk in Christs love/ God bless.
  6. Just Mike

    I feel better than in quite a while!

    I am using the VA Choice program to go to the Urologist. I have better personal care than at the VA I go to. I like my Primary Care Doctor, He is a Christian and we are open with my faith, I am sure he is encouraged with my visit, as I share what Christ is doing and how blessed I am. Funny how God works all these things out.
  7. Many people do not know that so far in this Century more people have been killed for Jesus Christ, than all the centuries before this. I found this to be truly amazing and hard to believe, but its true.
  8. I have indication from Matthew 24 that "after the tribulation" is when Jesus will return. Why do we think Christians will not suffer for our faith? What if people are told we will not go thorough the Tribulation, and do? Will not many believe and give up their faith?
  9. From the creation of Adam and Eve we all were started from that DNA God created. How wonderful to fully understand that God has a plan and He YAHWEH is in complete control. From the beginning of mankind, to the return of Jesus and the new Earth my faith resides on nothing less that Gods WORD and Jesus lives in me by the power of the Holy Spirit. Mary was as God planned.
  10. Mary was the finest woman prepared by God before the creation of the world, to bare Gods Only Son, Jesus Christ. Who came to seek and save those God chose.
  11. For the present time my health is stable. This is the first time in a long time I am able to sleep for 4 to 5 hours at a time. I am walk in our house, and able to do small things about the house. I now drive to my bi weekly mag. infusions. My cancer is reaming in the prostrate for the present. God is so good to me. Thank you all for your prayers! Our Joy in Jesus Christ has been with me and my wife though all this, it is so wonderful for a time of refreshing and renewal.
  12. Recently I read an article that stated how much time Christians spend reading the Bible in a week. The results were less than one could believe. Would you be willing to share what helps you in your reading the Bible. I intend to share this with a group of people in our church. Thank you for your input. God Bless you.
  13. If anyone doubts the Virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and Mary's purity, than the Gospels of Matthew and Luke must be removed form the Scriptures. This thinking is purely form the Evil One himself. The Wicked Satan, the worst of all created begins.
  14. Just Mike

    Is Prosperity For The Present Church?

    Well said Bill. Anyone living for Jesus Christ, being a genuine Follower knows the true meaning when we mention words like wealth, being rich, and it always expresses our joy and fullness the Lord has blessed us with. It makes no matter is we have little in our food supply, our money is gone, or we live day to day. Yahweh is our supplier. Benny Hinn, and the many false teachers of today may have the wealth of the world, gotten by shameful methods, the ship wrecking of souls faith in a false gospel. God will be judge of their wicked deed's.
  15. If one takes the opinion there was life an any other place other than Earth, then the Bible is wrong in Genisis, making the rest of the Bible untrustworthy. There never was life except on Earth.
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