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  1. Just Mike

    I got a warning at another board

    I think I can understand why some would think its offensive. Why did you consider how some might feel you were making fun of them? It appears at least the moderator did not see your intended fun loving post. Don't take it to hard, just move on and enjoy it here.
  2. Great thoughts to ponder. I seriously will do deep study.
  3. Stir up the pot and then let it burn and leave. Makes for a hot exit.
  4. I have NO problem with Monergism at all, but as far as Calvinism Free Will still remains a issue for me. I honestly and praying and reading Scripture about that. John 3:16 is where I see Free Will and other places like "whosoever will". I am slow to change and when I am convinced that there is not such thing, or I am still staying there, I will quit struggling. God bless and thanks for responding!
  5. This is not the only site he has dumped on and buzzed out.
  6. William thank you for taking the extra time to post this to me. I am struggling as you know with certain aspects of Calvinism. Not there yet.
  7. I see our KJV Only fellow has not returned. Did he get shown to door?
  8. Depending upon where you go some are pastor dominant and the elders follow everything he says. My experience at first was positive until the Calvary Chapel (denomination) people from California said the church had to be totally in line with their way of doing things. The pastor left and most went on their way to other churches. Our postor was using the NASB and they demanded that the NKJV had to be used and a book store made with Church Smiths mateiial and CC approved material put in the store. A new pastor trained in their Theology school in California was brought in and and it then became a "real" Calvary Chapel. So much for the people having any say so. William you are sooo right!!!
  9. Yep you got just about every cult, and variety of church I could think of and perhaps a few I have not. I think that's why labels are important, you can't tell the players from the crowd. Peanuts, pop corn, cracker jacks, candy, soft drinks you name it its all there under the name of religion. Woops did you mention Unity church. God bless you.
  10. Just Mike

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Yes the snowflakes surely lack understanding and a work ethic. I would call some of them lazy, but they don't even work that hard.
  11. Just Mike

    Help me!!!

    TwinTrickster, I just prayed for you. Honestly for being 16 you are caring too many burdens. You have a number of needs, a friend, and a Pastor to talk with. Do you have a pastor you can share your issues with? By the way you posted I have the feeling you are not reading the Bible. May I suggest you read 1 John, its just a couple of short chapters and its been so helpful for me over the years. But perhaps most importantly is what is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you willing to address any of the things I brought up? I am willing to dialogue for a while with you if you wish. Blessings.
  12. Just Mike

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Mr. Sessions is such a huge disappointment! I originally thought he would be great is a Christian. I only shows us how much our prayers are need for those in DC.
  13. Just Mike

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Don't bet on that. those snowflakes in that Florida high school sure intend to vote for them Liberal dem's.