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  1. Jason76

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    Ironically though, Italian immigrants, as shown so much by Godfather movies, were indeed associated with crime, even though only a small percentage of them were criminals. Also, the Irish were considered low-lifes in much of American history. Blacks, a group that were not considered immigrants, though still hated, were considered a massive threat to free jobs, before and after emancipation. You mentioned ISIS, but in reality, those terrorists could also come thru the Northern border which is weakly defended.
  2. Jason76

    Does the Bible Say True Christians Never Sin?

    Not to sound rude, but I have to say that someone walking in the light will indeed love God with all that power, or at least be approaching that mode. However, someone with unrepented mortal sin cannot even approach this ideal. Perhaps the practice of sinning, which you say that it says, is the same as mortally sinning.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.church https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donuts_(company) (registry) Has anyone registered one or might think of doing so? It sounds quite interesting.
  4. Note, some have said "Free time is the devil's workshop." Well, that is true, but in reality, ironically, people who do evil are not using free time, they are working. In other words, evil takes effort. However, on the flip side, it takes work to do good. In that sense, keeping busy can keep one out of trouble. Nonetheless, and this is important to note, without spiritual effort one cannot please God. Even proponents of eternal security will argue that a lazy Christian life will produce a "carnal Christian", which ironically doesn't really exist.
  5. Jason76

    Does the Bible Say True Christians Never Sin?

    The whole Bible has to be taken into consideration. One verse cannot be taken out of context. Note, I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I have to insist the Bible has no mention of sin being a practice, but rather an action. In other words, to quote William on here, the Bible says that if one sin is broken, then they're all broken. What people are trying to argue falsely is this idea that Christians sin occasionally, but are forgiven, even before actual forgiveness. On the other hand, proponents of free-will: Catholics, Pentecostals, and Methodists would argue that a person is dirty until actual forgiveness. Next, the proponents of eternal security will argue that they were forgiven, past tense, but the Bible taken as a whole doesn't back up that claim, once you examine one verse in light of the other ones.
  6. Jason76

    Does prison solve anything?

    I think the prison system needs be turned into a real system of probation. In other words, they shouldn't be locked up in such an inhumane environment, but rather given other options, especially if the person commited a non-violent crime.
  7. Again, as noted in another similar thread, I will say a person walking in the light cannot sin. http://biblehub.com/1_john/3-9.htm (1 John 3:9)
  8. Jason76

    Does the Bible Say True Christians Never Sin?

    Someone in a state of Grace doesn't sin. For instance, this verse says someone walking in the light cannot sin. http://biblehub.com/1_john/3-9.htm (1 John 3:9)
  9. Jason76

    White Jesus

    The color of Jesus is not important. The people who push the color are racists, whatever color they happen to be. Note that the same people saying Jesus is black would probably also want to put whites or Asians in a lower status religiously speaking. Note, that possibility is fact among hardcore Rastafarians, even though you cannot deny reggae is awesome.
  10. Jason76

    Teenager anxiety?

    In the past, marriage came at a younger age. This fact made it easier for young people to be stronger in a religious way. Nowadays, on the other hand, marriage is often postponed until someone's late twenties, and one person in my family didn't get married until he was in his forties. Does anyone think that marriage at younger age is a bad thing, a thing which people are not prepared for, or a good thing?
  11. Jason76

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    I see what the poster above is saying. However, I highly suspect the current rage against illegal immigration, a lot of it, is racist in nature. In other words, they don't want America to become brown. Note, these anti-immigration people would not be as angry if the illegals were coming from Northwestern Europe. However, it is interesting to note Poles have built up quite a bit of resentment in the UK, despite being European. However, they are not Northwestern European.
  12. Jason76

    Joel Osteen Parody

    Christ and the apostles all suffered pain and suffering at least one point, and the scripture says, "No servant is above his master." John 15:20. Cherry coated lies as told by Osteen are most certainly false. However, note it is true God did bless the ancient Israelites at times. However, that was a different time. Does anyone want to expand on this Israelite thing?
  13. Jason76

    The Wrong Appeal of Modern Christianity

    A person who is highly in touch with spiritual things will not care about material things. Most of his money and time will go toward the ministry. I find it difficult to believe someone can live a cigar smoking playboy life and also be a Christian. Also, I think it's highly possible a decent suburban existence is the sign of a weaker Christian, but not necessarily a spiritually dead one.
  14. Jason76

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    Possibly a better way to discourage immigration would be to simply eliminate the incentive to come. Since NAFTA and other business schemes destroy farmers and whatnot in Latin America, it's only natural some will try to immigrate to survive. Note, these people would not jump on the back of death trains, go thru scorching deserts, and climb dangerous walls unless they were desperate.
  15. Jason76

    The Gospel Racism Social Justice

    OK, I made a mistake. I'd say a lot of people into the reformed movement opposed slavery and probably also forms of segregation. Nonetheless, I think a lot of them did not. http://www.americanpresbyterianchurch.org/?page_id=295 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrikaner_Calvinism
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