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  1. Lucian Hodoboc

    Religious obsessive compulsive disorder

    Yes, they do, but I'm afraid I don't understand where you're going with this.
  2. Lucian Hodoboc

    Religious obsessive compulsive disorder

    And were they wrong?
  3. Lucian Hodoboc

    Top Three Favorite Christian Books

    I wish some of those books were translated into my native language... But that doesn't seem to be likely anytime soon, so I guess I'll have to read them in English... I'm surprised that nobody recommended C. S. Lewis' books so far.
  4. There's a sub-type of obsessive compulsive disorder that makes people have intrusive (uncontrollable) blasphemous thoughts about God, The persons of The Trinity, Biblical figures etc. The thoughts sometimes persist even during prayer. You can look up online, but just for clarification, I'm going to link two articles about it: http://benotconformed.org/thoughts.htm https://www.gotquestions.org/intrusive-thoughts.html Are these signs of demonic oppression, or just a biological illness caused by chemicals in the brain (like psychiatrists say)? What do you think?
  5. How is it wrong? That's literally what you said, but phrased it in the form of a question.
  6. Me: How do you reconcile the teachings of God from the Bible with the findings of modern-day science in terms of the advisable diet for our species is, considering that The Bible is supposed to be the unchangeable Holy Book that contains advice for all humankind? Him: People in Biblical time did not have access to the proper type of diet all year around. His answer is replacing my proposition with a different one, namely that the people in Biblical times lived in harsh conditions that did not allow them to eat a proper diet. That is unrelated to the fact that The Bible is not addressed exclusively to the people in Biblical times, but rather to the entire humankind till the Second Coming of Jesus. While God knew that the Israelites will not be able to keep the entire Mosaic law while they were under the rule of other nations, He still gave them the law. To keep it during the times when they were free and able to. Therefore, unless God knew that mankind will never ever be able to have access to fruits and vegetables all year round, I see no reason how his answer addressed the problem.
  7. Yes, it's a straw man argument, because you're not addressing my point. I wasn't asking whether a fruitarian or a raw vegan diet is easily achievable in our fallen world. I was asking whether God's advice to eat meat, bread and dairy is reconcilable with the findings of science in regards to the optimum food for our biological design. In other words, why would God warn people to stay away from a lot of things because they are not the way He intended them to work / they are not natural (homosexuality, divorce etc.), but not tell people the way that their digestive system was designed to work optimally. You will find all those issues addressed in this book: https://www.amazon.com/Detox-Miracle-Sourcebook-Complete-Regeneration/dp/1935826190 or by looking up online Dr. Robert Morse's videos . I'm sure you can find the pdf version online for free, but for copyright reasons, I'm not going to post a link to it. There's a thing called a healing crisis. When your body has accumulated too many toxins and you switch from junk food (and drugs) to a raw vegan diet, you will start detoxifying your body too quickly, which will cause some adverse reactions. You have to transition to a different diet gradually. Just like how people who have been raw vegans for years and suddenly start eating meat and dairy develop certain negative reactions. All diet changes, if done abruptly, will cause the human body to not be able to adapt immediately. Here is scientific proof that we are a predominantly frugivore species: http://creationislove.com/humans-are-frugivores-were-designed-to-eat-mostly-fruit/ Here is the explanation about Ashton Kutcher: https://www.mucusfreelife.com/jobs-kutcher-radical-fruit/ Steve Jobs never went on a fruitarian diet all of a sudden. His biographers and his family said that he alternated weeks of being raw vegan with weeks of eating cooked meals.
  8. That is irrelevant. It's a straw man argument. And you're also underestimating God's powers. If He could make water come from a rock, He could make fruits and vegetables all year round.
  9. Do you also ignore provable aspects of reality that you can experience yourself? Try adopting a fruitarian diet (exclusively raw fruits and some vegetables) for a few months and notice if your health will improve or worsen. Certainly, it is Biblical to test the spirits. So why not test the theories too? @William, I'm guessing you're not going to bother explaining what I quoted above...
  10. Well, Eastern-Orthodoxy seems to be dying out a little in Eastern-Europe, and is being replaced with Evangelical sub-denominations.
  11. Recent scientific studies have shown that people live healthier lives on a fruits-based diet with a few raw vegetables included. Grains, dairy and meat are considered to be foods that cause mucus and acids in our bodies and, consequently, produce health problems. How do you reconcile this information with God's orders for the Israelites to eat meat, with God's description of the promised land as the land of milk (dairy) and honey, and with Jesus advising people to eat bread to celebrate His memory? Here are some scientific articles about these: http://www.gnet.org/5-deadly-reasons-why-you-should-not-eat-bread/ https://www.bustle.com/articles/137865-8-reasons-meat-is-bad-for-you-yes-even-chicken http://drhyman.com/blog/2010/06/24/dairy-6-reasons-you-should-avoid-it-at-all-costs-2/ http://www.raw-food-health.net/Frugivores.html Does this mean that God and Jesus voluntarily gave people unhealthy dietary advice? Do these new scientific discoveries destroy Christianity?
  12. Lucian Hodoboc

    The Paul and Barnabas dispute

    What do you mean?
  13. Lucian Hodoboc

    New Webiste after 29th of April

    Why do that? One theme should be enough, and it would also make the site seem more professional.
  14. https://www.lucianhodoboc.com/post/171828870012/youtubes-censorship-reaches-new-levels I was given a strike on my YouTube channel and the video linked above (reuploaded to DailyMotion) was removed from YouTube because apparently it constitutes "hate speech". You can read more details about the incident in my blog article. What do you think?
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