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  1. My response is late in posting to this particular discussion, but none the less is still quite on target to the material shared: I have, like Bliss mentioned, stopped paying for TV, and for all the same reasons. I can't watch TV during the day at all for all the smut being aired! I only watch Educational TV (even that has to be monitored on occasion) and old shows... My stomach tries to turn inside out when anything with extreme liberal ideas are being forced into my thought process.... I will turn on my radio to "KLove" which is a Christian radio station, to calm the beast that has been stirred up in my mind... I will NOT accept LGBT, and sadly the rainbow just isn't as pretty anymore.
  2. CarryingACross

    Cancer and Mortality

    Dear Mike, I have so many of your thoughts, & I haven't had any life threatening issues dealt to me as you have. There are so many verses in the Bible that address the reality of life, the real issue I see is are you at peace with what you have accomplished, seen, done, said to those around you. I find my thoughts can also be prayers to God that don't always include the pomp & circumstance, because I know God is listening. He gives you this moment to reflect on who you are in your heart and be thankful for all the things you've been lucky to experience. No one knows the end of our days, even if "they" put a sentence on your existence, knowing in your heart that there will be a much better place to see. I for one have always known that God has blessed my life, and has forgiven all my bad actions & not so nice thoughts. You can always come to this forum to reflect on any & every thing you wish to share, You are always welcome here with arms wide open and God hears you in the moment no matter where you are! You are loved ((((((((((Mike))))))))))) God Bless you, Donna
  3. CarryingACross

    Prayer Requests for TonyT

    I feel your anguish Tony T, & I extend my hand in prayer, God tells us to pray for the unworthy and He will bless you for it! He says that the ones who fall short of His word, need more prayer! You are on the right track to salvation and praying for "someone else you are not supposed to" I think you are very honorable to extend the prayer to someone in need of it!! Having an open heart for those in need, says a LOT for your true character!
  4. I'm not impressed with the changes in schooling. It doesn't look like morals are even considered in MOST cases... Winken hit the nail on the head, these kids aren't being taught to just say no. TV, music, hand held media have been allowed to teach these young minds the wrong things! Popular demand has taken over & deleting teachings of God. I think satan is really making headway & laughing in our faces.... Lord help 'em, if they have a mind left to ALLOW Him to help! I could see the turn toward satan when they took "UNDER GOD" out of the pledge of allegiance! or am I off base??? I still seek a scripture that helps me to fight this negativism, cuz' I really feel there is no future for this country, ( that was established with the permiss to live by God's word )
  5. I just wish things were better... the human race seems so narcissistic.... God is really testing us.... & we are flunking out big time!
  6. Things are so ridiculous! I am so glad I did not have children! Not only do the young think they have only entitlement on their agendas, they can & do... hold no restraint to urges... I hope God forgives me for becoming so cynical.... I really need to stop watching the morning talk shows... Don't watch the daytime talk shows.... now have to cut off the morning ones as well! Is there scripture to help me handle this cynical thought?
  7. It would be an idea to place ALL the transgenders in their own category, let them compete against themselves... ALL of them: women->men & men-> women, let them compete against each other! Don't place true women & men against any of the transgenders.... Allow them to make a mockery of themselves, a just reaction to the action!!
  8. CarryingACross

    Praying always

    Our God loves us! He gave his only son for us! Praying to Him is always a good thing, When you pray you should be comfortable in your prayer... If you doubt the circumstance in which you are praying, maybe you should consider the moment in which you are praying.... The action of doubt is only a red flag to yourself in the moment... But you are keeping the line of communication open to God and THAT is a good thing! Remember, God gives you the freedom to explore your choices in life, AND he allows all circumstances to our choices to be felt & experienced... Share your doubts with God, you can always ask for strength though the blood of Jesus who died for us.... Remembering that you are on the right path to salvation if you are open and honest in your heart when you ask for His help!! God loves even the weakest christian who asks for His help!
  9. CarryingACross


    HERE-HERE.... Amen. Amen & AMEN
  10. CarryingACross


    OH I think God has already judged the deed, no doubt, God loves you ThyWordisTruth
  11. CarryingACross


    I agree with Meg #38 as well, Regardless of how transgenders TRY to force the idea that acceptance of the acts they commit on their bodies (no matter how ugly it gets) is still unacceptable... Like the truth of satan coming to Kill, Steal & Destroy, by most of the population it's still NOT RIGHT... Twisted ideas, no matter how they are presented, or argued over are still twisted, and not of natural origin. They don't fit into the life cycle... When any person falls from the womb, their gender is what makes them... only those with ambiguous bodies had the true daunting task of finding out where they belong, not for those who just "decide" 'Oh, I don't want to be a male/female anymore' that's satan flapping his ugly lips. Reality here is.... self (or assisted) mutilation isn't acceptable, GET HELP!!! period
  12. CarryingACross


    Hey there William! :-) Glad to see you, it's been awhile, but I always look for ya' Thanks for sharing the article..... sad to think what our world has come to!! Hope you have a Very Blessed evening! I think I'll stick to bird watching, they don't have gender issues! LOL
  13. CarryingACross


    I haven't been to the site for a while, so please pardon my late response to this quote.... I have trouble accepting any transmale or female, unless they were ambiguous at birth... that said, the Men who choose to become females, & they want to compete against the females only tells me they weren't man enough to begin with to compete against men! I pray God can forgive them, I can't find my own strength to forgive, guess that makes me a sorry Christian.... P.S. Bruce Jenner isn't a female, Bruce Jenner is an IT!
  14. CarryingACross


    I totally agree PsalmOneCares, my pastor would say to me: How do you think Jesus would treat them? I say Jesus would probably try to be nice.... but back then, people couldn't change what they were on a whim like they do now..... That's what scares me about living in this world today...No one wants to live simple, It's about instant gratification, what will these people do 10-20-30 years from now when the DNA starts to break down?? and the Fake stuff fails on so many levels....UGH! Lord Help 'em... they are truly going to need help.....I think in the days of Noah, they would not be on the boat!!
  15. CarryingACross


    It's hard for me to even grasp any sort of acceptance of a transgender, surgical removal of the outside, does not change what they where hard wired for! If they where born male, cutting their person does NOT make them female, even if they take hormones!! I will never accept Bruce Jenner as a female! He is an very UGLY looking female.... I just can't accept what these people do to their bodies,it's mutilation even if it is done surgically... the CORE of their essence is what they were born with... period!! God made us who we are for a reason!!
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