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  1. Hi Scoche! And congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for the scripture verses.
  2. I love what C.S. Lewis writes about our souls. I have not memorized it but it goes something like this - We do not have a soul - we are a soul - our souls have a body. When I think about that it helps me not to focus so much on the here and now questions but to trust more in our Father's complete control and care in these matters. As sinners we do fear what can be done to the body and mind but when we can see it as just a housing for our souls ( created by Him and for Him), we can let go of that fear, trusting Him to keep our minds and bodies in Him and with Him always.
  3. Thank you fellow Lutheran!
  4. This last message was for St-Worm2. Sorry about that! :) I am not very good at this computer stuff.
  5. I do like Christian quotes! I will have to look up Charles Spurgeon. That quote was a lovely and poetic way to remind us that no matter what may come crashing down on us in this life that we are safe and sound when we trust our Rock of the ages and Saviour of all things to rescue us! He always does even if it not how we might have wished but according to His will for our lives. And we can indeed kiss the waves that toss us about because: 1. We know our Lord will be there at the rescue and that is for sure! 2. We already know that our Loving Father does not promise us an easy life free of troubles or turbulence but He loves us enough to keep us coming back to Him for all things and will do nothing to harm us and only for our ultimate good according to His will. I pray to have the strength to keep kissing the scary waves in an ocean of doubt and fear caused by my sinful nature because I understand who it leads me back to. All praise and Glory be to our Heavenly Father!
  6. Thank you CF. It is such a blessing to me.
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome. God bless you. And a very Happy Birthday to you as well ( young one) :) The C.S. Lewis quotes are soul touching. Thank you.
  8. Marlena

    5 Things You Should Know About Me...

    Love that!
  9. Thank you Arthur! God bless you.
  10. Hi there brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! Hugs. And thank you so much for this forum. It is heart warming and soul enriching to read the posts and navigate my way around here. I thank God for the blessing of others and their insight into God's precious Word and their very intimate experiences with the Lord and Saviour we all love and worship. It is exhilarating to be amongst other dear souls who so value their relationship with Jesus and wish more than anything to be closer and closer to Him. I can only imagine how Jesus see you all. How beautiful the picture in my mind. I yearn for the same things, also the same closeness and understanding of what we sometimes experience in our souls and lives. But most of all learn to trust more and more His will not my own. God bless and keep each and every one of you dear souls. Thank you.
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