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  1. ConfessionalLutheran

    So, What the Heck IS a Lutheran, anyway?

    As Lutherans, we stand for the Truth and in doing so, we also firmly reject erroneous opinions in connection to our faith, even when those errors are offered by those who would presume to use the name " Lutheran." As Confessional Lutheran Christians, we uphold the unaltered Lutheran Confessions because they are in perfect concord with the words of Holy Scripture: https://theydiffer.com/difference-between-missouri-synod-and-elca/ Doctrine is important. It's important because it keeps us faithful to God and the principles espoused by doctrine are unchangeable. For those who eschew attending a church because they don't find it as pure as they'd like, I will offer up this little tidbit: The Scriptures were written down and collected by people who were thoroughly grounded and under the supervision of superiors in what they would call " organized religion." I would argue that the Church's " organizer" is God Himself and who are we to dispute with our Head, Who alone is Jesus Christ?
  2. ConfessionalLutheran

    So, What the Heck IS a Lutheran, anyway?

    An excellent thing to keep in mind, Placable37. In Christ we all are one.
  3. ConfessionalLutheran

    So, What the Heck IS a Lutheran, anyway?

    The simple answer to this question is that a Lutheran is someone who holds to the inerrancy and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures and because of their alignment with Holy Scriptures, the Lutheran Confessions contained in the Book of Concord are readily accepted and preached. Here is a link to a site known as Lutheran Satire ( that will poke fun at false teachings, but the fun has a point beyond simple ragging on somebody) that will more fully explain the Lutheran position. Let it be noted that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is considered apostate by Confessional Lutherans at this time because of the denomination's various compromises with the world. https://lutheransatire.org/what-we-believe/
  4. ConfessionalLutheran

    Is Bible God's Word?

    Contrary to the alleged opinions of a few Medieval Jews, yes, the Bible is God's Word. We answer to Jesus Christ, God's only Begotten Son, the Head of the Church, not to some " assembly" of people who adhere to an invalidated religion.
  5. ConfessionalLutheran

    Back from the Family Reunion.. Prayers Requested

    Hey, brothers and sisters! I just got back from a two- day family reunion in Huntsville, TN. This annual reunion is held by members of the McDonald family, more specifically, the children of Everett McDonald, my mother's father's elder brother. I ask for your prayers on their behalf because a couple of family members are going through a lot of medical and financial hardship, while others seem to be cursed with an unrepentant cruelty to other members of their own families. From what I saw this weekend, this family is sorely sundered among each other and the hatreds were emphasized a lot more than the familial love that had previously drawn my parents and I down to Tennessee. This might well be the last time we try to attend a reunion. People kept mistaking my mother for her elder sister and kept asking her questions she couldn't answer. My second cousins Clayton and Howard McDonald are suffering from cancer and it looks like this particular clan is existing on a very thin thread. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you.
  6. ConfessionalLutheran


    Greetings and salutations, sir!
  7. ConfessionalLutheran

    Dear Arminians

    Good evening, brother! Yes, I will agree that the L part of the TULIP schema is problematic from a Lutheran perspective. We do believe that Christ died for everybody, but the Holy Spirit is the One who will give the Elect the means of grace that they need- the proclamation of the Gospel and the correct usage of the Sacraments- to live truly Christian lives. I do not want to get immersed in that controversy here, so I will simply offer what I've already said about the Lutheran position on Limited Atonement and leave it here. God's blessings attend you this week, @William!
  8. ConfessionalLutheran

    Dear Arminians

    People who always look for offense will always find it. I saw nothing egotistical in his post explaining his experience in the denomination that you defend so fiercely.
  9. ConfessionalLutheran

    Dear Arminians

    Confessional Lutheranism teaches that those who are elected to salvation are predestined to it, while those who fall away do so on their own, hence we are neither Calvinists or Arminians.
  10. ConfessionalLutheran

    Hi, I'm new here. Glad to meet my brothers and sisters!

    Eastern Lighting ( also known as the Church of Almighty God) is a cult. I strongly suggest you avoid their website because they will try to chat with you. I think this is a safe page wherein to explore their beliefs and expose them as the pseudo- " Christian" frauds that they are https://www.chinasource.org/resource-library/articles/a-field-study-of-the-church-of-almighty-god-cult. The founders of this cult live in New York City's Chinatown, where they have an avid following https://faithandselfdefense.com/2015/11/05/beware-of-eastern-lightning/. I won't sully this site with the outrageous claims made by this cult, but I heartily encourage you to be warned.
  11. It's also very presumptuous. Who is she to say " what cuts it" or not in the eyes of God? That sort of blasphemous hubris is just what's going to ( apart from God's grace) drag her off to Hell, unless, of course, she repents.
  12. ConfessionalLutheran

    The Reformation PiggyBackers

    This is one of my favorite Lutheran Satires! On a more serious note, I like the way they lined the Reformers up, with Luther and his theses first, followed by Zwingli, then followed by Calvin and finally rounded up with King Henry VIII. Hans Fiene did a pretty good job in summarizing the quarrel between the Lutherans, Zwinglians, Calvinists and Anglicans, as well.
  13. I just tossed the disruptor out, but in case any " Christian curious" are reading this, let me explain something about God's love and mercy. It's just as all encompassing as His justice; in fact, " mercy triumphs over judgment," as it is written. If one approaches God with a sincere attitude of repentance ( which can only be done when the Holy Spirit is already working on the penitent's heart), confesses the sin, then s/he can be fully confident in faith that God has already wiped away the sin. Sin is something God hates. God hates sin so much and He loves us so much, that as mired in sin as we are, He sent His Son to us in the flesh, so He would die for our sins and rise so we might be justified before our Father. The Holy Spirit wants to purge us of all our sin and the Blood of Jesus does just that. In the waters of Holy Baptism, our Old Adam is drowned and the Holy Spirit creates new movements in us. It all begins and ends with faith, which itself is a gift given to us by God and renewed with the study and proclamation of the Word and the reception of the Holy Sacraments. We all need Jesus Christ to dwell within us, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit that we might experience that newness of life that only God can give.
  14. ConfessionalLutheran

    Why is God against me indulging in homosexuality?

    It's your choice, but it won't meet with approval by traditional Christians because it's contrary to God's established order https://www.lcms.org/about/beliefs/faqs/lcms-views#homosexuality. It's just as disordered as chronically lying, cheating on a spouse, putting oneself before God, murdering somebody for any reason ( whether in or out of the womb), or setting up idols to take the Lord's place as God.
  15. I think it is pertinent and a telling example of a church that abandons its roots and confessions in favor of the things of this world : https://www.exposingtheelca.com/. I'd include the ELCA on the list of cults at this point. This is an example of a church that has steadily grown more and more leftist until the only things " Lutheran" left about them are the outward liturgical forms and a passing nod to the Book of Concord. They're so eager to pitch the Confessions and mythologize the Word of God so they look good to the world that they lose every sense of what it is to be a Confessional Lutheran Christian.