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  1. ConfessionalLutheran

    Prayer request for a new widow

    Thank you, @deade.. I'm sorry to hear that about your mother.
  2. ConfessionalLutheran

    Prayer request for a new widow

    Thank you all so much! I know that the Lord hears and He'll help. ❤️
  3. ConfessionalLutheran

    Prayer request for a new widow

    An old high school classmate of mine has recently lost her husband to a swift and unexpected death. Her world is in ruins and those closest to her are walking around in a daze. I'm too far removed from the situation personally to do anything other than pray for her, her family and to commend the soul of her husband to God's Fatherly care. I'm going to take a walk and pray silently for those effected by this tragic and terrible loss. Please pray for this wonderful, loving family who lost their provider, their protector and their head. God bless you all today.
  4. ConfessionalLutheran

    Ideas on the crucifiction

    Point taken. I suppose the warning should have been implicit in the word fiction, but I thought it was a case of simple misspelling. Oops.
  5. ConfessionalLutheran

    Ideas on the crucifiction

    I moved this thread to " Theological Debate."
  6. ConfessionalLutheran


    Excellent points. So, the Congregationalists don't really have any kind of accountability outside their local church and there is no overarching organization to provide checks and balances needed to maintain some sort of Reformed orthodoxy.
  7. ConfessionalLutheran


    Would the Congregationalist Christian expression of Christianity be its own label, or would it be included under the Reformed/ Presbyterian umbrella? http://www.ccccusa.com/about-us/
  8. ConfessionalLutheran

    Ideas on the crucifiction

    Sorry, I forgot what subforum I was in. Here's something from my local Church of Christ website: First Principles Class MANASSASCHURCH.ORG The First Principles Class meets every Sunday at 9:00 AM in Room 12 First door down the hall from the Fellowship Room. The class is taught by our Brother Owen Mullenax, a former Elder. His teaching will help you to prepare for more advanced study, to know how to approach and teach an intrested person who would like to begin learning the bible. The class is for all age groups, and... Read more
  9. ConfessionalLutheran

    Ideas on the crucifiction

    Exactly. God ( unlike " the Force") is not some figment of a money- maker's imagination and Jesus ( God the Son) does His Father's work. He voluntarily took on human flesh to bear our sins and be our Savior. Here is a fairly basic Catechism that explains things.. Luther’s Small Catechism by Dr. Martin Luther CATECHISM.CPH.ORG Martin Luther addresses faithful and godly pastors and preachers in his Preface to the Small Catechism. God bless you on your journey!
  10. ConfessionalLutheran

    Can a Christian be a Democrat

    I think it's highly unlikely, due to the Democratic Party's favoring positions clearly condemned in the Bible.
  11. ConfessionalLutheran

    Three Reasons Not to...

    Three reasons not to troll a thread: #1: It's rude, #2: Others become distracted from the topic at hand, #3: One might face disciplinary measures at the hands of forum staff.
  12. ConfessionalLutheran

    Was America always great or never that great?

    America was always great. Full stop. Yes, we've got some serious problems ( perhaps an issue or two that our " friends" in the Kremlin would care to honestly explain to us), but when we're not having people from the outside actively and aggressively seeking to undermine our society, those problems were always solved by Americans on American terms. Cuomo's spouting his party line while Meghan McCain was speaking from her heart.
  13. ConfessionalLutheran

    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been compromised.

    Hatred of sin there is bound to be, Loathing of evil heresy. Heresy is departure from Biblical and Confessional truth, Herchurch and HFASS in the ELCA fit that, in sooth. If they could be brought to confess and repent, Then our time in prayer would have been well spent. The Law and Gospel change not with the times, Regardless of your or my pretty rhymes. Love for a sinner means not to encourage their sin, Pray that the Holy Spirit might change them from within. Lutherans may determine the heresy of those who Lutheran call themselves, As Lambeth for a few years put TEC back on its shelves. God is good, mighty and just, In His Word alone ought we to trust. Transient values of decadent society today, Touch not the Eternal Law of the One to Whom we pray. Andrew Robert McDonald Gooding, Commonwealth of Virginia, 11:07 post meridiem, Eastern Daylight Time, Sunday, September 01, 2018.
  14. ConfessionalLutheran

    Three Reasons Not to...

    Three reasons not to miss Sunday Service: #1: You'd miss out on fellowship with other believers, #2: You'd miss out on hearing the Word proclaimed, and #3: You'd miss out on having the Sacraments distributed to you. Those three things, kept up for a long enough period of time, can kill somebody's faith.
  15. I could see that. Of course, a pound to a penny that they'd be discussing Mr. Copeland's latest private jet and why he and his cronies " need" those expensive airplanes..
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