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    Open theism?

    Oh definitely, I have not argued with him since this happened. Thank you for the scriptural quotes. They are very reaffirming and reassuring to me.
  2. almostgreta

    Open theism?

    My debate partner was never entirely clear about this. He apparently believes lots of things happen outside God's control, but that God can still use his influence to suggest certain actions to people. All it takes is for one person each time to freely choose to follow God's suggestion, and God's will will be done. So even though lots of things happen outside of God's will, and God cannot know HOW or BY WHOM his will will be done (including creating specific people for whom he has a purpose--he can't know in advance who their parents will be, he just picks a bunch of likely candidates and subconsciously suggests to them that they name their baby Jeremiah for example), he does know THAT his will will be done in the end. (This person also said Moses was so important to God's plan that when Moses had an objection, God could not go forward and so God decided to change his mind to accommodate Moses. I asked where in the scripture it was declared that Moses was this important (which would make him more important than Jesus), and the person said we could tell Moses was this important because God did, in fact, change his mind to accommodate Moses rather than picking someone else to carry out his plan. He denies that God appearing to change his mind was just put that way so our human minds could understand, he insisted God really changed his mind.) So it's more like, God has no idea who will do his will for his plan to take effect, so he calls on lots and lots of people, and eventually somebody comes through and God's plan is implemented. This, in my debate partner's mind, preserves libertarian free will among human beings--which, in his mind, is the only justification God has to send people to hell. If we didn't freely make our own choices, we don't deserve to go to hell. I have tried to point out Romans 9: 18-21, but he says God is specifically talking there just about the descendants of Israel, not all humanity. Whatever I said, he had an answer that made sense to him. But not to me.
  3. almostgreta

    A Muslim on the Gospel

    Thank you! That's really fascinating. I also read something very interesting suggesting that, in fact, nothing is known about Islam's origins before the year 800: https://www.firstthings.com/blogs/leithart/2016/09/origins-of-islam The scholarly consensus has fallen apart. They're looking at a void.
  4. almostgreta

    A Muslim on the Gospel

    Thank you! I hope the discussion will continue, it is very interesting.
  5. almostgreta

    A Muslim on the Gospel

    Had a really interesting discussion today on another forum with a Muslim. He said that Islam believes that the OT and NT are both valid revelations, hence the "People of the Book" thing. I had not realized that; I just thought "People of the Book" came from the fact that they consider Moses and Jesus to be prophets. But no, this person said that they feel the OT and NT are both valid revelations. I asked him how come, if that was the case, Muslims reject the divinity of Christ? It is, after all, revealed in the NT. He replied that he felt that wasn't really part of the revelation because Jesus never actually said he was God. I pointed him to Matthew 16:15-17, and reminded him of the teaching of the resurrection and the moment when the dove came upon Jesus and God spoke and said "This is my son." How, if they want to argue that the NT is valid, can they avoid the conclusion that Jesus is to be worshipped? He replied that there were many gospels besides the ones that made it into the canon, and Christians were discussing these matters years before Islam existed, and one scholar even said he thought Islam was a Christian heresy. In other words, he implied that those other gospels might have been better, more accurate, than what became canon. And I was like, But if you think these 'other gospels' are better than what made it into the canon, then you aren't really accepting the NT as a valid revelation, are you? But I didn't actually say it because I wanted to be polite. Has anyone else dealt with this apparent contradiction in Muslim thinking?
  6. almostgreta

    Prayers, Petitions & Intercession Needed

    Dear Lord, please guide Nadine wisely and help her friend know what to say. Amen.
  7. almostgreta

    How you know that you are saved, what is your answer ?

    I wasn't sure I could be saved because I had strayed from the shepherd and believed I was an atheist for sixteen years. But someone much older and more established in Christ said that the fact that I had come back means everything would be okay.
  8. almostgreta

    Prayer for Family

    Lord, please bless Believer and her family.
  9. almostgreta

    Prayer for grace and blessings

    Lord, please bless tony and tony's family. Please give them grace, and "lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from evil."
  10. almostgreta

    Prayer for Professional growth

    Lord, please let anupamas2 experience your blessings, however you may choose to bestow them,
  11. almostgreta

    Prayer for atheists

    Lord, I pray for the atheists that I am debating. I pray that I would not be hurt when they call me intellectually dishonest or insist that they can prove God doesn't exist and I should just admit that I'm wrong. I pray that they would come to know you, for you alone can save them. I pray for their joy and happiness, their health and safety, and that my words may somehow not offend them so their minds can be opened to the possibility of God. Give me words to say, oh Lord. Amen.
  12. almostgreta


    Hear, hear.
  13. almostgreta


    The body positions in yoga are NOT physical expressions of worship. They were invented in the early 20th century by Indian people who were heavily influenced by western exercise systems (which had become popular in India due to the British Empire). They wanted to develop their own, specifically Indian form of physical exercise. That's all. My former yoga teacher has largely stopped teaching any kind of spiritual component to yoga because of this new knowledge.
  14. almostgreta


    Modern Postural Yoga (MPL) is only about a century old and was heavily influenced by westerners, even though people in India claimed it as a "uniquely Indian" form of exercise. It is not a time-honored Hindu practice and I don't think Christians should worry about accidentally assenting to Hinduism if they practice it.
  15. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2016/10/christian-refugee-iran-germany-merkel/504092/ Apparently there are thousands of Iranians and hundreds of Afghanis in Germany who are finding Christ. There's even a waiting list for baptisms. So that's good news.