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  1. 2010Bentley

    Moat Around The Tree Of Good and Evil

    Has anyone, besides me, ever wondered about how, after the flood, there was only Noah and his family, so we are all related to Noah? I know, sometimes weird questions pop in my head.
  2. 2010Bentley

    Abortion and Rape Victims

    I personally cannot believe that God would not forgive anyone of anything, if it is asked of him, sincerely, in prayer.
  3. 2010Bentley

    "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven."

    Yes, there is definitely some truth to that. While we are forgiven, it certainly doesn't mean that we shouldn't do our very best to try to discipline ourselves, and improve areas of ourselves that need improving.
  4. 2010Bentley

    Going To Church

    Honestly, as a mom myself of two adult children, there rarely was a time that all four of us didn't go, but, one of my kids eventually did quit going altogether, and they also go through that period when they are working on Sundays and can't go. It's a hard call, though, because eventually they have to make their own choices.
  5. 2010Bentley

    Does prison solve anything?

    Many people that go to prison don't ever change, and that's the sad thing about them being locked up, and then going right back to what they were doing before.
  6. I have actually come across more people that seem to hate Hillary more, and think they need to put Trump in to keep her out. I honestly, and perhaps it was silly thinking, but I never thought he had a chance. He is very rude, has no filter on his mouth whatsoever, and has no respect for women. I personally can't vote for that.
  7. 2010Bentley

    Moat Around The Tree Of Good and Evil

    I enjoyed reading this, and it DOES raise questions. I honestly think we will always have questions, no matter what. But it's my understanding, that God has always been about free will. He doesn't want us coming to him, kicking and screaming.
  8. I personally have no problem with gays participating in the church. I feel that a desire to be Christlike applies to all of us. Some people have trouble with gays entering the clergy, but that would never be a "dealbreaker" for me, if I was looking for a church home.
  9. I have to completely agree with AnnaBanana. I have been Lutheran all my life, myself, but I think this pope we have now seems to touch people's hearts. He has a compassionate way about himself that, let's face it, surely cannot hurt, especially in these times.
  10. I simply cannot bring myself to vote for Trump. He is a vile excuse of a human being, in my opinion. That being said, I have a hard time with Hillary as well, but for different reasons.
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