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    Does prison solve anything?

    I actually think prison can solve things sometimes. I grew up in a family of corrections employees. My dad was a warden and many of my other relatives were correctional officers. I have heard many stories from the warden himself about his inmates turning a new leaf. I don't know about all prisons, but the ones I am familiar with have religious programs for the inmates. They choose to participate because they have limited options for activities. Through this, many inmates have come to know God, and when released from prison they continued this new lifestyle. My uncle was proof of that. He was arrested for drinking and driving (this was not the only "bad" thing he did, it's just what he got arrested for). He spent a lot of time in prison. He participated in this program and began reading his bible and changed his ways. When he was released, he didn't go back to any of his bad habits, and we could all tell he had been impacted somehow. Two months later he died in a car wreck due to a cow running out on the highway. We are all thankful that he had spent some time incarcerated because we know he knew the Lord. Had he never gone to prison, I highly doubt he would have ever been a follower of Jesus. I know this kind of thing isn't true for all prisons or all inmates, so for some people it may solve nothing, but prison can change a life for the better. I also believe that it keeps the criminals from causing harm to the general public.