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  1. I regret what those poor people may have witnessed. However, I am glad they are turning away from Islam. I just hope they do not become tortoted or worse.
  2. filmjunkie08

    After School Satan Clubs

    And the schools can not say no to them without getting sued. The good news is that the group will be small as other kids will think the group is weird. At least, based on my teaching experience.
  3. Well, that is something to think about. I don't know if I agree with the interpretation. Are you saying that who he foreknew and foreloved were in heaven with him before being born?
  4. filmjunkie08

    Apparently this is a thing now.

    What does the word threenagers mean? A group of teenager?
  5. filmjunkie08

    Is God male?

    Personally, I think God is niether male nor female. Or perhaps God is both.
  6. My personal opinion is we should not be involved in singing music that glorify drugs, violence or promiscuity.
  7. filmjunkie08

    Let's stop Hillary

    I don't think the petition will make a difference. But I would like to recommend a book written about the Clintons entitled Crisis of Character. It is written about their years in the White House by a secret service agent.
  8. filmjunkie08

    White Jesus

    I know that Jesus was frm the middle east. That he may hsve been dark skinned as most people from that time spent hours in the sun.
  9. I grew up a Baptist in Texas. Everyone prayed aloud. However, the older I got the more uncomfortable I became saying my prayers aloud. I consider my talks with God to be personal. And with praying aloud, there is always the temptation to put on a show for others.
  10. There are many actors who are christians. Like me, they are more quiet about their faith. It is more important for them to follow and live what they believe than to tout it to lots of magazines.
  11. filmjunkie08

    Best verses for dealing with loss?

    When my mom died, what helped me the most eas being able to share my feeling, experiences, and thoughts. It was being with people who listened and who genuinely cared about me and how I was feeling.
  12. So many things effect hormones I have often wondered if we have so many items in our environment that have altered our sexuality. What about all of the plastics we are exposed to beginning in infancy. Just a thought.
  13. filmjunkie08

    Ark Encounter

    I would like to see the ship itself. Do I believe every thing else proposed at the site? No.
  14. filmjunkie08

    What Are You Proud About

    I am proud that my 17 year old is in his last year of high school. He does not drink or smoke and I never have to worry about him staying out late. I hope he will find happiness in college.
  15. filmjunkie08

    The State of Marriage

    I feel sad about the state of marriage in the US. Pornography, drugs, romanticism of adultry and divorce have all taken its toll on life long commitments. I wonder if marriage will be popular again.
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