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  1. This apology won't really change anything. All those people who did that committed a deadly sin. Moreover, their actions look like bringing a public shame on Church and Christianity. Sad, very sad. Hope this won't happen again.
  2. Is there any update on their life? Are they in danger or not? I guess some part of them have already become refugees. That area doesn't seem to be much friendly to such things as conversion.
  3. artyarson

    Morality Changes with Culture

    Yeah, it certainly has changed as the life goes on and on. However, some things won't change forever. I call them values. Creation over consumption. Giving over taking. Loving over hating. And so on. They were kind of important to people all the time. Living in the world of today, you can't just rely on Bible or understand it literally. Some things can be applied, other are better not be done. Know the fundamentals but think thrice before taking any action.
  4. artyarson

    Abortion and Rape Victims

    Of course, there should be an abortion If the potential mother was just raped by some random dude. I know, many of you are advocating pro-life/pro-birth thing. However, most of you haven't been in those situations yourselves. Hopefully, you will never be, as it's just terrible. Would you rather give birth to an embryo that was concept that way or choose abortion to avoid a negative turnaround in your life? Giving birth to a child is a very serious issue and you should think million times before doing anything related to that.
  5. There's a genre called Christian rock. I love a lot of its performers. It's mainly an acoustic type of songs. Sounds very soft and energetic at the same time. Also, there are a lot of heavier stuff which I appreciate, too. And, of course, the participation in a Church choir is a pretty good thing to do.
  6. artyarson

    Can Christians Be Demon-Possessed?

    Man, you're totally exaggerating the whole thing. I'm not living in the area where children get raped every day. Of course, everyone will be stunned by that here. Or, I guess, everyone will be. Anyway, your example isn't what I really meant. God bless
  7. artyarson

    Religious Freedom doesn't exist in North Korea

    Not the right headline. I'd even say that freedom doesn't exist there in the first place. It's a terrible country for those whose mind is free. You can't express yourself in any way there. Otherwise, you're at risk to be killed with no appropriate trial. The government's position is all about worshipping their leader. So, they feel they don't need a religion.
  8. It's time for the American inner security services to get back to working extremely hard. However, I'm still kind of unsure about them. Hope they will do their best to save us from ISIS. They have to examine everyone who's trying to get into the country. We, in turn, have to be vigilant and report anyone who's behavior seems disturbing. Pray for the safety to come and not leave
  9. artyarson

    Let's stop Hillary

    I don't think this will make a huge difference. At the end, it would be Trump against Clinton. The third party won't get much votes. Trump doesn't care much about abortion. Me neither. I don't support the whole pro-life thing. It's more of a pro-birth thing to me. Nobody's gonna care much about those unwanted children after their birth, including those who are advocating pro-life. It's not their business anymore.
  10. artyarson

    Can you be both rich and Christian...

    Not at all. I don't worry about this guy whatsoever. He's a very talented and humble human being who's working hard and, therefore, has a lot of money. He's not among the richest people on Earth and I don't think he ever wanted to be there. He's pretty passionate about Jesus and considers himself as one of his sons. Christanity isn't about living as a poor man and struggle in order to get a way into Heaven. I never saw this as a message. Moreover, this message is wrong.
  11. artyarson

    Death of 10 Children Among 84

    What can I say about that except "that's terrible". Also, I'm glad to see that the number of victims isn't growing anymore. Hope it won't be.
  12. artyarson

    Can Christians Be Demon-Possessed?

    I consider anger as a demon, even though it's just an emotion we tend to feel sometimes. However, it's a pretty self-destructive thing. So, to me, it's some kind of a demon. Holding onto anger can really paralyze your mind. That's probably why I've come to this.
  13. artyarson

    Let's stop Hillary

    That seems interesting. However, I feel like the only way I can make her stop is voting for her opponent Donald Trump. He's pretty outrageous but still seems to be the lesser of two evils.
  14. artyarson

    Can you be both rich and Christian...

    Sure. Let me give you an example. A Brazilian footballer Kaka. He's deeply religious. His hard work and talent made him be noticed and signed by the best teams in Europe. It's pretty obvious that he got rich. However, he still keeps tithing and investing his money in charity. He's a very devoted person in terms of his faith in Christ. So, I believe you can.
  15. artyarson

    When is it acceptable to get a divorce?

    As a Christian, I appreciate faithfulness in relationships. Being faithful and loyal to your partner is very important. Otherwise, It can't be a long term thing. However, relationships is a pretty complicated thing and you can't just rely on the Bible today.
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