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  1. AnnaBanana

    Black Lives Matter

    The problem is that even saying the phrase "all lives matter" is considered to be racist. Just recently one girl in a Texas University was suspended from a student government club for saying that phrase on her private facebook page. How can that be legal? Where is the actual freedom of speech? If the same student said "black lives matter" on her personal facebook page, nothing would have happened to her.
  2. If I remember correctly, there is stories dealing with a great flood in all kinds of religions and cultures, ancient and present. I also believe that what was written by the bible is truth regarding those events, but the other flood stories could be distorted through ages of oral traditions passed down one generation to another. I just don't think its some wild coincidence that a similar story of the great flood reappears often throughout history.
  3. AnnaBanana

    Does prison solve anything?

    I believe there needs to be a larger Christian presence in prisons. I don't want to sound like an islamophobe, but prisons is the place where most people are converted to islam. I'm so terrified of not being politically correct, I guess, so it is hard to put this thought into the proper words. I just believe that there is one path to God, and it is through Jesus, so the thought of a pipeline from prison to a false teaching is scary.
  4. I believe you are absolutely correct on these things, particularly about some of the Hebrews wanting to return to Egypt. I know that for me personally, I would feel it would be a huge test of my faith. Would I be willing to live in Iraq as a Christian? I sort of equate that with the thought of those who would save their lives would lose it, and those who would lose their lives would be saved. I know I am a comfortable coward, and I have ways I'd like to think I would behave in certain situations, but would probably fall short. I just meant to say that I am in awe of such faith found in surprising places. I honestly didn't mean to minimize those who run the long journey, and finish the course.
  5. I think in all of the atrocities being committed by ISIS, this was probably the last outcome predicted. If my religion was that evil and murderous, I'd reassess my own beliefs, too. And if a person is willing to live as a Christian near ISIS occupied territory, that's pretty much the pinnacle of faith, isn't it?
  6. AnnaBanana

    Black Lives Matter

    The astronomical crime increases in places like Chicago is directly tied to the 'Ferguson effect' which is directly tied to the Black Lives Matter movement. Police no longer are willing to get out of their cars and do proactive police work. The only change the movement is bringing is more crime in those same neighborhoods. And yet it's members believe they are doing good work. Seeing, they do not see, hearing, they do not hear.
  7. Hilary is as crooked as a dog's hind leg. Donald Trump's honesty is what finds him in the hot seat. Hilary will never have that problem.
  8. AnnaBanana

    Can you be both rich and Christian...

    I have been taking notice of my own short comings of wanting to have nice things, and I try hard to get myself out of that rut. Its hard to not want a big beautiful house, or nice car. Usually reading the bible helps take my head out of the clouds (probably a bad metaphor) and helps me to put what is worthwhile into focus. I just wish my heart wouldn't veer towards such things.
  9. AnnaBanana

    No more opening crawl

    I think a lot of nostalgia value will be lost if it isn't included, and there will be many complaints! I probably won't be seeing the movie in the theater either way, unless I take my babies to see it. They are too young to recognize it or the lack of it!
  10. AnnaBanana

    Prosecution Maybe?

    I believe it is simply too difficult for some people to totally absorb how this level of corruption can go unchecked in our government. She's not gonna be prosecuted. There was never hope for her to be prosecuted. The place to voice your disgust with this is the voting booth in November, provided there is some saving grace to stop her corruption there.
  11. AnnaBanana

    Please Pray For Baton Rouge

    I fear that these types of situations are gonna break out all over the United States. It feels like society is at some tipping point. I think all of Baton Rouge needs our prayers. I cannot imagine what types of life events a person would have to live through to harbor so much anger toward police, everyone needs prayers on all sides of this.
  12. AnnaBanana

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    I believe it is a pretty big mistake to assume the decay of carbon doesn't accelerate or decelerate throughout the process, and this to me is the inherent flaw in radiocarbon dating. But this is also sort of implying I know a whole lot about it, which I don't.
  13. AnnaBanana

    Brett: Independence Day

    If I lived in the United Kingdom, I would have voted to exit the European Union. I have seen people being shamed for how they have voted, and people being shamed for wanting to keep the refugees to a minimum. The situation is so volatile and all of Europe will be turned over to Sharia Law in the next couple generations. Why is it so politically incorrect to not want this?
  14. AnnaBanana

    Let's stop Hillary

    Count me in. My only question is: Where do I sign up?
  15. AnnaBanana

    Black Lives Matter

    I do believe that Black Lives Matter is a hate group. I think the biggest shame is that such hate and vitriol is being spewed from a group who's name gives such humble and hopeful vibes.