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  1. seupaulo

    Is Science The Communicative Language of God?

    I think science is the way God found to talk with all of us without scaring us, because through science we can understand everything without having to believe only that a magic power made it happen. It's fantastic.
  2. seupaulo

    What's so wrong with this society?

    It is not giving up.... it is taking a clear view of the facts. If you see something bad happening, it will not became good just because you decide to look at it in a diferente way. We must have clear at or heads how the world is and how to fix it. If there is anyway to do it at the end....
  3. seupaulo

    Muslims will outnumber Christians by 2100

    There is only one God, so, only one lord. It is clear for all people with open religion view that the important part is being good and not the name you gave for our savior. Don't you agree?
  4. Thanks @Oatmeal for liking my post. I knew that I was not the only one whit this view in mind.... I mean, I quite obvious, wasn't ? Again, money is not the problem, but thinking that it do not make a big part of it is being naive.
  5. seupaulo

    One year of the Nepal Earthquake

    "ädded faith in humanity" is all we can expect for sure. I totally agree with you that donations from all over the world should flooded their centers, but I would like to help even more! Do you know if they are accepting volunteers or any other type of help?
  6. seupaulo

    Muslims will outnumber Christians by 2100

    We are all cousins anyway, so it's good to have a bigger family to pray to the Lord and for peace in our only world. I see no problem if we live in peace!
  7. He is "loyal" to Wolverine as Daniel Craig is to 007. Money talks! Not that this is a bad reason, but you should not think they do that to make you or me happy.
  8. seupaulo

    Brussels Airport At least 31 killed

    As far as I know, Obama is United States of America president, and not the World President. I really do not understand why complain about his agenda in this case, and, for sure he is so concerned with the victims in Brussels as we are.
  9. seupaulo

    One year of the Nepal Earthquake

    Reconstruction! That's the main activity at Nepal. This is how most of this country feels since a 7.8 magnitude earthquake left on April 25, 2015, nearly 9,000 dead, 22,000 wounded and destroyed more than 600,000 homes. Very little has been rebuilt. Very few lives were repaired. The government devoted most of the last 12 months to deal with the country's constitution of problems, a discussion that generated ethnic unrest in the plains of Nepal, a diplomatic dispute with India and for many months, the blockade of the border with the latter country, which reduced to almost nothing fuel supplies.
  10. seupaulo

    Equador Earthquake

    Sorry my ignorance here, but you said that the earthquake can be a punishment from God and at the same statement you said that prayers are not enough? If this is really a act of our powerful God, only prayers can save this people! Otherwise God can just make another earthquake!
  11. seupaulo

    Opera browser bakes in free VPN

    Opera Software today released a developer preview of its namesake browser that includes a full-featured VPN (virtual private network) client and free access to the service. "We are the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network," boasted Krystian Kolondra, Opera's head of engineering, in a Thursday post to a company blog. Although VPNs are most commonly used by corporate workers to access company data when they're outside their firm's network perimeter, Opera stressed the anonymous browsing they can provide. Opera's baked-in VPN will let users access sites blocked in their countries, or by their employers or schools. It will also anonymize the user -- the VPN disguises the actual IP address of the user -- by making it appear that the browser originated elsewhere. In a public setting, such as a coffee shop's Wi-Fi network, a VPN also provides a secure "tunnel" to the destination, preventing theft of credentials and personal information like passwords. I'm so changing my browser right now!
  12. seupaulo

    What's so wrong with this society?

    Sometimes I think that the correct question would be "what is right in this society?". Everyday it is harder and harder to me to see the light at the end of the tunnel for all of us and if you turn on the news you will see that things are not getting any better.
  13. seupaulo


    I'm living in Slovenia and I may say the weather is nice now that is spring, but of course just because tomorrow is Holiday we are having rain and bad weather... Is it like this at your place? I mean... every time you have a holiday coming the rain also show up! :confused:
  14. seupaulo

    Equador Earthquake

    It happens always as a surprise, but we should not underestimate the power of nature. I can only pray and hope the population of Equador can deal with this terrible thing and that the recover as fast as possible. Is someone here have family or friends there, I leave here my support.
  15. seupaulo

    What Should Be Done To Halt the Collapse of Western Civilization?

    You do not even need to go to Hollywood movies to see this in action. Just remember Bush and the "war to terror"....