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  1. Bobby Cole

    Another Vote Postponed

    I agree with you to an extent but there is a definite problem with dumping Obamacare without a backup plan in order. As I understand it, there are 11 million or so people who are presently covered under the original plan who would be without health insurance should Obamacare be repealed en total and all at once. They have to be able to slide into another plan without disruption or keep their existing course of action. The dems are already saying that repealing the existing plan will kill some sick folks out there so I can see some of the reluctance by the GOP. In my humble opinion, they should temporarily forget Obamacare, open up the free market for insurers with no state border limits attached and then watch the government run insurance plan simply disappear or get very competitive. The only caveat I can see is the pre-existing clause but just like flood insurance in Florida, it can remain as a federal insurance plan rather than a very expensive private plan. The good thing thus far, is the reapealing of the mandate to have Obamacare and the sequential fining and collecting by the IRS for not having it. But this too has its failings on the small business level but that's a whole other nut to crack.
  2. If I remember correctly, Donald Trump was highly criticized by Christian and non Christians alike for saying, "two Corinthians" instead of the majority favored "second Corinthians" during the primaries. Like Melania's read rendition of the Lord's Prayer, if it's understood then leave it alone. Many pastors read prayers and also read their sermons while some are "lead by the Holy Spirit" and thus far, no one that I have met has said a negative word about it within their individual congregations. How far do people have to go to prove their own self worth by criticizing those things that are small and of no consequence? Truthfully, it's not really about Melania nor Donald but how we treat each other who are in the body of our Savior. It is up to us to look inwardly and ask ourselves if we too have somehow misjudged or had an upward nosed inclination to down play another person. Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ had a good answer to these who practice some sort of mental superiority over others: Why beholdest thou the mote that is in your brother's eye but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? (Mat. 7:3) There are many stumbling blocks in life and perhaps the greatest ones are the smallest and seemingly less significant.
  3. Bobby Cole

    Only if you obey

    It would seem that the initial question has gone around the block in an unending spiral, so to speak. May I perhaps submit a query in which all might be a bit more comfortable in the discussion regarding obedience to God. True, a Christian does not Have to be obedient for we still have freedom of will to do so but how comfortable is it to you? Whereby, at one time, before salvation it was easy to hate, lie, steal, and do whatever our flesh wished to do. We could do what we wished with comfort because there was nothing within us, to teach us, to guide us and give us that "God" consciousness which gives us the knowledge and feelings of good and evil. Now, after salvation, is it possible to hate another human? I think not. Dislike maybe but hate.......no. Can we "comfortably" go against the will of God with the Holy Spirit planted so deeply and ingrained within us? Again, I know it is not possible. Granted, doing those things which mimic the will of God does not allow us the gift of salvation for even atheists are capable of having good morals and ethics. One other thing that I must submit to one and all. The greatest and most accurate theologian under the heavens happens to be Satan. For even he knows (implicitly) the Word of God and trembles. Khrushchev memorized the entire New Testament but was he saved? No. We can spin our wheels all day long, every day until the grand return of our Lord but the bottom line is simply this. On a freezing cold night, would we rather be warm under a blanket or sleep outside in the snow? One is certainly more comfortable than the other and less deadly. The same thing with obedience and salvation. Once saved, would we rather be emotionally, physically and spiritually comfortable under the wings of our Father, or would we rather grieve the Holy Spirit and be totally uncomfortable whilst actually seeking sin unto death? Pretty simple choice really........... God Bless everyone and a Very, Very Merry Christmas! Bobby
  4. Bobby Cole

    Time Traveling

    I just got home from time traveling and I really, really like what I saw! I saw the past and I also saw the future and from my perspective, the next few months is gonna be great. Uh oh you say, "Another whacko"! Say what you want but I assure you that every other day I take a trip in time. Okay, I'll let everyone off the hook now. What I am talking about is an absolute side passion of mine which is bodybuilding. About three years ago, after being an extremely sick person, I got well enough to look at myself and wasn't very happy. The skin on my arms was sagging and wrinkled not to even mention that the lean muscle in my upper arms only measured the same size as my wrists. The doctors said my organs, particularly my liver were pretty much shot. I could only do no more than 30 grams of protein a day for fear of ammonia buildup in my brain which, when the damage is done there is no repair. Long and short, I had a couple heart to hearts with the Lord and yes, I was healed and He gave me the will to workout and get healthy. I discovered after a few months that if I looked into the mirror before a hard workout and then after a good workout I was actually seeing the past and the future. The before workout image is what I was wanting 6 or 8 weeks before hand and the after image in the mirror is what I will be in about the same period of time if I keep up my present pace. The good thing about being able to see the future is that if there is something I do not like, I can change it now for something else! Left posterior bicep getting larger than the right? Work less on the left and more on the right and the future will be just fine. From 6 inch arms to my present 18 1/2, from 30 grams of protein to 233 grams a day. From my organs being shot to everything testing normal with no scars or abrasions as of my last scans and blood work. Now, there's another kind of time travel I have gone through. Many years ago I was sick. Okay, I said that before but this is a different kind of sick. I was in the world and did as the world dictated kind of sick. Then, the Lord and I had a heart to heart talk and yes.......He healed me. Strangely enough, when I look at myself now, I see someone I like and can see someone who will be even better if I keep going at the pace I am going. He has indeed, lead me beside the still waters and restored my soul..................and body and spirit and strength, and the list goes on infinitely in time. God Bless.............Bobby
  5. Bobby Cole

    Just Another "little" Word?

    I think I know where you are going now. One thing we do have to remember is that the redemption process as explained in Biblical context is actually one that comes out of the slave market. 1. Bought out of slavery 2. Bought out of slavery never to be sold back into it again 3. Set Loose 4. The price has been paid. Now granted, redeemed and saved are two different words but they still have practically the same future. Each of these has a definite Greek translation and my Greek spelling and contextual translation and spelling is a bit wanting to say the least as it was my least favorite class in seminary. Perhaps @Origen might slide by to help us out a bit for that is definitely in his wheel house. Either way, your first sentence is one that I do absolutely enjoy for indeed, we, the joint heirs with Christ to the kingdom of heaven, are a part of Him just as the wife is to the husband. God Bless.......Bobby
  6. Bobby Cole

    Born again - and again !

    The definition of "Christian" is what is throwing me in Wincam's thread starter. As you wrote William, the term wasn't used until the Antioch narrative so no, the Bible would NOT say anything regarding Christians being saved, only that one must be born again. Hmmm.......in actuality, I am going to have to look up the word "saved" just for context. To me, the whole demeanor of the thread is that of a play on words rather than an actual study. Now, as for a good study, you have brought some interesting perspectives to light William, which I might like to take a bit of time to think about for I wouldn't wish to go off topic. ( which I am bound to do at this point ). God Bless again........Bobby
  7. Bobby Cole

    Born again - and again !

    II Cor. 5:17.......Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature; old things have passed away, behold all things are made new. Perhaps I am missing something. Am I to assume that we are talking about the difference of being a follower of Jesus and someone who is truly "in" Christ? One can surely say that those whose faith falls into the Islamic fashion are indeed aware of Jesus and His teachings making them somewhat a follower of Jesus but definitely not followers of the Christ. Possibly I'm hitching my horse up to the wrong tree, so please do treat me as an inferior and instruct me as to the premise of the argument. May God Bless........Bobby
  8. Bobby Cole

    Does prison solve anything?

    It's a bit of a stretch but Gen. 9:6 does indicate that it is the duty of man to handle someone who murders another person. It's pretty straight forward about the type of sentence which is death. In the western part of the world there are many areas and also states in the United States which still honor the death penalty but then again, there are other states and areas which prohibit the death penalty and give the natural life sentence. Now, here's the query that makes it rough. Are we obligated to do what is written because it is a Biblical covenant (Noeic) or do we disavow that scripture because it no longer applies because of the newer covenant? A series of questions come to mind: What constitutes murder? Premeditated would certainly fall into that catagory but how about a drunk driver incident? A drug pusher selling to an obviously pregnant woman thereby causing death to mother and child could be classified as murder but to what length? As for theft and other illegal activities I do have a major question. If we put ourselves as the judge over someone who say, took the life savings from an old woman via identity theft, what type of judgment would we give that person? Or, a drunk driver or a drug pusher, a vandal, a rapist? What kind of reconciliation would we demand as a judge? What if that person refused to cooperate with your judgment? Granted, merely shoving someone into jail to pay for rape might not be the best thing in the world to do but, what would be the sentence you would give? The larger question might be: Is there a scriptural precedence for letting someone go other than Jesus making a point concerning M. Magnalene? He didn't say not to stone her, he just asked a good question. Thoughts? God Bless........Bobby
  9. Bobby Cole

    Does prison solve anything?

    I remember reading one of the posts that stated that prisons were a modern day world kind of thing and that the United States has more prisoners than any other country. In actuality, prisons have been around for eons and even Paul spent a bunch of time in a few of them. The trouble wih those prisons is that they were just a holding place until the charges were made and a decision on what to do with the prisoner was decided. In our "modern" day society, the United States has one of the most progressive systems in the world if you compare them to say....the middle east. They're pretty much the same as they were a couple thousand years ago whereby a thief would lose a hand, an adulterer is stoned etc. I'd say the penalties have a way of deterring anyone from doing stupid stuff. On our southern border, in Mexico, a person can stay in prison indefinitely and not even have been charged. That said, if you have a few bucks you might even get a blanket! Wow! The problem we have is not how many new people wind up in prison is how many go back. Nearly 41% of those getting out find themselves going back. I liken it to a soldier coming back from combat and trying to acclimate themselves to civilian life. Many of them rejoin the military just like a prisoner goes back to jail. We all have the ability to adapt to ANY situation but when we adopt some of them, such as prison, as a way of life, that is when the problems start. A past prisoner who has spent a few years being incarcerated really isn't readily prepared to meet the needs that regular society dictates. If they were trained and not just thrown into halfway houses with no training at all then they might stand a chance. One last comment here. My best friend (now deceased) was saved while in prison and went on to go to Holmes Bible College and later started the "Wisdom in Living Life" ministries. Ya gotta check out the web site!! God Bless.........Bobby
  10. Bobby Cole

    Just Another "little" Word?

    I realize that there is nothing funny about your answer @William but I had to laugh because you reminded me of what happened when the epiphany of "in" came upon me. I was on the 5th floor of the Boise Rescue Mission. The entire floor was dedicated to the New Creation program where the students studied, slept, showered and held classes but everyone was out doing something which allowed me a chance to just sit, relax and read. When the word "In" hit me I literally ran to the windows which surrounds 3 sides of the floor and poked half my body out of one while yelling and pointing at a few individuals I knew to be dealers, pimps and whatever......"I'M IN, YOU'RE OUT!!" After a couple of times I would then change windows and do the same thing. I had people on the streets looking up, all of which probably thought me to be a madman ready for my straight jacket!!! Of course I was in, I imagine they were saying for yes, I was in the building. But what I meant was, I WAS (and am) IN CHRIST! They were OUT!!! Wow! Not only that, but I realized that not only am I IN Christ, but the Holy Spirit dwells within me! Anyway, now that I look back on it, it was hilarious but man.......it felt soooooo good! Still does......... God Bless........Bobby
  11. Bobby Cole

    Just Another "little" Word?

    I see you are pretty new here, @2404, so Welcome to Christ Forum! Okay, back to the thread. I'm not really sure which direction you're going with your answer so on that note, could you elaborate just a little more. Maybe it's just my age, but sometimes it takes a little more than a few words for me to totally comprehend what someone is writing versus when someone is talking to me. Thanks. God Bless........Bobby
  12. No doubt that @Origen is an excellent resource on this forum! We're very fortunate to have people like him who enjoy the study part of Christianity. It would seem that to some, looking outside one's own box is close to admitting that there is a possibility that someone else can teach us something of relevance. It's akin to lowering one's status of adult manhood or womanhood I suppose. For me, I do try to ask students to leave no stone unturned. Make friends with an orthodox Rabbi, or learn to respect other cultures by studying ancient and natural history or get to know an archeologist. More often than not, if we know more about the people of the time we are studying and their language, then we can come up with some semblance of an educated vision and context of a particular piece of scripture. He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool........shun him. He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child ........teach him He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep.....wake him He who knows and knows that he knows is wise.......follow him God Bless........Bobby
  13. For some reason, after I read your post, my brain went immediately to Paul's letters to the church at Corinth. After I thought about it for a while, it came to me that Paul's letters weren't necessarily a "howdy" kind of a thing but rather were sent as corrections. At some points he was even a little ticked!! The point I'm trying to make @atpollard, is that there are times when right is simply that: It's right! This is a public format and very often bad information comes across the board and one thing that disturbs me about it is that someone just might believe the bad information that is offered up. When that happens, we try to be patient and calm with our analysis and explanations but there are times when it is not received the way we present it so........it get's a tad hot. It would seem though, that we are in good company. When all else failed, Jesus, Peter, James and especially Paul had a few run ins that didn't seem peaceful at all. No one who is a true follower of Jesus Christ relishes being right after a debate for it should bother us that we even had to present a debate at all. It would be nice to be able to walk around such nonsense but self made teachers of whatever word are always on the prowl like the proverbial lion looking to devour and destroy the righteousness of the Word of God. Never give up the good race my friend. Practice Patience, temperance, simplicity and wisdom in all things but when all else fails, take a lesson from Paul and even Jesus Himself when he faced the money changers. At least.......that's the way I look at things. Be at peace @atpollard. Oh and, sorry I went a tad off topic but it does apply to Greek and Hebrew also....... ....God Bless All................Bobby
  14. I am sure that Trump has been told to stay in the shallow side of the pool until he has raised his hand at the inauguration. Altthough there are some nay sayers in the mix, the election still isn't over until he is given the high sign by Congress. As the present resident in the White House said to Putin, "I can do what I want after I'm president." Until Trump is actually the president of the U.S.A. he doesn't need to make any ripples in the water much less any waves. God Bless.........Bobby
  15. Bobby Cole

    Does prison solve anything?

    I do like the idea of giving people with simple misdemeanor charges something to do rather than locking them up but today's society is pretty well able to usurp any attempt to bring about a good change. An example of the point, New York decided that instead of merely making out welfare checks that the recipient of the checks were to do community service a couple hours a week. Initially, people started doing their appointed jobs but then within weeks the project fell through because the welfare workers simply didn't show up for work. The threat of non-payment was met by social workers stating that the recipients needed the money to take care of their children. What I am trying to get at is there is always something that will upset the apple cart. What if, again an example, a person simply decided not to do his or her assigned duty during probation? Do we go full circle and threaten them with jail time for contempt, another misdemeanor, or what would be the deterrent for non compliance? A ministry I used to work with, the Boise Rescue Mission, has a policy that if someone is in jail on a misdemeanor, they can apply with the mission to get into their 1 year Jesus Christ based recovery program. Upon acceptance, the prisoner then goes into the program for a year on probation and then after graduation all charges are dropped. Other than the immediate above, what I would like to see is if jail time is emminent that the time should be made productive. If a person doesn't have a GED, it's time to go back to school, or if a person has no real work skills, it's time to learn a trade. God Bless.........Bobby
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