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    Why I do not trust the N.T.

    I think the NT is to be trusted more than the OT if you believe the essential premise that Christ was God;s son. I mean his words are what make up most of Christian teaching no? Hence the Christ in Christian. I trust the NT more than what is written in the old. Who was around to see it?
  2. Well, I think if you are Christian in your heart and you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior..it really doesn't matter what religion you were born into so to speak. I think considering a whole group of people to be unchristian is not correct( which I am aware happens ofte)n Their salvation lies between them and God, not what their family is, and whether they went to confirmation or not. I just don't like when people make blanket statements about other forms of worship.
  3. Well it looks like you answered your own question. I was always told suffering came about as part of free will. However, I am not sure I buy that whole argument. No one would choose suffering. I don't think God is that punitive either. Maybe God has a hand in some things, but in others, random things happen.
  4. Although I am not one of them, I know some fundamentalist Christians don't consider Catholics to be Christians. I think that is because of praying to saints Mary and so forth. They do however, accept Christ as their savior, so what is unchristian about that? Nothing if you ask me, it is just semantics in my humble opinion.
  5. I am really not sure, as I don't know that literal intrepretations of the bible ae all that useful. I would guess it is quite a long time though. I think that many people would think a thousand years at a minimum. However, I don't really know. Maybe some one with more knowledge will tell us.
  6. Kgord

    What kind of computer you use?

    I am using an ASUS computer 17 inch screen windows 8. I don't like this computer, but it was a gift from a friend so I use it. I also have a small Lenovo thinkpad which has win 7. I use it sometimes, but it doesn't have the original charger, so the power is weak, and half the time it won't connect to the router, so I have to use the ASUS by default.
  7. Kgord

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hi Finding Faith. I am glad you found this forum. I think it might be an interesting place for you to connect with other Christians. and interested participants. It is always nice to have new members, and I hopefully you can get some great ideas and fellowship here.
  8. Kgord

    Equador Earthquake

    From what I understand, the Ecuadorian people are sweet, warm and lovely people. I think it is an insult to the whole population to consider it as a "punishment from God." Perhaps someone should give the older woman a lesson in Geography, and point out the ring of fire. I think the punishment thing is plain silly.
  9. I think more Christian programming is in order. Most of what is on TV is so risque and flippant, and non redeeming, thta I think programming with a more positive message is in order. I think there is a market for it, and it would help. Maybe teaching manners in the public schools would be helpful too, as most don't seem to get it at home.
  10. Kgord

    Prayers for Addy

    I will remember addy Flonyash. It is so sad when people are suffering from sickness and disease. It is just one of the ways you can get the peace and solace you may be looking for. It is always hard to see someone you love or care about suffering. It is a really hard thing to deal with, and to have as part of your life.
  11. There are many lapsed Catholics in the world Deidre many for the reasons you described. I am not sure that I like the hireacrhal order of the church, and the fact that it seems like so many things, and misdeeds have been swept under the rug, are something I have an issue with. I was not raised as a Catholic, but I have cousins who were. Most of them are not active participants in the church now.
  12. Kgord


    How is the weather where you are? It is beautiful here in Central Virginia, pretty warm for this time of year. Let us remember the people in Houston that seem to be suffering from flooding. I hope and pray that dry weather will come their way as they really need it! It can be something that many people who have experienced something similar can relate to.
  13. Kgord

    Let's pray for people suffering from addictions

    Yes, I think that is an excellent thing to pray for. There is so much of that in this country right now and it has really reached an epidemic in many areas of the country. There are too few rehabs and courts are being flooded with new cases every day. I think praying for the addicted is a great thing to do.
  14. Kgord

    Reading the bible

    Well, I did read the Bible once all the way through in my reading days. It is one of the things that remember doing as a kid. I am not sure what version I read, but it did make an impression on me. It is just one of the things that I remember doing, as way of trying to teach myself about it.
  15. that is ridiculous what the kids want to do on their one time is up to them. I would think that schools should find something more appropriate to pick on. I think the idea of them wanting to shut it down is ridicoulsou and bordr on the absurd. I dont see what ground there would be.