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  1. And it's a book that I haven't read, but now it's been mentioned I will look out for, so thank you for the post. I wasn't trying to be awkward by the way, I just think that reaffirming a faith, is different than teaching it from scratch.
  2. pwarbi

    Women as Pastors

    I'm not saying that the church should compromise it's beliefs, I'm saying that it should be open to debate, and listen to what people are saying. At least then people will feel like they've been heard, whereas at the moment, turning around and saying if you don't like it then tough, isn't painting the best picture.
  3. This is the first time I've actually heard anything like this, and I wasn't even aware that a law like that could be passed in the first place. As you say, common sense isn't that common these days unfortunately, but restrictions placed on what people are allowed to talk about when it comes to religion is pathetic, and probably even unenforceable anyway.
  4. pwarbi

    Women as Pastors

    I understand where people are coming from, but more and more people are choosing to turn their back on religion, and while you might say then it doesn't matter, as long as the church doesn't change or conform then that's the main thing, but what's the future?
  5. A recommendation is exactly that though, it's not something that you have to do, but merely something that your church and relgion wants you to do. I'd imagine that relgion plays a big part in most of the decisions we make, so I'd expect it to in who we decide to vote for aswell, no matter what our church says.
  6. Wouldn't this book be more about reaffirming a person's faith in Catholicism rather than teaching about it though? While it would obviously give the basics about the religion, I'd expect it to deal more with helping people who have become lost, rather than teaching a new follower.
  7. While I understand your point regarding your children will have the choice, and may choose not to follow in your religion, I think that can happen anyway. I've known devout Catholics who's children have turned their back on God and the faith, even though they have been steered along the right path and not been given any option but to follow God, so just because there IS an option there doesn't necessarily mean that they will take it.
  8. pwarbi

    Godly Women

    The book of proverbs tries to show us how Gods mind works, and does that by using situations and examples that people will know and be able to understand. If a person choose to believe it or not is their own decision, and for me, proverbs is meant to be just a guide as to how God would deal with everyday matters that we have to face.
  9. pwarbi

    Women as Pastors

    Well it's just my opinion, but if the church doesn't conform, then like I said, it's going to have less and less influence on society. Look at the Catholic church and how the pope as apologised for the churches failings in the past. People need to know that it is open to change, but that doesn't necessarily mean changing its views, but more the way it expresses them.
  10. pwarbi


    This seems to be one of the age old arguments, when it comes to church and donations, as in the past, I think it's easy to look at a collection plate, then look and see that your priest/pastor/minister (delete as appropriate) is wearing Armani suits and driving round in a range rover while the parishioners have holes in their shoes, and waiting for the bus in the rain, and questions are going to get asked. Giving is a part of religion and its a way of giving something to God out of your own life, but there are times when people need to have a bit of common sense and maybe ignore that collection plate, and give in other ways. You don't have to give in monetary terms, but you can give your time up, or offer a service to the church instead. When people talk about giving, dollars shouldn't be the first thing that they think about.
  11. pwarbi

    Searching for real faith

    I think a lot of people confuse themselves when it comes to belief, and its no wonder because even in Catholic schools we are taught about God, Jesus and the bible, and then in the next class science, and about how seeing os believing and we can only trust what we see with our own eyes and can prove. That's quite a contradiction and especially for a child that's growing up and being taught supposedly in a Christian way.
  12. The obvious answer to the question is the bible, and I hope the obvious (comedy) answers aren't lost on the OP. We could ask the same question for all religions though so I'll ask another one and answer it. What book should I read to learn about Islam? The Koran maybe? And so we go on...
  13. pwarbi

    Women as Pastors

    The church, no matter WHAT religion, needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern generation, or else more and more people are going to desert it, and what it stands for and teaches. While the core teachings and values remain the same, things like allowing women to preach needs to be dealt with, and its just one of the many ways of trying to show that its not the archaic structure that people think it is.
  14. I'm also inclined to think that the pope taking refugees back to Italy was just a media stunt to be honest, and just a way to get in the papers. I'm not saying that as a bad thing, the Catholic church needs some exposure and the refugee crisis is the hot topic at the moment so what better way to get people talking, than for the pope himself to come to the rescue of a number of families? It does seem to have backfired a little though if what this family says, turns out to be true.
  15. The current pope is trying to fix a lot of issues from the past that the Catholic church as only just admitted to. Things that we're all to well aware of, and in some ways this is stopping him from being the pope I think he intended to be. When you have a belief, a faith, and a way you want to do things, but have to spend your time fighting fires and apologising for things that are beyond your control, people aren't going to get a clear picture of who you are, and so in that sense I feel sorry for him.