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  1. flonyash

    Prayers for Ian

    May the good Lord give the family the strength and comfort that they need.
  2. flonyash

    Hello from California

    Welcome to the forum Drjon. Be blessed.
  3. No wonder the men from the east turn to their domestic workers and you know the workers can't speak up because they are far away from home and with the law in the middle east seems to favor their citizens and not foreigners, you can even be hanged or even pin you with another trouble that you can't get your self out.
  4. flonyash

    Hello from Maine

    Welcome to the forum Ken.
  5. flonyash

    My Mom Is in the Hospital

    I proclaim healing on your mom that she may get well.
  6. We attend church on Sundays maybe that's what you mean by traditional church. During the week there is always a vigil among us neighbors. We meet and have prayer sessions and bible readings. Does that fall under home church?
  7. Children are always innocent, why go through that torture surely. If one knows she cant take care of children why not take them to children's' home or even to church. You can even speak up you never know who might come your way and help.
  8. flonyash

    Dreams and premonitions.

    One preacher once told a congregation that God sometimes communicate with His people through dreams. Some dreams are a warning of what might happen and you can prevent it through prayers. Others are good dreams and you still can proclaim them through prayers. Do you sometime feel guilty when you dream bad about somebody, and then something bad happens to the person you saw in your dreams or even you yourself, do you feel guilty when you know maybe you could have prevented trouble if you took a minute to pray? Do you believe in dream interpreters that are found on search engines?
  9. Welcome to the forum Sandra, hope you find what you are looking for in the church.
  10. Let's hope the people wont vote for him. He doesn't seem to be a good choice not only for America but the whole world, especially Africa.
  11. flonyash

    Newcomer to the forum, saying "Hello" to everyone !

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  12. flonyash

    Until Forever

    I haven't seen it. What is it about? Can I watch it online?
  13. flonyash

    How Long is the Millennium in Revelation 20?

    Wow! I'm clueless.
  14. flonyash


    Here in Kenya it's raining and some of our towns are flooded and the meteorological department says we have to be prepared because the rains will stay for long. Let us hope not because as of now people are suffering.
  15. flonyash

    Biscuits !!!!

    Wow, that was a good read up there. Are you a preacher? if not you might consider being one. You will win a lot of souls.
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