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  1. Knotical

    Ordinations for sale on MSN

    What really are the pros and cons of this kind of approach? I grew up in a CRC church in Wisconsin and only knew two pastors of that church. The one who was there prior to by birth until he retired in the late 80's, and the one who was called to take his place. The one we called had said shortly after arriving that a pastor really should only stay with a congregation for about 5 years. Well, he ended up staying until after I moved away in 97, so he was probably there for about 10 years. Honestly, if a pastor is a good shepherd, and lives well according to the requirements of an elder I see no reason he shouldn't stay until he decided to retire. The church my family attended before moving to Texas earlier this year had been around since the mid 90's and had the same pastor that started it when we started attending in 2011. The only reason he is not pastor of that church anymore is that he retired. We did call another pastor upon his retirement, but he only stayed for about 5 years. I think it would have been longer, but his family was homesick (along with other reasons) so he resigned. Currently, they are in the process of calling another pastor. I view a pastor as the patriarch of the congregation to which he has been called, and should he suddenly feel the need to be called somewhere else it has the feeling the father is leaving the family. That may be a rather naive view, but that has been my impression, and many times a church can go through the after-effects of a pastor leaving a church like going through a divorce.
  2. Knotical

    Ordinations for sale on MSN

    Absolutely, which is why elders of the church are to keep a close watch on whomever they ordain as their head pastor.
  3. Knotical

    Ordinations for sale on MSN

    For any denomination that is worth being a part of, as a Christian, the ordination process is just as you describe. So, say someone spends their nominal fee to get their "ordination" online, they are going to get a rude awakening when they try to become ordained as a minister in any truly conservative denomination. Those ordination boards will scrutinize these people and spit them out at the very first sign of something fake. However, it will be up to the governing body to decide if the individual up for ordination actually may have the calling, but did not go through the rigors of the full formal education as many other people have done to become an ordained minister, but still would consider the individual. Point being, it is not necessary for an individual to go through that much education and still be called by God, but they will find a really hard time for a truly conservative body to ordain them as a minister.
  4. It would appear his approach to life seems pretty solid, too bad his approach to preaching the gospel is way out in left field.
  5. American Bar Association urges postponement of Kavanaugh vote NYPOST.COM The American Bar Association — the legal profession’s largest group — is urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to postpone... One has to wonder what their political leanings are.
  6. Of course we are not under the law anymore, which is what Jesus accomplished on the Cross. However, we are now supposed to view the events and teachings in the old testament through the lens of the new testament. A good place to start to sort this out is the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus further explains what it truly means to violate a commandment.
  7. How was she different from any other virgin at the time she lived? Putting aside her lineage.
  8. Then you have the other end of the spectrum that assumes that since Mary was chosen to be the birth mother of Jesus that she was somehow made perfect in that process, thus the immaculate conception. Basically, it means Mary was suddenly without sin because she was the mother of Jesus. This is also not supported by the bible, yet many catholics believe it. There are those who also believe that Mary remained a virgin until her death, which is obviously false as Jesus had siblings. She was a virgin at Jesus' conception, yet was still human, a sinful being.
  9. Knotical

    Cat Treadmills.jpg

    This could also be my kids. Plenty of times I have had to unclog a toilet because one or more of them have unraveled the entire roll and stuck it in the toilet. I have also had my now four year old pack the drain on a bathroom sink with toilet paper. Had to replace the hole drain cuz it fell apart as I was taking it apart to clean it out.
  10. Knotical

    Knotical Swag

    Merchandise with original artwork of a knotical, or nautical, variety.
  11. The Dems are looking for any reason not to allow his nomination to go through. Eventually, any Republican candidate will have to make sure they never crapped their pants as a kid in order to make through scrutiny. Either that or the rest of the country has to stop listening to the Dems when they continually cry wolf.
  12. Knotical

    Answer to a fool with their folly!

    Actually, I think it would be quite easy for you to convince a democrat who happens to have a $2 bill to give it up by convincing them they are not real.
  13. Knotical


    I think you have an idea for a bumper sticker, right there.
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