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  1. I was not trying to say it was a good excuse for the people who commit these shootings, however, if there was more of an effort to not allow bullying to continue then we would see fewer shootings. BTW, shootings are not some new thing. They have been happening for decades. The only reason it is getting more news time is that the liberals are using these to champion their cause. There is no moral justification, just an agenda that can be pushed each time one of these occurs.
  2. Putting the atrocity of these events aside, I keep seeing one common denominator when it at least comes to school shootings. That the shooter was the victim of bullying and ridicule. Some just from other students, but in other cases by adults who are supposed to people these kids are meant to look up to. Including teachers and coaches. The left keeps pushing gun control after each of these events. Why are we not hearing anything about measures to curtail bullying on all levels? From fellow students to members of faculty? Once we stop the cause of these shootings we will stop the shootings. By taking the tool away from the shooter will only cause them to find other ways to facilitate their desire for retribution of being ill-treated by their peers and the people that are supposed to be educating them and encouraging them to grow up into respectable adults. They will use homemade bombs, knives, and whatever else to facilitate their rage.
  3. Knotical

    Trouble with style in Old Testament

    Not to build on your impression of how God interacts with people in the Old Testament, but at that time He was only concerned with the well being of His people. The Israelites. The events in the Old Testament tell the story of God establishing His chosen people and how they grew into a nation over time. What we are supposed to glean from the Old Testament is, by looking through the lens of the New Testament, to identify why and how the Israelites fell short time and again of what God required of them. This ultimately shows us that we are unable to do things on our own, and need His help
  4. Knotical

    Mixing Metaphors

    When life gives you lemons, open a door.
  5. Knotical

    Mixing Metaphors

    I thought I would see if there are other people as creatively sarcastic as myself. I enjoy mixing my metaphors and am interested if there are others who do the same. To get us started here are some I have come up with: It's not rocket surgery It's like watching paint grow It's like watching grass dry (which is possible) Not the sharpest hammer on the tree Not the brightest knife in the bag
  6. In the previous post, which you most likely have read because you love this blog and would never miss a post, you saw that I commented on this article about a lady in the Los Angeles area who erected an over 24 foot high cross in her front yard. I thought I would look again at this article through the lens of the above-referenced passage. Sure, the apparent motivation, contrary to what the article states, of this lady is to tell her surrounding neighbors that she is a Christian. This is something I will not try to confirm or refute as it is not my place, but I wonder if she truly considered the impact that having this cross in her front yard is actually having on any of her neighbors (which can be considered to be anyone she may come in contact with, or who would see the cross for that matter). Though she may consider that she is just being a witness for Christ in her community, she may also be, unintentionally, accomplishing quite the opposite. On the one hand erecting this cross could be considered just as benign as erecting a flag pole just as tall, on the other some might consider it an eyesore. But let us take a look, shall we? Aside from the height of it, this cross seems rather benign, except for the fact that it is located in someone's front yard, as opposed to the front lawn, or the steeple, of a church. According to the article, this lady's neighbors believe the cross is causing their property values to go down due to the increase in traffic in the quiet little cul-de-sac this house is located. Of course property values is a rather subjective thing, but do the neighbors have a legitimate complaint? In addition to the outcry coming from her neighbors, her city is stating that she either needs to take it down or get a permit for it, otherwise she is facing fines that could range up to $3000. Not exactly the kind of example you want to make as a Christian. Is it really a good idea to erect something this big without making sure that it is ok with the local authorities? After all isn't it standard practice to obtain permits when making this big of a change to your property? However, putting aside the lack of consideration she made in regard to getting permission from the city, has she really put any thought into how this is impacting her neighbors? Would she be just as understanding of her neighbors if they were to erect a giant star of david, or put a budda statue in their front yard? Thoughts?
  7. I used to work at a Six Flags park north of Chicago. Every year we would have what is called "Joy Fest", which was one of the busiest days of the summer. There were times we would actually max out the capacity of the park. Hopefully, it is still going on.
  8. The obvious troll is obvious.
  9. When I first thought of starting this blog I thought it might be somewhat difficult to come up with specific topics to discuss on a routine basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Then Providence showed me a rather appropriate topic to get the ball rolling. This happened when I came across this article that was posted on the Daily News website that is based in Los Angeles, California. Let's see what topics rise to the top on this one. The subject of the article is a woman who, having been, reportedly, led by a religious organization that is an off-shoot of the Roman Catholic Church called: the Cross of Love or Friends of the Glorious Cross of Dozulé constructed an almost 25 foot tall cross in her front yard. This group, according to the article, "was launched in the 1980s by members of a church in Dozule, France, who said God told them in a series of apparitions to build crosses to ensure their salvation." Now, the obvious topic seems to be Salvation in this article, but upon researching this group a bit more I discovered there is much more here than Salvation to discuss. For instance, the author of this article did not report completely what this group is about. Yes, it was founded by a priest of a church in Dozule, France. But that is all they got right. This priest founded this group based on what he reported as apparitions and messages he received from Jesus, that "confirmed" prophecies that were made by a mother in the church, that had experienced an abundance of miraculous interventions. One of the prophecies happened to be just another apocalyptic prediction that didn't come true in the early 80's. Of course apocalyptic predictions now-a-days are a dime a dozen, which should automatically lend themselves to disbelief by the general populous, but every now and then there are those who take these things seriously. Which, unfortunately, needs to be clarified by a simple truth about the end of the world, and to also reiterate there are false prophets everywhere, and Christians are called to be diligent to identify these individuals as the frauds they are. It would be simple to just quote a very popular verse from Matthew Chapter 24 that indicates that no one knows when the end of the world will be, but it should be viewed in the entire context of the moment that Jesus is talking to his disciples about the end of the world, which also speaks of not listening to false prophets or those who say, "I am the Christ." Jesus very clearly, in my humble opinion, articulates his point in this passage. No one, not even Jesus himself, knows when the end of the world will be. Of course there are signs that we can watch for, but God never intended us to constantly be obsessing over the end of the world. We are called to be prepared for it, yes, but not obsess over it. We are supposed to be doing His work, for His honor and glory until that day arrives. This post has obviously become a bit long, but I welcome any comments and honest discourse in regard to this topic, or any others that may arise out of the article mentioned above, or the passage included here. And, we can also carry further discussions into other posts.
  10. https://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2018/05/mormon_church_cutting_ties_wit.html Not really surprising considering the changes that were recently implemented by the Boy Scouts. With the number of clubs the LDS alone represented the Boy Scout organization will see a huge hit when this decision is implemented.
  11. Knotical

    Fountain Pens Anyone?

    It appears points 1 and 4 are in contradiction to each other.
  12. In studying the 9th commandment there are a number of call-outs in regard to how one may knowingly bear false witness against another person. Here are a few: Gossip Slander - or speaking something false about another person Libel - or publishing something false about another person Perjury - or providing false testimony, under oath, about another person Anyone who has spent any amount of time online on a social networking site knows how easy it can be to say something and have it spread like wildfire across that site as well as others. There have been infamous instances of the young people who were cyber-bullied so much they ended up committing suicide. The 9th commandment speaks to both making direct and indirect false statements. Although, gossip is primarily considered to be done in idle conversation there is another form of it that is quite a bit more troubling and may be overlooked by many Christians. That is including false statements about one or more individuals in the guise of a, seemingly innocent or innocuous, prayer request. The purpose of a prayer request is to garner support and encouragement from fellow Christians and to open a dialogue with God through more people to convey praise, thanksgiving, needs, wants, etc. What it is not is an opportunity to indirectly air someone's dirty laundry or spread false rumors. Really, the best way to approach prayer for a fellow Christian when it comes to negative reports about their reputation or character is to pray for guidance and divine intervention for that individual. God already knows what is going on in their life and does not need details. Also, as mentioned in the catechism questions below, we should be ready to defend our fellow Christian, as well as admonish anyone who is willing to speak ill of them. Once again it all comes down to how you would want to be treated no matter if any negative reports are true or not.
  13. It is one thing to have people of different backgrounds to come together for a specific cause, or reason. It is something completely different when your society becomes unequally yolked because of different philosophies that are at odds with each other.
  14. Knotical

    It Is Time To Talk Impeaching Trump

    Before you start accusing Trump of impeachable offenses you should first look at everything that Obama did that was also, arguably, impeachable and no one did anything. Of course I am not saying it is ok for one person to do and not another, but in that same vein we should not be giving one person a pass on atrocities and not another simply because their political leanings more closely align with ours. That being said, do you think this country is better or worse off than where we were at the end of the Obama administration?
  15. Quite frankly I find that the word "bigot", or any variation thereof, is overused and thus completely useless considering the actual definition. It is also rather ironic when it is used. As for racism, of course it is still a problem. However, I have found, unfortunately, that stereotypes applied to certain groups actually hold true most of the time.