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  1. Knotical

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    I didn't say "dead horse." I said "banned horse." Referring to the OP. The guy is long gone and yet we are still firing responses as if he is here and can respond.
  2. Knotical

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    Why are we still flogging this banned horse?
  3. I would say so, unless of course it is banned for some reason. Precious metals will always hold a relatively stable value, as opposed to paper money that is much more volatile.
  4. Venezuela lops five zeros off its currency in bid to tackle hyperinflation WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Venezuela is launching a new currency that slashes five zeros off the country’s fast-depreciating bills, in a bid to tackle the country’s accelerating hyperinflation. Read more This will totally work. They swear.
  5. Knotical

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    Confidence in the staff, that is.
  6. Knotical

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    Mmmm, we shall see. Be my guest. You may want to take a look around first.
  7. Knotical

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    Or, you could stop trolling this site with your heretical views.
  8. Knotical

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    I am ignoring heretical views of Jesus. Not much intellectual integrity wrapped up inside heresy.
  9. Knotical

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    Jesus is not being called God, He is God. Period. Scripture repeatedly points to this. He is God the Son. Within the hierarchy of the Godhead, He is at the right hand of God the Father.
  10. Knotical

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    John 1:1 That is all.
  11. I am not a fan of Bill Maher, but he does have some lucid moments.
  12. Democrats don't allow a little thing called "facts" to bog down their rhetoric.
  13. I put Trevor in the same category as Piers Morgan. Their opinions mean nothing considering they are not citizens of this country. This goes doubly so for Trevor since he is just a comedian on a comedy central show, which means his only motivation is to get laughs. And what better way to get laughs is to pander to leftists by making fun of conservatives?
  14. In first and second grade our teacher had two paddles. One for discipline and the other for birthdays. The one for discipline was thick and didn't hurt at all. The one for birthdays was a ping-pong paddle and stung like the dickens.
  15. Knotical

    Behold, the Cannon of Dordt.jpg

    Huh, and I always thought it had something to do with the college. I grew up in the CRC, so I know portions of this were read during services from time to time, but I just don't remember anything from it. It is possible I should read through it at least once.