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  1. Knotical

    The Liberal Two-step

    Here is the latest: https://politico.com/story/2018/06/20/im-ashamed-of-what-theyre-doing-backlash-grows-for-trump-and-his-aides-655498
  2. Knotical

    The Liberal Two-step

    Make a law that forces the separation of illegal immigrants from their kids when they come over the border and get caught (circa 1997 Bill Clinton, thank you very much). The republicans are now forced to enforce this law. The liberals feign ignorance about the past and become outraged the republicans are supporting this law. The republicans are now forced to do something about a law the liberals are actually responsible for passing. Rinse and repeat.
  3. Knotical

    Rate This Topic

    Biased moderator is biased.
  4. Depends on what your motivations is. The only reasons I can think of to eat corned beef and cabbage is they are tasty and you don't like the people around, due to booty fuel it generates. The Veggie Tales are very educational, so there is that.
  5. St Patrick's Day (March 17th) is probably the most recognized of the many Feast Days, followed closely by St Valentine's Day. This was a day set aside to commemorate an individual who was instrumental in spreading the good news of Salvation to an, as yet, untapped area of the world, Ireland. Though it is, as in many cases, quite unique how God brought about this occurrence. St Patrick was born in 387 AD to a rich family living on the island of Brittania (England) back when it was still controlled by the Romans. When he was about 16 years old he was abducted by Irish raiders and taken into captivity in Ireland. According to his Confession he had a dream where God told him to escape from his captivity and go back to Brittania. He successfully escaped and eventually made it a monastery in Gaul (France) where he studied to become a priest. In 432 he had another dream where God told him to go back to Ireland and spread the Gospel to the Pagan, Polytheistic, people living there. One noteable aspect of St Patrick's teaching methods was to use the shamrock (clover) to explain the Trinity. One thing is certainly obvious when looking at this example of God's providence and mercy is how we can see God's hand throughout St Patrick's entire life and how He brought about His plan to spread His message of Salvation to another corner of the world. And as part of the observance of the feast day of St Patrick we can praise God and give Him glory for another miraculous example of faith and mercy. Of course it is not really miraculous for God, it just seems that way on a human level. But what about what this feast day has become? What started out as a commemoration of the life of St Patrick became more of a celebration of Irish culture and heritage, and ultimately another "drinking holiday." Of course how you decide to celebrate is a matter of personal preference, but it is important why you are celebrating. As a Christian really the only reason to celebrate is to bring glory, honor and praise to God for the good work He accomplished through his servant, St Patrick. If it is just another reason to drink alcohol, and possibly get drunk, then some addition consideration should be made toward celebrating at all. There is nothing wrong with imbibing in alcoholic beverages as long as it is done in moderation. After all, you get an exemption from the Catholic Church during the Lent season's requirement of abstaining from drinking alcohol, so why not take advantage of it? In regard to celebrating Irish culture, it seems rather odd that this should be celebrated on this holiday considering St Patrick was not even born in Ireland. Yes, St Patrick did become the Patron Saint of Ireland, but the focus is, arguably, in the wrong place when observing this feast day. To reiterate, the only reason for a Christian to observe this feast day is to praise God for the work He did through St Patrick, in Ireland. Any other reason would be a waste of time.
  6. Knotical

    Laugh of the Day

    The main reason many people in California have wanted to split the state is the lack of adequate representation for conservative groups (which covers a large amount of land area in California) in Sacramento. The proposed split into three states will do nothing to fix this issue, as there will still be heavily Democratic areas that will overly influence policies that affect the rest of their states. Of course this is the only way to get liberals onboard to split the state. I predict it will not happen.
  7. Knotical

    Prayer for our new house

    We are currently in the middle of closing on a house we have in California, and are also supposed to close on a house we are buying in Texas. Due to some complications, and lack of information, we have more costs than we had planned for in regard to these events. I am requesting prayer that the Lord will provide in these transactions. In line with that I do have some areas online I am trying to generate some additional income in addition to what my day job brings in. If you are interested in seeing it please PM me. All I ask is for prayer and possibly to share what I have going on. Thank you.
  8. Lent is a period of 40 days and nights, the example of which comes from Christ's time he fasted in the desert up to His temptation by satan and embarkation of his ministry as well as the time Moses spent fasting on Mount Sinai when he received the first copies of the tablets with the Ten Commandments. This period begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday (the day before Christ's crucifixion). The dates for these events are determined by a resolution made at the Council of Nicaea of 325 AD, where Resurrection Sunday falls on the Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon (the first full moon on or after the vernal (spring) equinox). Then Ash Wednesday is set 40 days prior to Holy Thursday, which is, of course, three days prior to Resurrection Sunday. Ash Wednesday is preceded by the festival of Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday. The idea behind Mardi Gras is to allow yourself one more day of basically doing whatever you want, within reason, before embarking on the solemn observance of Lent. We will explore a little bit more about this philosophy later in this post. First let us take a look at Ash Wednesday. The ash used for this day comes from the palm branches that were burned after being used during the previous years Palm Sunday, when Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a colt, to great acclaim with people lining the streets waving the palms branches and laying them, and their cloaks, on the road in front of Him. On Ash Wednesday it is traditional to place this ash on your forehead to symbolize your remorse and repentance of your sins. At this point we should explore the wisdom of this practice. Of course if you are going to observe Lent it is a good idea to reflect on what you are repenting of but if we use the example of Jesus criticizing the Pharisees for making their prayers a public spectacle rather than praying in private, we should consider not participating in any overt or outward sign that we are beginning this personal journey. And in His teaching He said, "Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes and like greetings in the marketplaces and have the best seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at feasts, who devour widows' houses and for a pretense make long prayers. They will receive the greater condemnation." Mark 12:38-40 I would suggest if you are going to participate in Ash Wednesday do not put the ash on your forehead but either forgo that tradition or put it somewhere that is less visible. After all, as Christians, we are supposed to be known by our fruit, not a superficial tradition. During Lent, as a whole, a Christian is required to fast, again based on the example given by Jesus and Moses, and reflect on any specific sin that God has put on your heart to repent of and ask for forgiveness. Traditionally the type of fasting that is observed is to eat a sensible dinner while the other two meals during the day (breakfast and lunch) are not supposed to, in combination, exceed the amount of the evening meal. Also, there are some who do not eat red meat or other things for this 40 day period. Some people also abstain from drinking alcohol, or sex. Though, many make an exception to the alcohol rule in the observance of St. Patrick's Day (March 17th). There are also those that will, in addition to the above, give something up for this time period. All of this is well and good if you are using this time to make a more concerted effort to focus on your spiritual growth, however, if this time is only being observed to "cover yourself till next year" then why bother? Which brings us back to Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras, as mentioned, is basically the French festival - though it is observed in many other parts of the world, not just France, such as New Orleans - where you pretty much have carte blanche to do anything you want, within reason, before doing your annual repentance and request for forgiveness. However, if this is the attitude there is no point in observing Lent as it is then obvious you are not truly repentant of whatever sin you are focusing on. Also, since all of this is tied to Christianity there is no real point for the secular world to even consider it. Of course Mardi Gras is a large event in many cities around the world, and to a certain extent, part of their economies. But really this comes down to motivation. If the motivation is to build on your continuing spiritual growth then, by all means, use this time to do so. Though if the attitude is that this is a time to make an "annual deposit" I suggest a serious reconsideration as your heart may not be in the right place.
  9. Knotical

    Smart phones

    What kind of phone is it?
  10. Knotical

    Smart phones

    Well, depending on the phone he has now, it may be easier to text using a smart phone. That doesn't mean, however, that if he is using the same service that he will get his texts any better than before. However, with a smart phone he is able to install an app that will allow him to check email as well.
  11. Knotical

    Smart phones

    So, what would it be used for?
  12. Knotical

    Smart phones

    It is a separate thing, though that is also usually offered with an unlimited amount.
  13. Knotical

    Smart phones

    Think of the phone like a hand held computer. The memory is the amount of space you are able to use for storing pics, or apps (programs). I believe my S9 came with 64 gigs of internal storage, but some phone also have a port where you can install a micro SD card, which will allow you store more stuff, if you want.
  14. Knotical

    Smart phones

    Also, as a matter of preference I like the current phone I have, which I picked up a couple months ago. Samsung Galaxy S9. I have had LG (G3, G4, V10, and V20) phones in the past, but they always put the power button on the back, instead of on the edge. If he is looking for a phone that is great with taking pictures, the V30 is great. Otherwise, he may like the S9. As you may have surmised I have not mentioned anything by Apple. Can't stand that company. Even though I have an iPhone for work.
  15. Knotical

    Smart phones

    Simply put talking means you are using your minutes. Though, most, if not all, plans now-a-days include unlimited minutes. Data has to do with actually connecting your phone to the internet through the cell phone network. Each provider allows a certain amount of High Speed data, then once you use that up, which generally starts at 1 gig, your provider will reduce the speed you are able to connect to the internet (called throttling). There are some providers that offer unlimited data, but it is not truly limited. They just give you enough high speed data where most users will not use it up, but if you go over the set limit (mostly over 20 gigs), they will throttle the speed again.