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  1. 2404

    About fighting and self defense

    I recall in morals and ethics the question was asked whether it was correct for a woman to behave immorally in order to save her children. I understand this question to be similar to whether we should behave in an unchristian manner (violence) in certain circumstances. Scripture says that the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle / suits His purpose and that He always provides a way out... How can we otherwise walk in faith if we don't have this ground to stand on? Granted, the question is a good one from a secular point of view but redundant if one is established in Christ.
  2. 2404

    Dreams are weird.

    Do you agree that life is spirit? Then our dreams are also intertwined. I believe our dreams/thoughts are relevant to something somewhere for you can't think of something but that it has a source. In dreaming you may be drawing near but the purpose and understanding is for a seer. Someone who is designed that they can get themselves out of the way and contact that other realm - be they good or evil. We have many scriptural examples on both accounts.
  3. 2404

    A prayer request for a very bad year

    I don't mean to simplify your troubled. Is it not true that the way to learn to walk with God is when we can't walk on our own? It has been said the way up is down. We know that all things are under control so you must be of good material to be counted worthy to undergo rough weather...
  4. 2404

    How Much Heaven Do You Want

    I don't believe it is a piece of real estate. So what is it? couldn't play the link - in a word or two would someone tune me in? thank you...
  5. 2404

    Reality as illusion

    If it is an illusion why worry about it but because you ask shows you are concerned about consequences. Jesus said 'If you don't believe me believe the signs. If we have trouble with that we are only fooling ourselves and will suffer the consequences.
  6. 2404

    New Bodies

    In perfection I don't believe there will be any kind of waste. Question: Since everything will then have a purpose will we be able to expel the fragrance of choice?
  7. 2404

    Salvation Test?

    Mark 16: These signs shall follow them that believe...
  8. 2404

    Faith alone?

    Charity is an attribute. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. So if you express Faith it shows what you are a part of.
  9. 2404

    Morning and Evening Worship (2018-03-07)

    My understanding is that scripture doesn't tell you to do anything (law). It does tell us a lot about the life within us and what we can look for. If we go to church out of a sense of duty or requirement it probably will have little value. But the life within desires fellowship with the same so if it tastes good I expect we will eat as much as possible - with no indigestion guaranteed.
  10. God bless you Dave I believe I was getting off track from your initial post.
  11. Alright but... Man fell in the garden by being one word off how are we going back with hit and miss thinking? Another example - when God told Moses to take off his shoes Moses had to do it just that way or God would have let him sit right there...
  12. Correct that law is not a name but it does have a meaning by which causes you to stop. That meaning is inherent in the term "Law" just as the way of salvation (Jesus Christ) is in the Father Son & Holy Ghost.
  13. What name is given to us for salvation? So if by that name you are saved them we are to be identified (baptized) into it... Also scripture says into the 'name' (singular) of the Father Son & Holy Ghost - not 'names'. Father is not a name - that is what He is...
  14. 2404

    Just checking in

    Hi back at you.
  15. 2404

    When did you realize that you were old?

    Enjoyed the read from top to bottom... My mother in law (96) has a fridge sticker 'getting old is not for sissies' and she is still doing fine... But the refreshing thought is that there is a way out (when the time comes) - 'to a land where we will never grow old'.