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  1. 2404

    Noah's Flood

    Am I safe to say 'same book different page? 😉
  2. 2404

    Noah's Flood

    Hello Becky Do you believe in types? Do you believe there will be such a thing as a pre trib rapture? Then how about Noah typing the nominal church which must go through the tribulation and Enoch typing the bride that goes up.
  3. 2404

    The Forbidden Fruit

    I believe there is much scriptural evidence. You brought out some good points in that by it they would obtain knowledge and that it was desirable. If we are now living in satan's kingdom it must be 'full' of it. In contrast Jesus said we need to eat His flesh and drink His blood to be one with the Word. So the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the antithesis. And when they partook they knew they were naked. Would eating an apple bring you to that knowledge?
  4. 2404

    Michael row your boat ashore

    As a youngster I we used to sing that song in school and it was just a fun song for us. I heard that song this morning which I hadn't heard in years and it struck me what it was all about and I really enjoyed it. Thinking out loud I mused why we don't sing that in church to which my daughter replied "we are too white'. 😂
  5. 2404

    Trying to get past hurts

    First off let me commend you in making that noble decision to be a minister and also that despite all your hardship that you continue to get up and stand. Of course you understand that God does nothing in vain but that all things work to His glory. Could your experiences then be a road block that you might rise to a higher plane? I too received my Baptist training but the calling does not lay in education. There is a way that seemeth right...
  6. 2404

    The Problem

    A young couple got married in old China and according to tradition they moved in with his folks. The In Laws were to be listened to and obeyed with a bow. The brides mother in law was very difficult and made the bride's life very miserable. She couldn't do anything right and every ailment was her fault. The son was also feeling stressed because of the situation but what could he do - for a word from his folks is law. After a couple of years she just couldn't take it anymore. The only option was that one of them had to go and since he was the only son and lineage is very important the mother in law's passing was the only option. So off she went to the local Sage for help. She wanted it done peacefully and quietly. The Sage assured her that he understood and went into the back room to get his potion. The Sage advised her that this option only works over a period of time and it must be done in such a manner as to avoid suspicion. He gave her the bottle of tincture and told her that only one drop must be administered in the evening before bed time. He told her that each evening she was to fix her mother in law her favourit dish and to put in only one drop - and to avert suspicion she was to be very sweet to her mother in law and never argue but be very polite. He said: you must be patient for this to work. The young bride went home with mixed feelings but she knew what had to be done. So every evening she did just as the Sage had instructed. After a while the mother in law's disposition changed toward her daughter in law. She started to declare that she indeed had the best daughter in law in the world and that she was a real gem. The young brides attitude toward her mother law also started to change. She started to understand her needs and see things from her perspective and even started to feel an affection for her. After about six months she started to have a change of heart and regretted what she had been doing. So she went back to the Sage to see how she could undo all the damage she had been doing feeding her mother in law this poison. The Sage simply smiled and said the tincture wasn't for your mother in law it was for you. While you were feeding your mother in law natural vitamins the ministration of it in the prescribed manner was working the healing of your spirit...
  7. 2404


    Thank you and God bless.
  8. 2404


    Am I correct in assuming you understand the 'weigbtiness of glory' to be defined by the degree of character developed on this journey? Let me ask you another question. If character development is one of the purposes of this journey what value would it have in the eternal realm? For us it not true that character is the only thing that we take with us when we leave this place?
  9. 2404


    The Word says He can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities so that is how it is. We grapple with the concept of suffering. Consider: We become aware of the suffering and dying of a loved one yet we are relieved that it is all over. Our experience is in the framework of time where each step has its impact in it's own right. But from an eternal perspective where time does not govern the steps are not isolated so the whole event is a more comprehensive experience. 'It seems' Does this help going through the motions - not really - but still it is something.
  10. 2404

    Strong's corcordance

    Reformed Baptist: Sounds impressive - is impressive. I wouldn't want to lock horns with you but what would that kind of battle accomplish? Do you really believe that spiritual insight in gained by intellectual strength? The religious leaders during Christ's day probably were as skilled as any today and yet missed it. I'm not questioning your position in Christ or the work you speak of. But could there be something greater that would hold when our intellect fails us? If so how can we build on that with the intellect. Again God bless you and the good work you do.
  11. 2404

    About fighting and self defense

    I recall in morals and ethics the question was asked whether it was correct for a woman to behave immorally in order to save her children. I understand this question to be similar to whether we should behave in an unchristian manner (violence) in certain circumstances. Scripture says that the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle / suits His purpose and that He always provides a way out... How can we otherwise walk in faith if we don't have this ground to stand on? Granted, the question is a good one from a secular point of view but redundant if one is established in Christ.
  12. 2404

    Dreams are weird.

    Do you agree that life is spirit? Then our dreams are also intertwined. I believe our dreams/thoughts are relevant to something somewhere for you can't think of something but that it has a source. In dreaming you may be drawing near but the purpose and understanding is for a seer. Someone who is designed that they can get themselves out of the way and contact that other realm - be they good or evil. We have many scriptural examples on both accounts.
  13. 2404

    A prayer request for a very bad year

    I don't mean to simplify your troubled. Is it not true that the way to learn to walk with God is when we can't walk on our own? It has been said the way up is down. We know that all things are under control so you must be of good material to be counted worthy to undergo rough weather...
  14. 2404

    How Much Heaven Do You Want

    I don't believe it is a piece of real estate. So what is it? couldn't play the link - in a word or two would someone tune me in? thank you...
  15. 2404

    Reality as illusion

    If it is an illusion why worry about it but because you ask shows you are concerned about consequences. Jesus said 'If you don't believe me believe the signs. If we have trouble with that we are only fooling ourselves and will suffer the consequences.
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