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  1. CDF47

    Smoking (tobacco)

    It's not easy. I smoked for 20 years. Another trick I learned was to eat carrots when a withdraw comes on. It helps with the psychological withdraw of having a cigarette in your hand after dinner or on the way to work. Whenever there is a withdraw I would eat carrots for about 3 - 5 minutes until it went away. It really helped.
  2. CDF47

    Smoking (tobacco)

    Weened off of them over a 2 month period with much prayer. I was quitting for spiritual and health reasons both.
  3. The link you posted does not work.
  4. That's right. As immense as the universe is in space and time, compared to infinity it is not.
  5. It is amazing. Stephen Hawking calculated that spacetime had infinite curvature in the beginning, hence, there was no space. How much matter can fit in no space? None! "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."
  6. CDF47


    Great image. Really summarizes the Godhead very well.
  7. CDF47

    Pray before and after you eat

    Yeah, I think it is always good to give thanks for the food we receive from the Lord.
  8. Agreed. That's true but they probably act like they expect it forever.
  9. Of course there will be. President Trump probably just figures, oh well.
  10. Yeah, that's basically what they are getting and have been getting for a long time. This message is well overdue.
  11. I think it is very clear as well. Many Scriptures pointing to it.
  12. CDF47

    Is Bible God's Word?

    Can someone respond to these claims? I responded on my own before on atheists sites to some of them but it would be nice to see other perspectives as well.
  13. CDF47

    I'm a new Christian.

    Welcome to the forum. I use KJV, ESV, and NASB. I also use Matthew Henry commentary when I have questions on interpretations. I use other commentaries as well but mainly Matthew Henry. There are a lot of Bible smart people on this website so you will learn a lot hear. It's a great place to discuss Christianity with fellow believers.
  14. In the Quran, Allah is referred to as a deceiver and even the greatest deceiver.