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  1. CDF47

    The View (talk show)

    Yeah, have to keep the propaganda machines spinning.
  2. CDF47

    The Declaration of Independence

    No, they definitely wouldn't support that destructive ideology.
  3. CDF47

    The Declaration of Independence

    Yeah, that is ridiculous. I went to Catholic high school and took Government class. It was mandatory and God was pointed out as He should be. I had to memorize the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. I can still remember some of it by heart.
  4. Yeah, online sales up but what are the overall losses?
  5. CDF47

    The Declaration of Independence

    Yeah, great job pointing out the appeal to God cited in the Declaration of Independence.
  6. CDF47

    The Constitution of the United States

    The Constitution of the United States is one of the greatest documents ever written. I keep electronic and hard copies of this all important document at home and on PC.
  7. I don't think Nike planned all these losses. I think some people have to be getting fired over this ad campaign.
  8. CDF47

    The View (talk show)

    I agree. That show is horrible.
  9. I totally agree with Romans 1. I think the fact that people can be given over to their reprobate minds is obvious in this upside down world.
  10. I agree that there beliefs could conflict with results but I think in most cases that is not the case. I believe they have enough data about an old universe and an old earth. This doesn't conflict with Scripture. Scripture does not state the age of the earth and the genealogies listed may only be hitting the highlights. I am interested in that experiment as well.
  11. CDF47


    I agree that discipline like this should remain at home. Too much room for abuse.
  12. That's right. Christ died once unto sin. I do not believe there are any other sinful aliens in the universe nor is there any evidence of them.
  13. I know there are many things we do not know, especially when things get really weird at the quantum scales, where electrons are particles when measured and waves when un-measured. I am just talking in general based on what we know about the universe right now (based on the laws and well established theories), I believe God is allowing us to see how His design works. I don't think He is trying to fool us.
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