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  1. I posted the chart and you disagree with it. Plus, I said my interpretation of it and you disagree with that. Not sure what else to add.
  2. @Becky and @Origen I can't answer your questions. I keep getting warned every time I discuss OEC and day-age interpretation.
  3. I disagree that this would be fooling us. We know what the text says. It doesn't explain every detail. Science fills in the gaps.
  4. Yes, God can see inside His creation through time and space. That's how prophecies are foretold by the Lord. He knows the future.
  5. I think it took the Lord 6 literal days to create the universe with rest on the 7th day. I just believe that while He was doing the creating, eons were going by inside the universe. The Lord transcends time.
  6. I follow the day-age interpretation of that.
  7. That's where we disagree. I think the Big Bang did occur when God said let there be light.
  8. I didn't change my viewpoint. They were aged when Adam and Eve were created. The entire past history dating back to the Big Bang occurred.
  9. They were in the full grown Garden as described in Scripture.
  10. Yeah, when I say common ancestry I mean with apes.  I do not believe in common ancestry with apes if that is what you mean.

  11. He says how He created them and how He communicated with them. It is clear. He is not fooling anyone.
  12. Because I don't think God is trying to fool us with the age of the Earth which really appears old, billions of years old. I did not call anyone a liar.
  13. I agree with everything you said.
  14. Atheist scientists would.
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