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  1. CDF47

    Christians return to town ISIS destroyed

    Intelligence agencies involved in drug trade. This has been going on for 1/2 a century.
  2. CDF47

    Trauma Surgeon Looking for Answers

    PTSD can be really bad with flashbacks and nightmares. I know it. I lost my mother 11 years ago and that was the hardest part of my life. Right now I am still trying to get over my recent divorce from February but I am still struggling with that.
  3. CDF47

    Trauma Surgeon Looking for Answers

    Wow, yeah that sounds like a rough time.
  4. CDF47

    Trauma Surgeon Looking for Answers

    I feel the same way.
  5. CDF47


    Welcome to the forum.
  6. CDF47

    About fighting and self defense

    Ah yeah, capital punishment is what I meant. Corporal punishment can lead to death but that was not what I intended. My updated list for a time to kill is below: - Self-Defense - Just Warfare - Righteous Hunting for Food and Survival - Capital Punishment - Killing Animals to Eat - Killing Animals for Sacrifices to the Lord (past)
  7. CDF47

    About fighting and self defense

    The ones casting the stones are authorized to kill the guilty party. It is an additional reason the Bible authorizes killing (which is not murder).
  8. CDF47

    About fighting and self defense

    That's right. I was just compiling a list where killing is allowed and which is not considered murder. You have a good addition with killing animals to eat. That would be a fifth reason why killing is allowed and not considered murder.
  9. CDF47

    About fighting and self defense

    There is also corporal punishment which is authorized in the Bible. That is a 4th reason to allow to kill. So self-defense, corporal punishment, just warfare, and righteous hunting.
  10. CDF47

    What is the Rapture?

    @Sue D.This is a very interesting topic. I think it is worth reading his entire explanation without a summary version. I lean toward believing the 1000 year reign is figuratively speaking as William describes in his other thread.
  11. CDF47

    About fighting and self defense

    There are Godly men that fight wars, that defend themselves and others, and that hunt righteously.
  12. The devil has his grip in the corporate world. He has his grip in the political/temporal world. And, he has his grip in the spiritual world with a Jesuit leading the RCC as pope.
  13. I agree those spreading the gospel should be extremely cautious. However, it amazes me how quickly Kim Jung-un has turned things around in a positive direction. I never seen anything like it and I pray that it is all real and he follows up as he promised to. It would be unimaginable to see North Korea more as an ally one day than an enemy. It is possible. Once they are denuclearized and showing the signs they agreed to, we should start lifting sanctions. I look forward to that day as well. I really hope the food and supplies and God's word pour into that country as rapidly as things are moving now.
  14. CDF47

    What is the Rapture?

    That makes sense to me.