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  1. That was hilarious. My favorite part was the bit at the end: Carter calls the bridge a compassionate act of mercy on his part, freely offering everyone the chance to cross the bridge, if they can just muster up enough faith to step on the gas and launch themselves the remaining few hundred feet over the valley. “We couldn’t go all the way across—that would be violating your free will, not giving you the chance to garner enough faith to cross on your own merits,” he said. A competing Calvinist contractor also opened a bridge downstream: one that crosses the entire river, but isn’t open to the public.
  2. atpollard

    Evidential Apologetics.jpg

    Having dabbled in apologetics just a bit, I find WAY TOO MUCH truth in that meme. So what is the alternative?
  3. atpollard

    Is Matthew 12:40 using common idiomatic language?

    What would be the point. Examples were presented and rejected by fiat. So "perhaps someone will present an example that you like?" ... Maybe the Gospel of Thomas or one of the other rejected books have something you will accept since you rejected the biblical example from Esther.
  4. He must mean that branch of Reformed Theology where people are only a "little sinful" and are capable of exercising their "free will" to choose, completely in their own power, to "believe or not believe" that God loves "the whole world - every single individual person" ... I think they call it "Radical Arminianism". Kum-ba-ya, Lord. Kum-ba-ya. ... (sing along) ... 😍
  5. atpollard

    Never go full Dispy.jpg

    Is that grasshopper really THIS ... [Revelation 9:7-10 NIV] 7 The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. 8 Their hair was like women's hair, and their teeth were like lions' teeth. 9 They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10 They had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months. This Apache does look closer to the description than the grasshopper in the other picture. [I don't think that either the Apache or the grasshopper are being described, but the helicopter is definitely closer in appearance] So Never mock full Dispy ... unless you have something better than that to bring! 😉
  6. atpollard

    Paul was a false Apostle!

    In the Pentecostal Church (New Beginnings Life Center in Spring Hill) you get a really swell laminated card [like a credit card size] that you can carry in your wallet. I admit that I am still not sure what I am supposed to use it for, but hey, I've got one just in case you need to swipe it to get past the Pearly Gates or something. 🙂
  7. We have a local woman who runs the homeless shelter ("Holy Ground") for recovering alcoholics and addicts. Someone once called CPS on her for spanking her children. She unapologetically confronted them with the exclamation "You bet I spanked them, and if they misbehave again, I will spank them again!" Then she held up her hands and told them that if they wanted to arrest her for it, they should just go ahead and do it. "The Bible says 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' and they don't have a permanent mark on them." We have a wooden "spanking spoon". I doubt that we have used it more than twice because just the sight of the spanking spoon is enough of a reminder that we were willing to use it. Now we were called on our threat once on vacation "You can't, the spanking spoon is at home!" so we had to buy more spanking spoons to have one in the car and one in the luggage on vacation. 🙂
  8. atpollard

    Paul was a false Apostle!

    Some "ordination" just requires the $25 fee and a printer so you can print your own certificate.
  9. atpollard

    Paul was a false Apostle!

    Just FYI: "We know, from the writings of St. Irenaeus and others, and from actual textual discoveries, that the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were being bound together in codices and utilized exclusively in churches by the middle part of the second century, i.e. the 150’s A.D. St. Irenaeus points out that this is the case in cities like Rome and Antioch, no proffering at that early point that those cities had some special authorities, but rather pointing out that at that early date, there was still a living memory in those Christian communities of the proclamation of the Apostles themselves to those communities, and this verified that these were the books which they had received from those same Apostles." "Its is also now broadly accepted by scholars that by the year 100 A.D., St. Paul’s epistles had been gathered into a collection, and were circulating together, rather than as individual books. One of our earliest manuscripts of St. Paul’s epistles is, in fact, an early edition of this collection, identified as Parchment 46. This collection includes the Epistle to the Hebrews, directly after the Epistle to the Romans, but that is a subject for another time. There is very good historical evidence, much of it from the controversy with Marcion at the very dawn of the second century, that already these two books, the codex of the Gospels and the codex of St. Paul’s epistles, were functioning as scripture in Christian worship throughout the world in a way very similar to their function today in the Orthodox Church. In fact, 2 Peter 3:16 identifies St. Paul’s epistles as scripture." - (Fr. Stephen De Young)
  10. Don't Judges come up for re-election periodically in New Mexico? This sounds like one that needs to go. (At least the community that chose the Judge is most likely to suffer from her decisions.)
  11. atpollard

    Alcohol and Christianity

    My money is on the First Amendment trumps State Law. (Of course with Judicial Activism running rampant, all bets are off in the short term.) Some Native Americans even use narcotics in certain religious ceremonies under First Amendment protections ... "Everyone except the four children has eaten the ground-up tops, or buttons, of peyote, Lophophora williamsii. U.S. law classifies the squat cactus and its primary active ingredient, mescaline, as Schedule 1 substances, illegal to sell, possess, or ingest. The law exempts members of the Native American Church, who revere peyote as a sacred medicine." (Scientific American; July 5, 2017)
  12. atpollard

    Alcohol and Christianity

    Just a subtle thought, but a Baptist views "membership" and "Salvation" as being virtually identical, so many making a profession and being baptized as believers and welcomed to join the communion will be minors. Would a "Covenant" church serve the wine to a 7 year old? For one thing, it would violate Government Laws and it might be viewed by many as irresponsible. "New Wine" (pre-fermentation) will serve the same function without violating either conscience or civil laws. Now I can't say that no Baptists are not just stubborn and bound up in legalistic traditions, just that there may be other reasons for not using wine. 🙂
  13. I would think that they would just change to another foreign currency like the Yen or Euro.
  14. atpollard

    Alcohol and Christianity

    Then we need LOTS more sermons on the EVIL of obesity and high cholesterol and lack of exercise ... ... either we are commanded to take care of our fleshly Temple, or we are not. [As an aside, alcohol in small regular doses improves health ... so drinking should then be COMMANDED by the same rule that BANS smoking. 🙂 ]
  15. atpollard

    Charles Hodge.jpg

    Oh yeah! And thank you God that it does ... else I'd still be lost.