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  1. bhopefu11

    My son's salvation

    Be assured of my prayers for your son, asking the Lord to draw him close to Himself into a personal relationship with Himself. May God fill your home with His peace and comfort.
  2. bhopefu11

    Please, pray for job and relief from debts!

    Hey, friend. I'm sorry to learn about your financial condition, and I know it is difficult to face uncertainty. Be assured of my prayers for you, asking the Lord to meet all your needs in significant ways, according to His will. May God open doors for you to find enough work. Blessings!
  3. bhopefu11

    Was remarriage a mistake?

    I'm sorry to learn about your difficult situation, and I can certainly understand your feelings. I've noticed many who got into remarriages, has had faced some issues because of the baggage they carried from their previous relationships. As you look for wisdom to deal with your situation, I think the book, Restored & Remarried, by Gil and Brenda has some great insights. Hope you will find it useful. Prayers for you..
  4. bhopefu11

    Love before marriage or after marriage?

    None can possibly determine about how love and marriage must be, but if you're possibly referring to physical intimacy, I always felt that it must be within the marriage, considering the scores of issues emotionally, socially and health wise as well. Don't you see people with multiple partners complaining about their emotional attachments, and them acquiring some STD from one of partners they've had.
  5. bhopefu11

    Christian Shows for Kids

    Although Adventures in Odyssey is not a TV show, I think you should check out their radio shows, they are aimed at age group 8-12 years have safe and engaging content, helping them to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. You may listen to some shows at this link. Hope you will find it useful.
  6. bhopefu11

    How to get along with your in laws.

    I appreciate your preparation as you enter into this important relationship with your in-laws. While it is good that you're taking a leaf out of your mom's experience, do not let her bad experiences bother you. I feel that the very fact that you're seeking wisdom into this might help avoid such pitfalls. I found this resource about in-law relationships has great insights. Hope you will find it useful too. Prayer for you and your girlfriend!
  7. bhopefu11

    Need church home

    Hi, friend. I'm glad to know of your search for a spiritual home, and be assured of my prayers for you, asking the Lord to lead you to a church, where your spiritual needs are met. In the meantime, you might find this resource: https://bit.ly/2uDgraT useful. Blessings!
  8. bhopefu11


    As it looks like you're seeking to know if Christians can do Yoga, I found this resource with some great insights: https://bit.ly/2uoEXNG. Hope you will find it useful.
  9. I think the movie, War Room, stands out as the best, per me, as I see this movie encourages and enables a believer to pray for their family.
  10. bhopefu11


    Hi, friend. While it is great to know that you and your ex-husband have almost worked it out to be restored in into marriage again. As innerfire89 suggested, I think you both should marry again before you get intimate with each other. Be assured of my prayers for you. May the Lord surround you with His loving presence, and give you the wisdom and guidance you're seeking.
  11. bhopefu11

    Trying to get past hurts

    It must have been very tough on you, and my heart goes out for your pastoral family. I think you and your wife must spend some days in praying and seeking what the Lord wants you to do next. And, be assured of my prayers, asking the Lord to surround you with His loving presence, heal every wound of the past and lead you into His best plan for your life. In the meantime, you might consider contacting the pastoral care line mentioned here: https://bit.ly/2La9sR0. I hope it will be useful.
  12. bhopefu11


    Hi, friend. I totally understand your apprehensions, but I hope you understand that different people think differently, and agreements and disagreements are pretty much possible in any topic. So in any case, I think you should look at the word of God for the ultimate perspective, which will help you get rid of the confusion created by people's different views. If nee be, you might consider speaking to a Christian pastoral counselor in your area or in your church. Prayers for you.
  13. You're not alone, friend, all new believers have questions, but what I like about you is that you're seeking answers. Some keep quite, and their questions remain questions, which might lead them nowhere. That said, I see that it's been a while that you've asked this question, and if you're still looking for help, I'd suggest that you speak to your church pastors, and they should be able to offer necessary help and guide you accordingly. Prayers for you.
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