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    I am a Presbyterian America believer. I attend a Presbyterian Church that is built around and teaches Reformed Doctrines
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    Fellowship with fellow believers . Love a good argument once in a while


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  1. Matthew Duvall

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    Your assertion only verifies the fact that you know very little of justification through the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ. First of all you obviously haven't read the old testament passages that speak of the coming Messiah who would save His people from their sins. Salvation would have not been possible if Jesus Christ were an ordinary man . That was the key issue in the old testament . The sacrificial offering had to be completely without spot or blemish , offered up by the High Priest who underwent a thorough ritual cleansing before having access to the Most Holy Place making way for the temporal sacrifice for the temporary atonement of the sins of the people . These animal sacrifices were only temporal ,forgiving the sins of the people based on their offering and their faith. But not permanent ! The old testament prophet Isaiah foretold of the coming Messiah who had to be completely without sin and born of a virgin ,Isa.7:14 ff . " Now all things are of God who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ ,and has given us the ministry of reconciliation ,that is that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself ,not imputing their trespasses to them , and has committed to us the word of reconciliation. " 2nd Cor.5:18 . The ultimate and final sacrifice for sins was when God became man in the Person of Jesus Christ and suffered the cross once and for all for the sins of His people who , because of His blood atonement saved them and gave them the right to become the sons of God. In other words God had to be that spotless ,sinless offering who would reconcile the world to Himself. Salvation would have never been possible without the volunteering of God in Christ , to go to the cross for His people and create a people unto Himself called The Church . All saved people of God are in the universal Church built by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ himself. M I offer you the chance to refute what I have just written .
  2. People that are driven by these obnoxious cults are doing it for one reason and one only . And that's to get the Christian community stirred up into a frenzy in defending their faith. So the best way to view this obvious blasphemy is to simply ignore it. These people are too ignorant to know what is waiting for them one minuet after they die . It's called " Death, and Hades . Then the Judgment Seat of Christ where they will be judged for their sins and then casted into " Eternal Hell Fire " where there will be crying and gnashing of teeth. For ALL Eternity ! M
  3. Matthew Duvall

    Prayers for my medical condition.

    There is no medical condition worst than one that leaves you in continual pain . I am familiar with pain because I have been in a wheelchair since 2003 due to an accident . The pain is not from the accident , but from shoving the wheelchair through various stores while shopping . The pain is not continual ,but thank God for ordinary Anacin that gives me some relief . I am praying for you that God will raise up the means and the duration period that you won't have to live in pain . I would look into your SS benefit to see if you are drawing the correct amount of disability insurance . There are many stories that I have read pertaining to underpaid SS disability benefits to victims of a disability . I'd check it out . M
  4. Matthew Duvall

    Windows 10

    I haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about. Sorry,, wish I could help. M
  5. Matthew Duvall

    The Calvinists - "Total Depravity" (Lyric Video) HD

    No matter what one may think of this (I haven't seen the whole thing ) Total Depravity is a reality. Couple that with Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement , Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of the Saints and that's Calvinism ! How can anyone say any different !! M
  6. All the more reason that we as Christians cannot allow a democratic take-over in the house, senate and congress. We MUST NOT GET LAZY AND LET THIS ELECTION PASS US BY ! We MUST get out and vote !
  7. It appears that justice hasn't been served as many would have liked it to . Haven't you heard that a liberal judge let them all go on reduced bonds . Like they aren't going to pick up where they left off. They are only going back to training children to become "School Shooter Martyrs ". Even if it would eventually end up in a court of law the liberal media would constantly remind everyone that these perverts have a constitutional right to freedom of religion. Sick !
  8. Matthew Duvall

    Alcohol and Christianity

    The only intoxicating drink we share in my household is an aging bottle of wine. We use it for The Lord's Supper. 1st.Cor.11:23-26 ; The first of the only two sacraments we are commanded to observe . The first of course is Baptism . There are churches that use grape juice with the traditional wafer . But that has been disputed by many theologians particularly from the Reformation period. They all , including Calvin , observe the fact that the first group of apostles used actual wine . Grape juice is never mentioned in the bible as a replacement for wine . M
  9. Matthew Duvall

    Which Translation is truly "inspired"?

    My favorite has always been the King James Version . It is the only one that can correlate with the Protestant Reformation commentaries that I use exclusively . I have a problem with newer versions because many are filled with errors such as spelling , missing passages , and ill defined wording that appeared to deliberately over look the absolute sovereignty of Jesus Christ . I saw a tv program a few months ago that pointed out all of the gross errors in some of the newer versions of the bible . I was shocked to learn that some passages were totally missing . I failed to record that program so I could share it with this or other Christian forums . No,,give me the King James Version as my trusty source of biblical knowledge and inspiration. M
  10. Matthew Duvall

    A solution to the restroom problem

  11. Matthew Duvall

    Do We Have Free Will?

    No, we do not have a free will . That would remove the possibility of anyone ever being saved .
  12. Matthew Duvall


    It's always been said that the best interpretation of the bible is the bible itself . But I don't count that as proof positive that that you can fully understand every word that alights from the pages of the inspired word of God. Many err in page hopping without ever knowing what they are looking for . Beginning at the beginning is an absolute must . Because there is one word that will enter the picture and emerge through out the entire bible . And that word is ., sin . We have to develop an understanding of sin because ultimately salvation will enter the picture and reveal God's plan of redemption through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amazingly , but true , is that God " could have" allowed righteousness to dwell in the place of the opposite which is sin. But reading through the pages of the bible we find that sin is a necessity in the plan and purpose of God . I won't go into that because you would only become confused and possibly lose your interest in pursuing the Word of God. So the best way to grasp reading and understanding the bible is to Begin at the beginning . M
  13. Matthew Duvall

    Paul was a false Apostle!

    If Paul was a false apostle then that would mean that half of the new testament would have to be trashed. Jesus warns about adding and removing from His Word.... Rev. 22:16-21
  14. Matthew Duvall

    Death of a Nation

    That's easy,,,the democrats promoted slavery , The democrats promoted white supremacy by creating the KKK as an enforcement agency to protect their warped version of " democracy ". Obama spent more time catering to the world's dictators , anti American Middle east tyrants , Muslim extremist ( he was, and still is, one of them ) Fascism always was a left wing ideology . Trump can win over these professional liars by telling the truth. The problem is that the majority of Americans want to listen to any political entity that hinges on socialism. And the even bigger problem is that they are willing to listen to democrat lies and deceptions . Because they do it out of ignorance and a terrible lack of knowledge about what each party stands for and represents . M
  15. Matthew Duvall

    Trump 2020

    Actually I was thinking in terms of offering all conservative voters an electrified sign that says " Hillary , 2020 " . The sign would not carry the typical 120 volt capacity . But more like 220 volt industrial grade . Ha,,ha,,the joker that passes by would pay their respects to the liberal Hillary by hugging the sign and then,,,,,,, ZAP !!!!! One less to meet at the polls....... : -)) M