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    I am a Presbyterian America believer. I attend a Presbyterian Church that is built around and teaches Reformed Doctrines
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    Fellowship with fellow believers . Love a good argument once in a while


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  1. My biggest concern about letting numerous foreign people into this country is that given enough time and eventual take over of our nation we would become a socialist state. Remember, these people have never known freedom and democracy. Hence , multiple votes for the democrats that only want one thing from these people ; Their vote !
  2. Matthew Duvall

    Something you should know about 'free will'

    If Christ died for all men , then all men would be saved. And that certainly is not the case . Just an opinion, nothing personal meant . M
  3. Abortion is legalized murder . Think of it . The removal of a live human being from the womb of its mother . The liberals want to pass it off as " Just ordinary slime ". Not a human being . Only God can take a human life.
  4. She is trying to win over the native American population here in the US . She is not pleasing the majority of them because they are not pleased with her DNA results from two testings . One has her at a one in sixty four chance of her belonging to a native American tribe of Cherokees ,while another has her at a phenominal one chance in ten thousand ,thousand ( if you can understand that figure) of belonging to an American Indian tribe. And besides, she only represents the gaining lunacy of the democrat party . People are becoming less and less fooled by the insanity they are running their platform on .
  5. He isn't only taking credit for that he is helping himself to positive things President Trump is doing for this nation ,telling his gullible audiences , " I laid the ground work." I never knew that laying the groundwork included apologizing for the awful things America did to our "friends" .
  6. Matthew Duvall

    The Church and Money

    There aren't any requirements that obligate us to tithe ten percent of our earnings and give it to the church. Now we can be comfortable with giving from the heart and giving as we prosper .
  7. Actually we have to take advantage of what Jesus tells us,,, " Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all of these things will be added unto you ." Matt.2:33 M
  8. Matthew Duvall

    Since Paul fell off his horse

    Neither does it mention his mode of transportation other than walking , in the book of Acts. Or a plain " We traveled."
  9. Matthew Duvall

    Chiliasm/Historic Premillenialism?

    You'd do well to drop all of this " biblical technology " and gain a personal relationship with Christ . All of this foolish Chiliasm and amillenialism is found nowhere in Holy Writ . Hey, don't blame me if you end up in the other place .It's not as though you weren't warned . Read your bible, Mike . Don't pay attention to this non sense !
  10. It seems like the democrats have done us a huge favor since they exposed themselves as being just what they are . A party that is willing to do anything to gain control of the house, senate and Congress. Now their own party members are giving second thought as to weather they want to remain in the party or switch to the more moderate conservative Republican party. They showed their capabilities of the most despicable kind during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings . Making threats and promising to ruin the career of a man that was perfectly qualified to be on the Supreme Court . The amazing thing about their actions is that it all had to do with one thing and one thing only . They LOST the ELECTION ! It has nothing to do with hatred between the parties. That's obvious because of the non aggressive attitude among the Republicans. The party of Lincoln just stood by and took the abuse from this sack of fleas called democrats ! So let the party of infested rats go and create more chaos and spread more lies and deceptions . Because the more they do the more their ranks get depleted and the more Republican votes we gain . And they haven't the slightest idea that it is being done. Pride is their motivation . But since they have a non Christian and God hating attitude they are too ignorant to know that the sin that God hates above all others will come back and haunt them into absolute failure. Pv.6: 16-20 .
  11. Matthew Duvall

    Are you skilled in debate?

    I would never consider debating someone unless I knew for certain that what ever subject I would be debating about I knew exactly what I was talking about. And there is the other person to consider too . Are they ready and prepared to challenge someone on facts,,,,,or something that turns out to be a fallacy ?
  12. Matthew Duvall

    Chiliasm/Historic Premillenialism?

    This is all hog wash ! To be a practical Christian all one needs to do is read a good study bible and by pass all that Ism non sense ! The bible never uses these man made terms in any of the sixty six books of the bible. So begin, and end your walk by choosing a good study bible and take a lot of notes to educate yourself . Forget all of that isn,,,ill, Pre,,, non sense !
  13. Another jab at the president . This is just a negative accusation that obviously includes the president's choice for the Supreme Court . And it is also a " Good Bye Beth More " because your " almost religion " will never find a place in this home any more . My wife thinks the sun sets and rises in Beth More. That was till yesterday. If she wants to see this jagoff let her go next door . Hope sensible people drain her pockets and make her history to the religious media.
  14. Matthew Duvall

    Polygamy should be allowed

    Would you take advantage of what you're suggesting and marry multiple wives ? This is the first time I can remember that anyone has brought up this subject .
  15. Matthew Duvall

    Polygamy should be allowed

    Multiple wives are mentioned several times in the old testament .David for instance had many wives and fathered nineteen sons from them . In the new testament having multiple wives are rarely mentioned .
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