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    I am married to the love of my life. Right now we don't have kids. We have a furbaby who we love as our child. Her name is Peanut and she is a dachshund.


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    Camping, coloring and being with my family


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  1. Army Wife

    Please pray for me

    Thank you so much for your prayers. I will post if I get it or not. Still praying I do. :)
  2. Army Wife

    Waddling In

    Welcome Rob! I'm live in Idaho but my heart is in Florida as well. :D Born and raised there. :D Where part are you from? Port Richey here. :) Blessings and prayers to you. :cool:
  3. Army Wife


    Thank you so much for sharing your story. :) Blessings and prayers to you :cool:
  4. Army Wife

    Newbie here

    Thank you William :)
  5. Army Wife

    Please pray for our OUT REACH WORKS

    Joining you in prayer. :)
  6. Army Wife

    Please pray for new task

    Prayers are being lifted above. :) Blessings, Army Wife :cool:
  7. Army Wife

    Please pray for me

    Thank you for the encouragement! *HUGS* :)
  8. Army Wife

    Depression SUCKS

    How do I "rewire" my brain to not think that way?
  9. Army Wife

    Depression SUCKS

    hats good, its just REALLY hard not to dwell on problems when they just keep coming and more harder. :(
  10. Army Wife

    Please pray for me

    If you got the second interview, the job is already in the bag... Really? I'm so worried cause the Manager said he was interviewing other people. But I really hope I get this job as my family needs the money. We are struggling so bad right. :(
  11. Army Wife

    What's your hobby?

    I didn't say it was. Even tho finger painting is fun. Haven't done that in years. :p
  12. Army Wife

    Fight Song

    This song addicting! I have listened to like a million times. 😛
  13. Army Wife

    What's your hobby?

    I would love to photography but I don't have a good camera. I LOVE to color. (Yes I'm an adult and LOVE to color) :p
  14. Army Wife

    Depression SUCKS

    Does anyone here have depression? I have depression, Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD. I get depressed A LOT. What do you do for your depression that doesn't have to do with medicine.
  15. Army Wife


    As Christians do you believe in aliens or UFOs? If yes then have you seen one or do you just believe what the media tells you?
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