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  1. I like to think that prayer is part of our participation in what God is doing in the world to redeem us. He has always been the Redeemer who saves and restores the souls of His people (Psalm 23 "He restores my soul") but through Christ has opened a new and living way to forgiveness, through His blood rather than by animal sacrifice. But it has always required a repentant heart, the preparation and conviction of which is the work of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus said ("He will convict the world of sin, and righteousness, and judgement"). We are God's helpers and co-workers in His great redemptive work of saving the world, and this, by Christ's example and command (The Lord's Prayer "Your kingdom come, Your will be done"), includes prayer.
  2. sparrow

    Thankful for birds

    Thank you Deade what a lovely welcome. I love butterflies too. ☺️
  3. sparrow

    Thankful for birds

    Hi. I am a new member in Australia and love the birds coming to our garden. We have regular visits from colourful Australian parrots including the King Parrot, Galahs, Rosellas and - higher in the trees - Sulphur Crested Cockatoos (very noisy screeching). We also have tiny finches that come each year, Willy Wagtails with their distinctive movement (hence the name), and Splendid Wrens. I adore little birds. When we first came to view this house there was a hummingbird in the garden that entranced me. I have a movement disorder that could end up disabling my speech, but I know that I could still hum and therefore communicate musically no matter what my tongue is doing at the time. I am a singer, so hummingbirds are very meaningful. God gave me that little bird then, and ten years later it still feels special. What a beautiful gift from a loving Father.
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