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  1. RazeontheRock

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Not only are you exactly correct, you have spelled out the meaning of our phrase "the chickens come home to roost." Now referred to as 'the swamp.' Further, we are an oligarchy, per Jimmy Carter who is far better as an ex-President than he ever was as a President. The bright spot here is that during this election year, at least those of our President's political party who oppose him are losing their primary bids.
  2. RazeontheRock

    Obama, Muslim, Christian or nothing?

    It is not too soon to convict him of treason, nor is it too late
  3. RazeontheRock

    Obama, Muslim, Christian or nothing?

    A distinction without a difference.
  4. You mean like torture, maiming, and killing? Be sure to read the Lollards. They don't get nearly enough credit! Way before Luther's 95 theses, they had their 12 conclusions. One of which was that the RCC killed the Brethren, which the Lord commanded not. They pulled no punches, and paid the ultimate price for it; every last one of them.
  5. RazeontheRock

    It's only 80 feet high? I can't even roller skate

    Very impressive. That same spot had waves of 100 and 108 ft ridden, in 2013 and 2014
  6. RazeontheRock

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Is that WITH condoms up their nose, and Tide pods down their gullet?
  7. RazeontheRock

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    2/3 of Congress is going to agree on WHAT, exactly?!? Hahaha
  8. RazeontheRock

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Welcome to the twighlight zone
  9. RazeontheRock

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Yup, like I say, Trump needs to fire Sessions and get Trey Gowdy in there!
  10. RazeontheRock

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    That the Russia probe ever started is insane! If you want to know who has been colluding with the Soviet attempt to rot the US from the inside for the past 50+ years look no further than the ACLU, planned Parenthood, LGBTQXYZ, FFRF ... in short the Democratic/Progressive agenda. It aligns perfectly with the USSR's agenda to win the cold war, and is a matter of Congressional record.
  11. RazeontheRock

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    When my youngest Son was 19, he was the only person his age who voted in his whole County. I don't think we have to worry about 18 year olds sweeping election results, lol
  12. Ken Starr will be hired, but paid off not to really investigate. He'll deliberately become "distracted" by some non-issue, hoping the public will again be so easily bamboozled. Just change a few names and other particulars, and that'll be the gist of it. A page straight out of the Clinton playbook, and I certainly don't expect Sessions to make waves. WWTGD? What would Trey Gowdy do?
  13. I think NOT revealing the particular details in question should result in loss of lives👿
  14. RazeontheRock

    The Six-Day-War: June 1967, When Underdog Israel Changed The World

    That has huge implications for the entire so-called Palestinian refugee situation. More like the boy who cried wolf, and those inclined to bash and/or boycott Israel today need to brush up on this aspect of history.
  15. RazeontheRock

    Rigged primaries?

    Nonsense. There is little meaningful choice. Parties determine who is electable, and usually eliminate anyone who might actually do anything. That is what the last Presidential election was about. Those content to let others think for them, mainly partisan hacks both in the media and the party itself, voted for HRC. An election between Trump and Bernie would've been a National rebuke to our current parties, and perhaps also to the whole horrible notion of a 2 party system. Those thinking critically rather than accepting partisan hackery voted Trump. For many it had little to do with actually wanting that candidate; it was more about disbanding the entrenched cronies. Now we have the term 'drain the swamp.' I'd be ok with the term "fight corruption." Trump better offer Trey Gowdy a good position! Replacement for Jeff Sessions would be ideal. He should've made Rand Paul his 'hatchet man.' And why hasn't DeVos closed down the DoE yet? She's the perfect person to do it, and there's no other reason to have her in that position.