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  1. Sal Robinson

    Need church home

    May you find a church that cares for your needs and shares your values. May they be caring, may you feel it’s a place where you can grow God Bless you in the journey
  2. That does sound like a great tool! That so awesome that technology can help us spiritually in that way. Thank you for sharing Explorer55:)
  3. That’s an awesome habit jsimms435, keep it up :)
  4. Hi Sue, thanks for your answer Just to clarify, I know “we won't loose Him” and I certainly know “He won't loose us” But the reality is that I know too many people who are more conscious of their problems and their worries than of their God. They know God is with them, but they are more conscious and focus more on their problems and their worries. I believe that no matter how big our problems are, no matter how big our worries our, we need to absorb his word for that gives us strength and hope that we’re dealing with light momentatry afflictions that will be eclipsed and outweighed by an eternal joy, that has already began to be revealed to us. Peter focused on the storms and instead of jesus. I’m not questioning whether jesus was there with peter and is there right now with us, but like peter we focus on the storms, Like peter we’re more aware of the storms than our God, whose presence reassures us So yes he’s always there, but are we always keeping our eyes on him Psalm 16:8 8 I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken The reality is too many people don’t keep theireyes on the Lord, too many people do get shaken. So that is what I meant. we need to know where to look, so that we are not shaken by the worries of this life, but reassured of his presence and unfailing love.
  5. Thank you justme, John MacArthuris a very intelligent man. SO awesome to hear your teaching scripture. I pray all the best for your endeavors. I do like the Nasb, I have a John MacArthur study bible of the nasb coincidently I wish you all the best friend :)
  6. What are your Bible reading habits, what do you do to raise your awareness of God’s presence in your life Do you use any audio-visual tools to help you?