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  1. jsimms435

    Need church home

    Sorry for being a little testy. I feel like I am always waiting for something. It gets a little old sometimes.
  2. jsimms435

    Need church home

    So you somehow think that I haven't gone to the Lord with this already? That's the first place I go.
  3. jsimms435

    Need church home

    I don't have an issue with the church doctrinally. I simply don't particularly feel welcome there. I actually haven't been in the last three weeks and I'm pretty sure nobody has noticed I haven't been there
  4. jsimms435

    Need church home

    So where else would you suggest I go to find that?
  5. jsimms435

    Need church home

    The particular church that I have been attending has about 500 per service and has three services each Sunday morning and about 60-70 in the Sunday evening service. I would not consider them to be "seeker friendly". The pastor does an okay job of preaching, but i have found myself at times disagreeing with him on some minor points.
  6. jsimms435

    Need church home

    I have been attending the same church since I originally wrote this post two months ago, but unsure if it is the church for me. I often feel invisible there. though the music is pretty good.
  7. jsimms435

    Trying to get past hurts

    i was a part of a 2 church splits - it hurt a lot of innocent people in both cases power hungry elders thought they would oust the pastor - which they did in both cases the pastor did not see it coming - and the elders lied to everyone about the pastor later many of the innocent people were also ousted by the power hungry elders - corruption has a way of turning on good people we all had to get a healing from God - and in the end the corrupt elders turned on each other it is very understandable that you and your wife feel uneasy with large groups of christians - because christians quite often do not behave like christians what i have learned through many years of being betrayed by various people is that i need to lean on God about who to invest my life into you would know what this means being gifted by God to be a pastor - as you being one who invests in the lives of others there are many who clamor for a pastor's attention - but with bad motives in their heart - they really harbor jealousy and a desire to bring you down then there are good people who would not think of imposing themselves on you - those who would really benefit by your investment - and who would be forever grateful and respectful and loyal toward you - but they would not think to approach you and bother you with their needs Jesus would not entrust Himself to anyone for He knew what was in a man - He followed the Father's leading about what to do and what to say - John 2:24 - John 5:19 - John 12:49 imo God's calling on your life is still there but He wants to help you and teach you how to know who He wants you to invest in - and who He wants you to block access to fighting with people with corrupt and aggressive hearts is fruitless - it angers them and they spend their time dreaming up ways to counter you and sabotage you imo the best thing to do is love everyone - and when you see warning signs of corruption in certain people politely be too busy to associate with them reserve your time for those who God shows you are trustworthy people - 2 Timothy 2:2 in short there are many good people who need help but unfortunately the untrustworthy people are the ones who aggressively pursue you - take up your time - and do you harm later God will help you forgive and heal from the corrupt behavior of people AND He will teach you how to know which people are trustworthy people to gather with - and church-build and kingdon-build with praying for you and your wife my dear friend God has a good future for you - this trauma you experienced will cause you to know God's wisdom and power in the future - don't give up - your calling is still in force - and God will teach you how to love - forgive - and be wise - in a new way that many others have not seen before God Bless you both You are right it is often the aggressive ones who take up all your time. We never did have a fight about anything ethical or moral. It was over whether or not to have an easter egg hunt or allow the young people to have a church softball team, stupid stuff like that. They said horrible things about all of us except our cats. I found out laster that they didn't want a church softball team because they were afraid someone would get hurt during a game and sue the church. If they had asked, I would have told them our insurance covers us in situations like that, but nobody did ask. They just assumed the worst. I use to call that church "The church that enjoys hurting me." I still feel that way today. In the years since I turned to helping people in a mental health agency and got licensed as a counselor. I have literally helped hundreds if not thousands of people since then. God has not wasted the experience. But, it does hurt nevertheless.
  8. jsimms435

    Requesting prayer

    My wife was diagnosed today with pneumonia. We spent about six hours today in the ER with her getting IV fluids and antibiotics and are home now. I would appreciate your prayers that she get better soon.
  9. jsimms435

    Trying to get past hurts

    I spend time in God's Word on a daily basis and am reading through the Bible this year actually. I contacted a christian counseling program this morning and am waiting for a call back from them to set up a time to meet with a christian counselor.
  10. jsimms435

    Trying to get past hurts

    I am trying to get past some hurts that occurred in church about 11 years ago. I was a pastor and before that I was a chaplain. I pastored a church that split and i ended up resigning. Some of the church leadership said horrible things about me and my wife. Since then, I have been hopping around from church to church, but i can never settle on one. Now, my wife isn't going to church with me. i have asked her repeatedly to go with me and she won't. I went a church this morning and didn't know anyone there and saw all the families sitting together and everyone seemed to know each other and felt completely and totally alone. I ended up walking out soon after arriving and didn't stay for the service. When I do go to a church for a while as soon as I start to get to know people I find some reason to leave. I guess i don't want to get close enough to people to get hurt again. I wish I could get past this. I feel so miserable on the inside
  11. wow, that's like 20 cheeseburgers. must have been getting ready for a cabinet meeting
  12. jsimms435

    Seen a ghost anyone?

    I'm not sure what you think a ghost is? A demon or deceased person?
  13. jsimms435

    Need church home

    I would like to request prayer that I find a church home. I have been bouncing around from church to church for a long time and it is time to settle down and serve somewhere and get involved and find a church home.
  14. I try to read 3 or 4 chapters of the bible a day. Sometimes I will listen and watch worship music online on youtube. In the past, I have listened to devotional messages of In Touch on my phone
  15. jsimms435

    Pentagon Head Warns Syrian Forces on Use of Chemical Weapons

    Seems a little late to me to advise them not to do it after they already did.