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  1. German Reformed

    The Way Of Love

    Sad to say love seems to be lacking (throughout American Christianity at least).
  2. All satire has an element of truth. That's where the humor comes in.
  3. All efforts to the contrary to prove their view has been around for sometime dispensationalism is only a relatively new doctrine reaching back only to the 19th century
  4. Sorry brother that is the KIng David myth of the Jews not Scripture. The Jews are looking for Christ to come and rule on the earth. Jesus is reigning now in the hearts of his people that is his true spiritual kingdom. Even Scofield admits premillienial dispensationalism is not historic biblical Christianity.
  5. Christ is the final sacrifice there is no need for another. We remember the Lord's sacrifice until he comes again. All things will be restored a new heaven and a new earth.
  6. German Reformed

    I Sent it Out!

    May God bless your studies.
  7. German Reformed

    New Member

    Glad to be here. Hope to contribute to the group. German Reformed believer who enjoys studying Scripture. Christ and Him crucified is the focal point of all Scripture. Thoroughly enjoy expository preaching which is the way Scripture is to be preached..