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  1. GaoLu

    Mixing Metaphors

    My wife offered this: Don’t put all your eggs in one Happy Meal.
  2. GaoLu

    The false "god" of Islam

    God is God. Sometimes people have misunderstandings about God and his attributes.
  3. GaoLu

    Matthew 19:19-20 For Everyone?

    I like this version of the Commission which is for pretty much all of us: "And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come." Rev 22:17a And again: "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..." Ps 107:2a
  4. I think that "I believe it's true by faith" is a good answer and not trivial. If I accepted the Bible by proof, it would be a long suspicious battle trying to prove it wrong, trying to ferret out contradictions and probably never trusting it to be true. The Bible is not like a mathematical proof or a list of logical lessons. It is a story and you believe it or not. I don't find it logically or practically hard to believe, though honestly there are questions I have that remain without a solid answer. The Spirit bears witness that we are sons of God, and the witness extends to the Bible. Somehow, that witness is rock solid and is also connected solidly to faith.
  5. The Amish have been surprised to discover the same thing upon receiving similar news from the outside world of the English. I was surprised to discover in the concrete jungle of South Harlem, a successful missionary outpost run by the Amish. That was 35 years ago. They continue today, giving hundreds of millions of dollars to mission work. CAM (Christian Aid Ministries) alone has distributed over $1.3 billion (no typo) of just donated goods around the world (not including everything else they do), funded largely by the Amish.
  6. GaoLu

    Who Likes Cats?

    Coons can be pests. But, imagine a coon that weighs 600-1200 pounds. We lived for years in Alaska. Know what one moose can do to a cabbage patch?
  7. GaoLu

    Who Likes Cats?

    The last picture is a good illustration: When danger threatens, we are secure in God's hand.
  8. GaoLu

    Polls for Everyone

    Tough to answer like that. I don't think I was ever not a Christian. However growing and committing occurred in various stages. I selected 13-10, because I was 17 when I made a public confession, was baptized and really committed in my heart to walk away from sin and to seek God with all my heart.
  9. GaoLu

    Who Likes Cats?

    I like cats. My wife does not. We had a cat we called "Grandma" who was most fertile and kept us in kittens, but coyotes kept the population balanced (sorry!) Meanwhile my wife's sister maintains a herd of cats, half wild, and feeds her "babies" at untold expense. The cats surely have no love for the hand that feeds them milk and canned kitty grub every day. My idea of a good cat is one that lives outside and sleeps on a lawn chair and catches mice with enthusiasm.
  10. GaoLu

    When did you realize that you were old?

    I believed that when I was young. Sometimes there may be some truth to it. Yet, I have learned over the years that age is a real thing and it happens to you and that "realization" follows reality, not the other way around.
  11. GaoLu

    When did you realize that you were old?

    I was in my late 30's when I realized that I could do cartwheels if I wanted, but I just didn't want to that badly anymore. In my late 40's, I noticed a few surprise aches and pains when moving suddenly. In my mid-50's....well, I am making minor adjustments to my lifestyle to accommodate this and that and accepting the changes. Healing up takes a good deal longer than it used to take. What is next?
  12. GaoLu

    Is the United States headed for a trade war?

    Maybe it is just a little healthy balancing and readjustment.
  13. GaoLu

    New Avaters that we love.

    Poor spiders.
  14. GaoLu

    Latest UFO sighting

    If you don't know what it is, then a migratory hummingbird zipping past your plane canopy at 60 mph hoping your left wing navigation light is a rose would be a UFO.