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  1. JuanJohn

    Hello Folks

    When I was a public affairs officer, as happens on all Air Force bases, we were in-charge of maintaining "bio's" on all officers full-bird colonel and up. During my tenure, I saw a lot of narrative in bio's about Operation Rolling Thunder and descriptions about F-4 wild weasels. The lion's share of my duty was on bases that had that lovable-ugly F-4 Phantom that looked like it had the glide ratio of zero. My next in line favorites were A-10's and C-130's.
  2. JuanJohn

    Hello Folks

    Thank you for your service, Bill. I flew a public affairs airplane, lots of media flak and suspicion from fellow bluesuiters :) Yes, I find this site unique and plan to stick around. Good stuff happening and there's a good spirit about the place.
  3. JuanJohn

    Why a Government Shutdown Doesn't Mean Anything

    I think Sen. Schumer, et al went the whole 9 yards while all along knowing they'd leave the table. That way they could use the reaction to study who, in their view, are the least supportive among democrat senators, most supportive among republican senators, and to gauge public reaction--and then refine its collaborative effort with most of the media. During the Clinton Administration, it was quite common to put out feelers by testing an idea publicly, then pulling the card from the table for a next go-round.
  4. JuanJohn

    Hank Hanegraaff: A new convert to Eastern Orthodoxy

    I find the word "conversion" to be typical for those entering the Orthodox or Catholic communions. Like taking an eraser. But if he keeps his original baptism, more change than conversion.
  5. JuanJohn

    Hello Folks

    Hello! I am glad to join CF. I live in “Upstate” South Carolina. Messiah Jesus blindsided me at age 19 with His truth, via the faithful, living witness of several believers. I was raised Roman Catholic, lived with a Franciscan community for a while and have experienced a hodge-podge of denominations in my travels as a U.S. Air Force veteran: Southern Baptist, non-denom, AoG, Open Bible, Charismatic, PCA, CoG. I am bilingual English-Spanish. One of my favorite mottos is Rich Mullins’s, “Be God’s”. I look for to the sharing and fellowship with you all! :) JJ