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  1. txmom2three

    Was remarriage a mistake?

    He is actually a youth pastor, which makes things more difficult because I feel he is held to a higher standard.
  2. txmom2three

    Was remarriage a mistake?

    Thanks for responding. I was reading your post about your mom. I’ve never cheated, but my first husband physically abused me and my kids and now is facing jail time for indecent behavior with our daughters. I’m having a lot of trust issues now towards any men, since these new allegations against my ex. I wish I could have stayed single and not remarried but I thought to myself would it be worse for my kids for me to be single than to have a step father? But yeah, I’m questioning my decision making. And now that my ex has been charged, my kids really only have me. I don’t feel that anyone else would truly look out for the best interest of them. But my husband does help out with things however he doesn’t make much money and can’t even support himself financially so I wonder if I’d just be better off on my own. I make enough to support my kids without child support. My husband also has some other irresponsibility behaviors and he seems to look out for his own best interest before that of me or my kids. But it’s sometimes scary to think that if I weren’t with him, I’d have no one. My mom is deceased and I’m practically caregiver for my dad because he’s mentally ill.
  3. txmom2three

    Was remarriage a mistake?

    I’ve been married to my 3rd husband for 6 years. I’m learning more and more about my personality and why I choose the men I choose and the dysfunction of my relationships. My current husband is better than the first. But I still feel I married him when I wasn’t emotionally healthy. But I am wondering if it’s biblical for me to remain married or not since it was a sin for me to get remarried in the first place?