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  1. Keter

    Did God create the devil

    Thanks and God Bless. Clive.
  2. Keter

    Did God create the devil

    Hi CDF I wonder if your from Cardiff. Then if this evil force wasn't in Gods plan of creation why doesn't he destroy him. If a craftsman made a fine cabinet and one of the parts became rotten and was effecting the good parts he would cut out the rottenness and replace it. Perhaps theres some reason why God allows the devil to exist, maybe for our benefit. Regards Clive.
  3. How could the Creator create such a terrible foe, something so opposite to himself.and then allow such a monster to exist to torment mankind. Does it mean that mankind needs the devil so that we run from him and come to the Creator. Regards Clive.
  4. Keter


    Am I not getting this !! $13 for 45 minutes work sounds o.k to me, I work it out that If she ran her shop for 8 hrs a day she would be earning.$130