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  1. God appoints the leaders of the world for a purpose. He is sovereign and allows good and evil. Trump is trying to clean the swamp of corrupt politicians and their policies. This is one reason he got elected, he is not one of them. Even Cruz said that Congress contains 400 active lobbyists, who have been bought and pander for their own profit - on both sides of the aisle. Trump made some mistakes in not cleaning the swamp quicker. Also with Sessions agreement with the Democrats to recuse himself from Hillary/FBI investigations into her alleged crimes was an unfortunate deal to get his appointment. Obama, Hillary, the former DOJ, the FBI, IRS, EPA, media, Hollywood have corrupted the government and influenced Americans to believe their lies. Even the Medical industry with the Pharma Cartel behind their trillion dollar business holds Americans hostage to their risky drugs, frivolous tests and expensive procedures that could be slashed by natural cures and healthy lifestyles if Americans would wake up and be responsible for their own health. I don't think Trump can make this country great again, I think it's too late. We've gone down a spiral of immorality for decades and now the state of the Union looks like a dirty rag. Sure, if He remained president for his term, the economy would improve and it already has, but what about the $20 trillion debt? And then there is N. Korea and Iran with their agenda. Look at us now with government funding abortions, gay marriage legalized, Planned Parenthood recently selling baby parts for profit, and Obama causing racial dividing slope that the nation has continued on. The hatred by the Left-Wing media, Hollywood, and Democrats is vial. It is as if they are living in and alternate reality where right is wrong with their socialist agenda -- as if that ever worked anywhere. No, I think Trump has been appointed not just to clean the swamp, but to press the buttons when the nukes start flying towards us. We needed a president with balls, sorry for the imagery. Trump will not allow us taking a hit or to be threatened by some punk or be invaded by criminal illegal aliens who may also be Islamic terrorists. He's not afraid to call them what they are. Bill Clinton said that he would take a nuclear hit! Can you believe that? What is that, some sort of turning the cheek? Forget about what this country would look like if Hillary was elected. I could be wrong, but the Great Tribulation may ignite sooner than any of us think. 1948 + 70 (one generation) = 2018 If we get by this year without major catastrophic events, maybe we can have hope to heal America, but I'm sorry to burst everyone's bubble, it really looks like the harvest is ripe and the trumpets will soon start to blow! ???
  2. "Heaven is For Real"was a good book and movie too. That boy who claimed he came back from heaven told his mother that he met his sister in heaven. She was shocked when he also said she died in your belly. His mother had a miscarriage but never told the 4 year old about it. She cried and asked what her name was and he said, she didn't have one, you didn't name her. He also saw his grandfather too. His father was amazed to hear that as well so he got a picture of him. "Is this who you saw," his father asked? His son said. "No, no one wears glasses in heaven and no one is old, everyone is young." So his father scrambled to find a young photo of his dad ... "Is this him? "Yep, that's him." But the big deal was meeting Jesus. His father tried to gather all historical paintings he could find and would ask him if each one looked like Him. His answer was no each time until he heard of a young prodigy girl who painted heavenly pictures from visions that she had since she was a few years old. Her name, Akianne Kramirak At seven years old, she painted Jesus. It is so good it looks like a photo. He then showed his son the painting ... "Is this Him?" He looked and said, "Yes."
  3. Ronald

    The doctrine of Hell and my faith

    God will be quite emotional, in His wrath, when He makes His judgment -- won't He? There are too many scriptures to discuss this topic in any depth. I could just copy and paste portions of my book, "Hell ... If I Know", which is a book on basic Christianity, but I'd rather just post what I did to summarize my thoughts. The book includes two chapters that address the nature of Hell. In those chapters I reference 120 scriptures from several different Bible versions to support my views. But you have left the discussion, I hope this didn't cause you emotional discomfort?
  4. Ronald

    The doctrine of Hell and my faith

    Tormented with fire and sulfur (as in a physical volcano). A lava lake could very well be what this Lake of Fire is, since as I mentioned in Deut. 32:22, the fire comes from beneath the crust of the earth and sets on fire mountains (volcanos). A super volcanic eruption could form a giant lava lake. In the presence of the Lamb -- Where is He going to be? He will come again and plant His feet on the Mt of Olives in Jerusalem. What happens then, it splits in two, creating a fissure in the earth. Btw, the area of the wilderness, Dead Sea, is known as the Great Syrian Africa Rift, historically known for volcanic activity. It stretches from Syria to Mozambique has many dormant volcanos and some active. The Dead Sea was also called the Devil's Sea, the Sea of Lot. This is where Sodom and Gomorrah were on the NE side, destroyed by fire, swallowed up. During the Great Tribulation, 1/3 of the planet will be on fire, so it should be no surprise to even witness a Lake of Fire. In Rev. 9:1,2 the bottomless pit is opened and out of it comes the "smoke of a great furnace" that darkens the sunshine and air. In Isaiah 24:17-22, terror comes to those on earth, people falling into the pit and trying to climb out, the foundations of the earth shake, the earth is broken and split and reels to and fro like a drunkard. It tells of people trying to climb out of the pit and getting caught in a snare. Psalm 140:10 describes burning coals falling on people who are cast into the fire ... into deep pits from which they cannot rise. So Jesus and His angels with him witness this, but take note, no where in the Bible does it say they go into the Abyss or some spiritual location to witness these things. The Second Coming of Christ is for judgment on the earth and the devastation will occur on earth. * I think the scene where Golum in the Lord of the Rings, falls into the volcanic lava river and burns is as close to a visual idea to what will occur.
  5. Ronald

    The doctrine of Hell and my faith

    One true Gospel, absolutely! Please don't misinterpret my post and try to put words in my mouth! God is perfect, man is flawed and sometimes his understanding of scripture is as well. I don't think it's God's injustice, I think it is man's interpretation of God's justice that is flawed. Whatever the truth is, how could anyone be unhappy about it in heaven? I can give many variations of those words, that have both a temporal and legitimate eternal meaning. But one question for you: How would feel if you arrived in heaven and your child didn't make it? And then you thought he'll be forever tormented in Hell --- oh well, I'm here, what's for dinner?
  6. Ronald

    The doctrine of Hell and my faith

    Welcome, I am also new here to this Christian forum. I am not like many Protestants who would discard the faith of over a billion Catholics just because they follow traditions, rituals and beliefs that are not in the Bible, that is, the Protestant Bible of 66 books. I believe the body of Christ includes all believers, so to date, 2.3 billion and counting. I would also say that the Word of God is perfect, yet sometimes we see variations in translations. For instance, there are dozens of versions available in the English language and if you compare them, you would find differences and sometimes the doctrines themselves are based on only a few words, such as "eternal", "everlasting", "destruction" and "Hell" itself. First off, the word for eternal comes from the Greek word, aion, aionios, or aionion. When you do a study of the usage of this word you will find that it is used to describe temporal realities, not just God, His domain or our salvation, which would mean forward into a spiritual existence without end. The temporal usages refer to generation(s), lifetime(s), age(s), epoch(s), world. Even words like everlasting, should be translated as age-lasting or age-during. Ever also is temporal. Never would equate to not ever = not in this age Another word is Hell. Hades is not Hell. Hades is a place where damned souls go after death and await punishment. "Sheol" is deeper than the grave and many scriptures support this. However, the former earth and heavens will be destroyed (those are temporal). So Hades, referred to as the underworld, which is also part of the earth, will also be destroyed, along with Death and thrown into the Lake of Fire (HELL). After the Millennial Kingdom, the former things, earth and heavens will pass away -- all former physical things created. Unbelievers will be resurrected and thrown physically into the Lake of Fire and burned. Other words, such as destruction and perish should also be examined. It is contradictory to say that when a person is destroyed or perishes in Hell, that it somehow is an existence without end. It removes the meaning of the words, which means to put an end to. Again, death itself will be destroyed. Think of it, these altered meanings imply an indestructible destruction or imperishable perishing. That's a contradiction. Destruction is what it means, equivalent to a piece of paper that is thrown in the fire, it burns and is destroyed - quickly. People burn to death sometimes with only ashes left behind or bones -- how long does that take? I also have to say that Luther himself had reservations about "eternal Hell" and might have included an argument against it with his 95 Thesis but Calvin discouraged him from doing so. I don't know this for sure, it's something I read. But I would believe it, because that would be too much too swallow. The 95 Thesis was enough to cause division and it did. Nevertheless, the Protestant church for the most part accepts this traditional doctrine of eternal hell. I don't. I am not a Seventh Day Adventist either and the views of annihilation that are common, I would also disagree with. I do not believe the soul goes to sleep, out of existence, then is recreated at the resurrection. There are too many verses that describe Hades as a place much deeper than 6 feet, a place of darkness and utter gloom or the gates of the deep darkness. And let's not forget "For a fire is kindled in My anger and burns to the lowest part of Sheol, and consumes the earth with its yield, and sets on fire the foundations of the mountains." Deut. 32:22 That is a key verse describing what will happen during the Great Tribulation period. Also, "... her guests are in the depths of Sheol." Prov.9:18 other verses to examine (Is. 38:18; Prov. 23:13, 14; Psalm 9:17; Jonah 2:1-7, 10; Num.16:31-35; Job 38:17; Matt.16:18; Luke 16:23-31; Matt. 23:33; Jude 1:6; Is. 24:17-22; Psalm 140:10; Rev.9:1, 2 So how does Christianity justify God sustaining billions of suffering, tormented souls in a endless fire? They spiritualize it, turn it into some spiritual location. Even the fire itself they reason not to be literal, but spiritual. How do they justify God not having mercy on these souls? Condemn them, punish them -- yes, but for an infinite time forward without end? Some teenagers die without Christ and have sinned for 15 years or so -- should they be punished for an endless time? We need to ask if this is fair justice. Am I questioning God's justice? No, I'm questioning if these words have accurately been translated. If you look at Young's Literal Translation and some others, they us age-lasting and age during. In Matt. 25:46, the KJV differentiates between everlasting punishment and eternal life -- IT'S THE SAME WORD. The translators knew there was a difference, a variation in meaning, otherwise eternal should have been used for both (which the NIV and NASB use) Honestly, this idea of "eternal punishment" is a stumbling block for many to become believers. Many would use the argument, "I cannot worship a God who would create and eternal torture chamber." And that's a valid argument. You can't get your mind around it. It's like giving a kid life imprisonment for stealing a bar of candy. Even Hitler, who murdered millions, should suffer and be punished for that (even millions of life sentences), but eventually it should come to an end. But why sustain this spiritual place, why not just destroy these souls (put an end to) and move on with eternal heaven? How does this glorify God, what is He getting out of such a place? I've heard this argument also: Sinning against and eternal God requires and eternal punishment." No where in the Bible do we see God's judgment implemented unfairly. Sin was judged according to it's degree of severity, for a time and then it ended, always. The Jews sinned, rebelled against God, and were punished -- for a time! I will get heresy notes and such to this effect -- go ahead. I've done my research and have studied all the arguments. The only person who could convince me otherwise will have to be Jesus Himself, when I see Him. He will certainly straighten out much confusion and divisions that divide us all won't He! And if I am wrong, He will have to remove my memories of all those who suffer in this eternal place (if it exists), people I know, and billions of others. How could I enjoy heaven with this knowledge? Then again, maybe that is Jesus wiping away the tears. What would be the point of erasing our memories of sin and judgment? I don't think any of this is the case, since we read in scripture of those in heaven saying: "Worthy is the Lord Who was slain ..."; "How long, O Lord holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?" Those are souls in heaven who were slain for the word of God and want justice. They are aware of those who have sinned against them - this knowledge wasn't wiped away as He wiped away their tears. We will never forget what Christ did for us and where we came from. So anyways, try to digest that. I'm comfortable with it. If the rest of you are comfortable with eternal damnation, good for you. We'll see up there won't we?