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  1. He is not long gone. He was here just yesterday. See "Last visited" at the top of his profile page. https://www.christforums.org/profile/2166-iam1me/ And @Just Mike does makes a valid point.
  2. I suggest that everyone take a step back and take a deep breath. I have allowed this discussion to continue but it is rapidly evolving into something nobody wants. Remember you don't have to agree. Feel free to debate the topic, the text, and the theology but do not question the salvation, character or motives of the other person. That is completely unacceptable. Please heed my admonition.
  3. You are right. His Ph.D is in astrophysics and he ought to stick with that. There are no shortage of errors in regard to his knowledge concerning history, theology, and philosophy.
  4. Tyson ought to be concerned about all the misinformation and errors he has unloaded upon people.
  5. Now here is a man with lots and lots of confidence.
  6. We don't care what you think. We were willing to allow you to stay for the time being because we find asinine posts such as yours mildly amusing. But now we must say no thank you to your heretical claims. Like I said we have heard it all before. There is nothing even remotely interesting about you or your post.
  7. Knotical is correct. This is an orthodox Christian forum, by Christians for Christians. We feel no compulsion to entertain or address atheism, cults or any heretical views. We have heard it all before. You should have read the TOS.
  8. Origen

    What is the purpose of a 'Christian Forum"?

    Never thought you were. I was addressing MY understanding of Becky's question and how it fit the context of this thread.