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  1. The other thing is God wants to dwell with us and not just in our hearts but manifestly in our churches. Just as God dwelt manifestly with the Israelites in the tabernacle, so Jesus dwells with us in the Tabernacle in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the heart of Catholicism, it is Jesus Himself come in the flesh. There are many Eucharistic miracles and manifestations of supernatural signs, seen them myself. Here the Eucharist levitates off the paten.
  2. I can not judge denominations by their worst adherents or so called adherents, it would not be fair. Many of those people called " Catholics " haven't been in a church for years. There are countless numbers of those " Catholics ". But rather than judging them and then viewing others in the same vein, once we are aware of them it is our duty to pray for them. Have people met the best adherents of Catholicism? I have met Catholics who are very holy, mystics that talk to Jesus face to face every day just about. You meet them and you can see the supernatural lives they live. You don't go to experience the supernatural phenomena around these people, you go to them to hear them talk about their relationship with Jesus and encouragement Jesus has for us.
  3. That doesn't like you are describing Catholics at all, because the Catholic Church preaches and teaches against that behaviour as sinful. These people sound like they aren't following Catholicism at all.
  4. Catholic rituals are very much formed from Israelite temple rituals not pagan rituals. The Robes, incense, altar, tabernacle, sacred vessels, liturgies, candles, lavers and far more, are all new Covenant expressions of the same kind of worship that happened in the Old Covenant. The worship in Heaven, we see in Revelation also has robes, altar, incense, sacred vessels etc. We see our kind worship in scripture of the Old Covenant and New.
  5. Matto

    Is Bible God's Word?

    Jesus is the King of Endless Ages, His Word is Eternal and True. Jesus is the Lord of Glory, all else is under His feet.
  6. It is not that Catholics are proud of the Eucharist, its more that we are grateful, thankful and joyful about it, that Jesus comes to us Himself to abide in us and us in Him unconditionally in love. Helpless as baby in manger a feeding trough for sheep. In fact we see in the Eucharist the mystery of the Incarnation when Christ came in the flesh, what is easier to believe, that Eternal God became man, or that Jesus comes to us under the appearance of bread and wine. Is it fanciful to believe Jesus words that his flesh is real food and his blood is real drink. Do we have faith beyond human reasoning or are we earth bound in carnal reasoning. Faith soars like an eagle, in love and total trust in Jesus words it is not hobbled by the technicality of carnal reasoning. The Eucharist makes us burn with Love for Jesus, that He would give Himself to be our very food, to us His stupid sheep. I hurt really badly at how much Jesus really loves us, He is our beautiful loving Saviour, the Shepherd that lifts us from the mud. Who else will come for us, who else will hear our distress. Jesus is there for us, He cradles his sheep from birth to death and let's us loose into eternal pastures, why can't we just trust in His words. Why be earth bound eagles, there is nothing sadder, why not open those wings of faith and take flight, be carried to the summit of Christ our home. We don't know the half of His suffering and love for us, because we would condemn ourselves in grief knowing it. No folly of love is beyond Him, He will love and be humbled to reach out to the furtherest sheep. Jesus was tortured without mercy for us, mocked, and ridiculed, and laughed at. Eternally Glorious, Beautiful and True before all Heaven, God Most High, treated like a diseased dog. You believe Jesus could be treated like a diseased dog tortured to death, why not believe He is the food of Everlasting Life. In Him we live and move and have our being He is the energy of existence itself. Sorry I get so fired up about things mate, it's just that Jesus is beyond amazing and everything, and I'm trying to come to grips with it. Blessing mate, Matto.
  7. How do you see it mate? I know there's many different views on it. All Transubtantiation means is the Eucharist is Jesus Himself, it's an attempt to put a technical name on the change from one to another. It doesn't explain how this change occurs, and in fact, how this occurs isn't important to a Catholic. We don't ask how Jesus turned water into wine, which is another transubtantiation event brought about by the power of His word, we just know it happened, and generally every Christian accepts it. All we can really say is that Jesus words makes the reality, and no word of His returns unfulfilled. " Let there be Light " and then there was Light, was another time God makes something so by the power of His word. All we can ultimately recommend to support our belief is Jesus own words. " My flesh is real food and my blood is real drink " . " Take this all of you and eat it, this is my body " and " Take this all of you and drink from it, this is the Cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting Covenant". We believe Jesus flesh is real food and His blood is real drink, not because we know how, but because Jesus said it. It's like Peter said in an act of supernatural faith " Lord, to whom shall we go, you have the words of everlasting life ". Catholics are caught in this same, "to whom shall we go" situation, do we believe Jesus flesh is real food and his blood is real drink or do we disbelieve and walk away asking " How can this man give us his flesh to eat " Peter had faith in Jesus words, he didn't understand in his mind that Jesus flesh was real food and his blood was real drink. Faith goes beyond what we understand. Only later at the Last Supper we see the institution of the Eucharist that the disciples would have understood better, " how ", not technically how, but ritually how Jesus body and blood became our food and drink. They still needed the supernatural faith to believe in the body and blood. So a Catholic sees the Eucharistic Supper as a supernatural event where Jesus comes in the flesh in Covenant. The new Manna from Heaven to feed and sustain His people with a His very Self. We don't believe bread and wine gives life, only Jesus flesh and blood gives life and sustains us in this wilderness. So when we are asked to deny Jesus comes in the flesh in the Eucharist, it's like asking us give up our sustainence. With the " This is my body " and " My flesh is real food " we could quibble and legalise like Bill Clinton about what the definition of is is. Which is tantamount to saying it isn't his body and his flesh isn't real food, it just can't assent to Christ's words, it reaches the edge of reason but can not go beyond in faith. So a Catholic has two choices either the Eucharist is Jesus come in the Flesh, or they can say it is not His body and blood, and his flesh is not real food and his blood not real drink. To decide one way or the other decides your Catholicism or not. Blessings mate, Matto.
  8. Matto

    Requesting Prayer for June 12th Primaries

    Is there moose hunting and fishing there, it sounds like a nice place.
  9. Matto

    Requesting Prayer for June 12th Primaries

    My brother visited America 3 years ago and was in California the whole time. He sensed the place was under a curse, I trust his word on it because he is far more sensitive to spiritual things than I am. I don't want to frighten people but I think a purification is coming, and it's a hard purification. Too few are praying and having quiet time with The Lord. At some point purification is a greater mercy.
  10. Matto

    Back from the Family Reunion.. Prayers Requested

    Praying for them. I sense there might be a generational thing happening and fasting is needed for it. Psalm 51 with arms outstretched prayed for those whose hearts are cold and blind. If we pray with confidence, this nasty spiritual thing will be lifted. The spiritual things are far worse than the other things.
  11. Matto

    Prayer Request.. For me.

    Our ministry continues whether we a paid or not for it, we can continue to trust in Jesus to send us the people we need to help and pray for. Even if some of us aren't offical ministers or anything, we can bring Jesus to people. A blunt refusal is a beautiful thing, it's Jesus preventing something not meant for us, or not in His timing. He saves us from many things with those door slams. It's a time of great thanksgiving, because He loves you so much and has prepared other things. I remember a new senior manager started, and he was completely abusive to me and demoted me and put me in back office at the mine, in humiliation and ridicule. People said I had serious grounds to fight and complain about it. But I let it go, I trusted it to higher up. Then the senior manager started pulling the same stunt with other managers, and a titanic war began between all of them. By the end they all looked bad and were fired. I who was quietly tucked away in my back office and eating my lunch alone was then given the senior manager job and put in charge of exploration and core yards as well. Talk about preparing a table in the site of my enemies. That mine stayed open for a very pleasant 18 months after, when its prospects were only down to weeks. Another place I worked at was full of vicious people and blasphemers, I shook the dust off my feet when I left. I remember telling the field supervisor as I was heading out to the plane, that that place needed a cyclone. The entire place was completely destroyed in a Cat 4 cyclone weeks later, no sharing ministry could happen there. So where ever the Lord puts you trust that He will sort things out. We can be nothing but cheerful knowing that we are loved by an infinitely intelligent and infinitely Good God who wants nothing but the best for us.
  12. I got your PM mate, I wrote a reply but must have forgot to post it, I sometimes do that. The way Catholics understand the Eucharist is it is Jesus Himself, not just symbolic. Catholics see something that is only symbolic here as husks, not an actual communion with Christ. The Communion Covenant is the joining of two persons in unity, although there is a symbolic element to The Eucharist, the event that takes place is an actual exchange of The Divine Person and mortal person. We look to scripture " He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, abides in me and I in him " This understanding is the Covenant exchange of Persons that takes place, an actual communion of both Persons fully present to each other. It is the wedding Covenant feast of The Lamb and His bride The Church. So the problem Catholics have is in the question, how can it be communion if the Eucharist isn't Jesus Himself. I mean, Catholics only show up to Mass each day to have communion with Jesus. They'll ask, what's the point if it isn't Jesus. Generally speaking Catholics don't show up to Church for fellowship, in fact they can be downright antisocial, I mean, you could sit next to people for 20 years and not know their names. Protestants are light years ahead on fellowship. And the music ministry is shocking to completely non existent in most cases, I sing like an elephant seal for instance. Protestants have way better music ministry, that's for sure. So the only thing Catholics ultimately show up for is Jesus in the Eucharist, we hear the Word of God in the Liturgy then we receive The Word of God, Jesus Himself in The Eucharist, then fly out the door to work. If someone convinced me that the Eucharist wasn't Jesus, and it wasn't an actual communion taking place, only symbolic. Then I could only see Christianity itself as entirely false. If The Eucharist is just bread and wine then it's a huge let down that can't be recovered from, it just isn't communion in a Catholic's thinking. I hope that explains the situation. Blessings mate, Matto.
  13. The main thing is the Eucharist, Protestantism doesn't have any equivalent.
  14. I don't know much about this Pentecostal bloke, he seems a bit slick by halves. But he credits the Eucharist of the Catholic Church being a more potent source of healing. Healing and miracles have been so common in the Catholic Church and I have seen so many, that you get a bit hohum about it. I know we shouldn't get that way because of the love and blessings poured out for us through the Eucharist. A 93 year bloke was completely healed recently of melanoma which started from the top of his head and invaded his head, neck and chest. He was also deaf and that was healed completely as well. A Jewish friend of mine converted to Protestantism before I knew him. But he always could sense the presence of God from a young age. He said that he accidentally walked into Catholic Church one day to pray, but he had the overwhelming sense of God's presence which seemed very strange to him, because no body was in the Church at the time. In his Church he only felt the presence of God when the congregation was assembled and the presence of God went a way when the congregation went home. Eventually the power of the Presence of God overwhelmed him and he said he wanted to take his shoes off like it was holy ground. He ended up going outside the church and went to tell someone, he knocked on the presbytery door and the priest answered. He said the Glory of God is in your church, His presence is in your Church. The priest just matter of factly said " Of cause, Jesus is in the Tabernale, in the Eucharist ", this can be the hohum attitude Catholics can get and my Jewish friend got really angry, like, why aren't you always in there. So he ended spending most of his life in there and couldn't stay away, day or night. He was eventually given a key to the Church, and he spent thousands hours there, he still spends his life in front of the Eucharist. He told me that from when he first learned scripture as Jewish boy, his favourite verse was Psalms 27: 4" One thing have I asked of the LORD, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in his temple." All he does now is pray to Jesus in the Eucharist.
  15. You find it hard Mike! Look where I'm reading it from. Lol. Calvin is very Catholic in many areas, but there many areas that need to be studied to get the mindset. I'd tried this method with the Christadelphians but it didn't work out.