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  1. Matto

    Prayer, my father is passing

    He is with Jesus now William, I'm praying for you and your family in this time of grieving?
  2. Matto

    Prayer, my father is passing

  3. Matto

    Just Mike needs you prayers

    How are you travelling Mike? Still praying brother.
  4. Matto

    Completely Conformed

    " Love one another as I have Loved you" Jesus does not want us to love as we love, but as He loves. We do this by receiving His Love and acknowledging it in morning prayer, filling up from the source before we go out, and again throughout the day. We ask that the Love we have received radiate out to Christ through all and in all the people we should meet throughout the day. Even if we are sick and ill disposed we ask that this hidden Love still radiate out to others, souls recognise it in their depths. Be the donkey carrying the Lord's Love and Mercy. We remember that we are poor and must appropriate it from The Lord who is Infinitely rich in Love. Many times those that we are lead to, receive the full power of the Love we carry and it transforms them as they encounter Jesus. We may not always feel that effect but they do. I remember finding myself hugging a stranger who had just let out that he had wanted to kill himself the night before. But I had felt the same suffering all night and I told him that, and to trust in Jesus. Then Jesus took over and poured out to him and he said he felt the Love of Jesus and said eventually that hugging me was like hugging Jesus. He was crying like I've never seen a bloke cry before. I'm not someone who is a hugger, and certainly for blokes I've never met before, but Jesus will put you in those places and circumstances that you wouldn't normally go, but where He normally goes. Many other times this same effect has happened, but we must fill up first and receive the Love as our daily bread, not for just ourselves but to share out to those we meet that day. We appropriate The Lord's treasury to give out and when that is given out, we come back again to fill up. Without Jesus we can do nothing, that's why The Lord requires us to ask for our bread each day, so we remember that. We can't give what we don't have, and don't have because we don't ask, and we don't ask because we don't remember Jesus is the source. We need constant reminding when worldly cares crowd us, we think we must take everything in hand and that we are in control. No, go to Jesus first, He goes before us throughout the day. Things work out far better with Jesus timing and planning. Let Him love through you, keep practicing handing over and acknowledge and receive His Love that He constantly radiates. And because we don't always know what is needed we can ask,' Whatever is lacking Lord you provide me this day', this is the carefree childlike trust. It is these daily infusions of Christ's Love that transform us and transforms the world.
  5. Matto

    Completely Conformed

    The other thing is The Lord is constantly sending His Love to us in everything, every ray of light even. Just say, I receive all your love and attach my love and the love of all to your great love and send it back to you Lord. Be loved as you desire to be loved, to be loved with all your strength and constancy. I remember doing this the first time and it felt like a giant unstoppable wave of love went back to Jesus. I hope He battened down the hatches. I learned that the the spiritual realm operates by appropriation, we don't have anything of ourselves to give, we give back to The Lord what He gives us. Our love is poor and inconsistent, but The Lord's Love is Eternal and ever constant and extends forever. This way we are the image and likeness of the Lord, reflecting back His Love with His power and force. His Love is intended for us, so in receiving it and acknowledging it we are able to send it back to Him. This exchange of Love is the replying heart beat of spiritual life and it is a type of the exchange between The Father and The Son, only now through The Son it is shared with us. Only through Jesus can we enter into this exchange of Love.
  6. Matto

    Completely Conformed

    Not so much neutral, but because of great desire, we are actively handing over our volition, Heaven is taken by force here. We must ask for great desire and docility to detach and receive the gift, the human will has enjoyed great liberty all its life, when it is corralled by neutrality it will rebel wildly. The human will is elastic in neutrality, when drawn out it springs back at twice the speed, there is still some attachment, still some lack of trust. Another way is for the horse to take the reins and stuff them in the hands of the master. With The Lord we have to be Hot or Cold, if we don't have desire we must ask for it, a great burning desire to place even our volition in His hands. Conformity is not satisfied until Uniformity is achieved, where each shares all the other has because each has given everything. Not even your miseries, which you thought were yours alone will be exclusively yours. That is why we can never know where the Lord will send us, all we have is the present moment. Our human wills must be absorbed back into the great eternal cogs of The Divine Will. We must constantly hand over our volition like we are on training wheels, then The Lord will make it permanent. The journey begins when we receive the Lord then His work continues in us, and His work goes on forever without end, because without Him nothing would exist. I asked the Lord to speak to and instruct my soul as I slept, when I was most docile and receptive and as I woke I could hear The Lord but could not understand. But I knew the heart of me understood and was overjoyed and burning. There is such a depth to us only The Lord is capable of truly knowing us, so don't be afraid to continue in growth handing over to Him in daily sacrifice, renew the covenant bond every day and moment.
  7. Matto

    True Consecration

    That portion Jesus drank in Gethsemene, the anguish of His rejected love and sacrifice being thrown back at Him made Him sorrowful beyond our understanding. Jesus suffered so terribly because of this, because He is great Love, and great Love rejected causes great suffering. Like a loving Father alienated from his children, He calls them by name and the children throw back his gifts and every expression of love. Its a sorrow that makes one shudder, choke in grief and want to die. "My soul is sorrowful, even unto death" To understand a little of Jesus great Love, understand in some small way His great sorrow. This suffering was worse than all the physical pain Jesus suffered, these were nothing by comparison. Jesus was more innocent than any child, loving and good beyond any of our definitions, He wanted none to be lost, so this bitter cup He did not want to accept, but drank it in horror in obedience to the Father.
  8. Matto

    True Consecration

    Christ redeemed all men but not all accept it. The ransom was paid, but the hostage must choose to leave the prison.
  9. Matto

    Completely Conformed

    I don't know all the theologicals about it, I can only talk about things on the ground, Jesus takes over. We ask for the humility to step aside, we don't accomplish anything lasting by force of our will. What Jesus can do goes way beyond what we can do, everything is peaceful when He takes over and His work order and has effects forever, there is no end to Divine action. We present ourselves to His Good and Holy Will, " Here am I Lord, I come to do your Will " To whom much is given, much will be expected, works both ways. If you have given The Lord great faith, have great expectations. So we hand over our volition and then we place in Jesus all our trust, then Jesus takes over, and His work produces much fruit, and not just here but into Eternity. I don't believe we are as holy as we are ever going to be, because the Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed, that from its planting grows into a massive tree. The Kingdom of Heaven is a world without end, and The Lord makes all things new, which is the spiritual law of growth He set in place. There is no end to Him therefore there is no end to our growth in Him. Only the damned know no growth, and no improvement in their situation. But with The Lord there is ever expanding growth, the planting of the seed is only the beginning.
  10. I've seen and experienced too much to become atheist, for me God's existence is impossible to deny.
  11. Matto

    True Consecration

    I'm looking at this with the idea that Christ drew all men to Himself on the Cross. In His Divinity He lived all men's lives perfectly from Adam to the last man before The Father, in this way He paid the ransom for all. Christ took all the sins of the world because He lived all the lives of the world and lived the perfect version of them. Our lives are not our own, they were bought for a price. In being a member of Christ's Body the Church, The Father doesn't see the sinner, He sees Jesus. Only the Divine Jesus could have done this, all we have to do is accept the salvation that comes from Christ's atonement of our sinful lives, because only in Jesus is salvation.
  12. Matto


    I have a wild Kookaburra fly down to my arm in the morning and I feed him, give him a pat and he flies off. He's a low maintenance and low responsibility pet.
  13. Conservatives don't goosestep, and neither do conservatarians, goosestepping is a leftist form of locomotion, and very bad for the joints.
  14. Matto

    Heart Discipline

    That's beautiful mate and spot on. It's our attitudes that aren't consistently focussed and aware of this, that everything comes from the loving hands of The Father. We need to be constantly reminded that the seemingly good and bad things are all gifts of The Father. It can be hard to accept the sufferings as gifts, but it's when we can accept the sufferings with equal joy and gratitude that we become truly mature. What hard pruning The Father does to make us arrive there.
  15. Matto

    Completely Conformed

    There was another time when I just started the carers job, and two staff carers called in sick and there were no contract carers available. The RN told me I would have to deal with my wing because everyone was busy. The reason I asked was because a client called Rodney had his colostomy bag come off in the night and I didn't know anything about them. She just told me to deal with it. Thats when I asked Jesus to take over and He worked in my work, and we sorted Rodney out in no time, cleaned and fitted a new bag. Changed the sheets and then flew through all the other clients in high speed and good order. We had washed, dressed and fed those clients faster than everyone else, it was an unbelievable amount of work, that I couldn't have done it. Jesus does something with time, He multiplies it somehow, it's hard to describe. It's like we had all the time in the world for each client. Sometimes conforming means just allowing Jesus to takeover, without Him we can do nothing, but with Him we can do anything. " Greater things shall yea do " . The thing that blocks the big grace flow is fear, we don't have confidence because some pest fear stops us from approaching the Lord in confidence. But if you are stuck in situation what have we got to lose. The Lord is our oldest and best friend who is busting to help out, just stop and realise that fully and hand it over, all of it in trust. That's when the miracles happen, because you are out of the way and Jesus steps in to sort things out. Whatever happens from that point is God's Will, which is the best happiest outcome possible, it's love and mercy itself in action. Stop and realise that Jesus is with you and loves you far beyond your definition of love and pour out your soul to Him in child like trust. There is no confidence you can't place in His hands, so run and throw yourself at Him.