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  1. She has no idea I made judgements against her
  2. I’m guilty of making horrible judgments of someone. Need to get past this person but don’t know where to start.
  3. Why would god put her in my life. She is a difficult person. I have her a positive review “took the high road” I ask god to tell me why he put her in my life and he tells me to teach me and that I will see. Could it be possible that’s she woman of Titus? Also a learned that in that she has struggled with addiction. That she killed someone in a car accident. Despite this choices he made she has excelled. I made bad choices as well. One that cost me a promotion and ruined my career plans
  4. palsera27

    What’s your spiritual gift

    God has given me discernment of the spirit. I can sense someone’s intentions. If there’s a spiritual presence I can tell whether it’s from god or not.
  5. palsera27

    Has god chosen you to be single

    God has chosen me to be single. I’m happy being alone. Years ago when I went to the Catholic Church there was prayer that stated god has chosen some people to be single. I knew right than is me. I’m content to be alone and enjoy spending time solitude talking to god.
  6. palsera27

    Becoming a Titus 2 Woman

    What’s a Titus woman
  7. I have mother whom has physically and emotionally abused me. My mom doesn’t support me. She sets out discourage me. She won’t let me be the person created me to be. I enjoy staying busy with my studies but she doesn’t like it. She wants all my attention and focus to be on her.
  8. I had a woman take advantage of me monetary gain. She claims to be a god loving Christian. Why would who loves god takes advantage of the less fortunate. Here’s what happened. I can’t be angry with because she was just doing her job bought a car I August of last year. I was pressured to buying add-ons by the finance manager. She did do her job but I disagree with how she did it. Other buyers leave reviews about what a wonderful person she is I disagree. I feel that she's a horrible person. I don't like the she bullies people into buying things they don't really need. I feel she preys on the less fortunate and enjoys it. If I were to confront her about this she'd probably dodge the issue. I would want to know why she enjoys taking advantage of people who are less fortunate then her. However i probably won't get the answer and she'll lie about her motives to "save face". The is part of me that wants to go to the dealership and beat her so she'll know how I feel Also this whole situation has manifested its self into a deep attraction to her and me wanting me with her. What this woman did deeply hurt me. However over time I learned she may have not done it by choice. I feel like this woman looks down on me and if given the opportunity would hurt me again. I feel that if given the opportunity she would sabotage me simply because she feels that I don’t deserve to succeed.