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  1. Apologetic_Warrior

    Are Natural disasters under Gods control and Sovereign will?

    I believe everything is under the sovereignty of God, that is not to say He directly controls everything, but that if and when He so desires, He can intervene, divine providence. This subject always brings to mind the story of Jesus, calming the storm, a manifestation of the sovereignty of God over what we commonly call natural disasters. We should remember that no natural disaster has ever been out of God's control, and as difficult as it may be to come to terms with, in one sense of another, it is part of His overall plan, even in agreement with His will, even if in a passive sense of allowing, because He knows everything from beginning to end, without error, He knows beforehand, whatsoever will come to pass. R.C Sproul has written and spoken helpful commentary on this difficult (for us) subject.
  2. Apologetic_Warrior

    Grace and Peace to you...

    Unfortunately I am undecided, but whatever eschatology I may claim, it must align with Reformed soteriology, theology proper, bibliology, christology, and so on historically even.
  3. Apologetic_Warrior

    Grace and Peace to you...

    Thank you for sharing brother! We live complicated lives, some more than others. So complicated that we can think we halfway know a person when we know very little, which is why I find it extremely difficult to speak much of anything about my personal life anywhere on the internet anymore.
  4. Apologetic_Warrior

    Grace and Peace to you...

    Hello brother William, thank you for the warm welcome. :) Wife and I can only afford occasional cheap "wine" like Seagrams wild berry or strawberry, flavorful stuff! We used to smoke, of course couldn't afford Presbyterian tobbaco's, but we switched over to vaping, great fruity flavors!
  5. Apologetic_Warrior

    Grace and Peace to you...

    Already humility comes knocking at my door, and I don't want to answer. *sigh* Sorry, maybe it should not, but is a difficult question for me. Well, I cannot claim to be an official member of any brick and mortar Church. Neither can I claim to even have a college degree, not even a run of the mill four year degree. I live in an area where you see more trees than man constructed buildings. I am married and unfortunately we cannot afford another automobile, much less afford the maintenance, gas, and insurance another would require. Years ago we discussed the matter, and my wife wanted to be the one to work...she is easily the more social one between the two of us. Over the years she has had a number of jobs, and most of them, including her current one, requires working on Sunday's. This is not to say I have not tried looking for work because I did, for quite awhile, especially before I had a heart attack (among other health issues) and before my job became stay at home daddy, which saves us a bundle on childcare costs, and more importantly, we know our son is in good hands. Anyway, because I cannot walk to a Church, and with my son, we rarely have opportunity to attend any Church. There is one Presbyterian Church in the area, for decades it remained in the PCUSA, but a couple of years ago, under a new pastor, they left PCUSA for ECO. If I had the choice, I would be a member of the OPC, but I do not see that happening anytime in the foreseeable future. Sorry for such a long response to what should be a simple answer.
  6. Apologetic_Warrior

    Grace and Peace to you...

    Hi Eric, nice to meet you. :) I believe in the Sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man. In philosophical discussions pertaining to views ranging from determinism and libertarian free will, I am a compatibilist, meaning I believe determinism and freedom (some will use the term "free will" but if I used the term it would be quantified or with caveats) are both true and compatible with one another and both in Scripture. Hope this helps :)
  7. Apologetic_Warrior

    Grace and Peace to you...

    ...from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of you may remember me from Christian Forums (same username), this is the same person. A dear brother in the Lord recommended this forum, so here am I. Where to begin is the question in a post such as this. Labels are important, so how about I tag myself with a few. Christian, Trinitarian, Creationist, Protestant, Confessional, Inerrantist, Compatibilist, Revelational Epistemologist, Presuppositionalist, Calvinist, and Reformed, are a few labels which accurately describe my views. I am into God centered, Christ centered, Gospel centered theology. I am a sinner, it does impact the mind, I need daily guidance from God the Holy Spirit and His daily convicting and correction in every area of my life. I am ever in need of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Prayers welcome.