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    What is a Non Denominational Christian?

    How I arrived. I did not grow up believing in God or any form of eternal existence. I believed you are born you live and then you are dirt. For me a life of sin brought me to my arrogant knees. I started praying every morning to a God I didn't know. The idea was to do, be in and live His will instead of mine because of where mine had brought me. Eventually I started believing there is more to life, that there is actually something more going on and I began to believe in God. I wanted to know if Jesus was a part of this God, this something more that I had started believing existed. I decided the New Testament was the place to go and I did not care if Jesus was a part of God or not I simply wanted to read the NT and make a decision. Somewhere between Matthew and Revelation I met Jesus and became a believer. I had check out and been to the Mormon church because my wife was Mormon but I never believed. I went to make her happy. Now believing in Christ I no longer wanted anything to do with Mormonism or man made “religion”. It took me two years of constantly reading the bible and praying before I went to a Christian church where for the first time I felt I was home. I had looked at the Catholic church and it traditions and that to me was to close to man made religion. I know Christ is my savior but I know how is sounds when I say I don't like religion but that is where I am at with it. Faith in Christ alone means a lot to me. The church I go to teaches that to be a member of the body of Christ and in fellowship with other Christians is the way God intended to be. Being nondenominational is not as much as wanting all denominations to be one as it is to personally focus on Christ. I certainly believe there are Christians in all denominations.
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    Hi everyone. I came here looking for fellowship and I would like to share some thoughts and beliefs that I have that may not be Christian. My core belief is that Jesus Christ is my savior. I do read the Bible and Pray and go to Church and almost always enjoy it when I do go. I consider myself a Christian but I sometimes wonder because of thoughts and beliefs I have which I have never really talked about. I would like to share them here.