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    After JESUS you mean? What is this, a dating site? Guess it ain't a bad idea.


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  1. Even So

    Christian comedians.

    Like Tim Hawkins?
  2. Even So

    Prayer Request for Origen

    Prayed for Origen
  3. Even So

    Latest UFO sighting

    Are you saying my imagination runneth wildeth?
  4. After all, did not the Apostle Paul say to greet one another with an holy kiss?
  5. Even So

    Latest UFO sighting

    Maybe latest... http://abcnews.go.com/US/pilots-report-close-encounters-ufo-arizona-passed-us/story?id=54067123 So are these perhaps demonia? And if so, why would they need aircraft? Of course they would be technologically advanced but they would need a base to build them. But why would angelic beings need to build anything? If the angels are cast down in Revelation 12, is it possible they are stripped of any powers they may have, like the ability to move throughout time physically? Is there any proof of e.t. ever being friendly, as in the movie?
  6. Talk about baby Christians...! Truly you must humble yourself and come as a child? Wowee. Maybe they should put rattles in the pews so they can't hear all this false teaching
  7. Even So


    Maybe they need to change owners, like Miami. Although a Yankees fan, and having the Nationals (Mets next year) farm club nearby, i love the fact that the Royals banned pornography in the clubhouse. The league should follow suit! Amen to that!
  8. Even So

    Pope says there is no hell?

    Was looking where this would be started so i guess i will put it here. If he did in fact say it, wow. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing. I also take exception to where an article refers to him as the "holy father" (caps omitted). This is why we don't honor but the one Father in Heaven.
  9. Even So


    Maybe it's in the main forums, but this Jerusalem declaration by President Trump is huge. I watched a video by what I perceived (yikes) to be a guru from India, how it popped up idunno, but he claimed to have divine revelation. Now I aint sayin I buy into it, but the message was plausible. Check out Zechariah 1, especially around v16. See watcha think. Jerusalem divided? Clock is ticking... Merry Christmas!
  10. I agree we need to protect those who dont carry. I get the martyr thing, but is that being selfish? if we can keep a family from grieving...
  11. Hi justme. that would make him an antichrist, but not the antichrist. Emphasis on "an" and "the". Maybe better never than late reply? Merry Christmas. everyone!
  12. Is it possible the pope may be the false prophet and not the antichrist?
  13. Even So

    Buried or Cremated

    It would be cool if we could all have a beef with each other, along with smashed potatoes, gravy, and a vegetable. Chew the fat so to speak.