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  1. I had no idea where put this. When i searched "prophecy", guess how many results came up? 666 references! Is wicked cool an oxymoron? Now it's 667. China has a social control system in place. A peek into the future world. China's Chilling 'Social Credit System' Is Straight Out of Dystopian Sci-Fi, And It's Already Switched On WWW.SCIENCEALERT.COM <p>Like Black Mirror. Totally like Black Mirror.</p>
  2. Even So

    Well that escalated quickly

    What came first, the chiken or the cow?
  3. Even So

    If Joel Osteen was your pharmacist

    Murdock is a classic. I would ask if Joel has stock in said meds. Then avoid them.
  4. Even So

    Daniel 9:24

    I was talking to a Rabbi and he asked where i got my Spiritual fill. When i replied, "Yeshua", he said, something like, oh, well thank you for not pushing it. Now i have heard we are doing a great disservice to the Jew if we do not proclaim Jesus to them, but if they have been blinded and hardened, does anyone think they will be judged under the Law? If they don't want the Gospel, God already said they were gonna reject it so i let it go. I find predestination a semi interesting subject to listen to, but like eternity that i cannot comprehend, why God would predestine a very small part and leave the rest to die. Why bother with anything then? This must be a thread somewhere...
  5. Even So

    Paul was a false Apostle!

    I would think the original poster was Jewish. Surprised he didn't refer to The New Testimony as Paulism
  6. Even So

    Was Jesus really a pacifist?

    So should Christians have done the Lord's will with all the killing in many stories instead of using evil unbelieving governments to carry out His judgement? I also am quite sure the apostles did not die prematurely as stated above somewhere. Maybe Christ died prematurely too then. Of course, if He did, a lot of prophecy was fulfilled for nothing. Also, Jesus showed incredible restraint when He was ticked off and flipped the tables in the temple. I think God is gonna flip the world next time.
  7. Even So

    Daniel 9:24

    Apologies if i seemed harsh. I cannot tell attitude with my aptitude. I was directing this to the original poster. I does believe you was being sincere.
  8. Even So

    Daniel 9:24

    A tad testy, are we? And who brought this up? This is not a salvation issue. No one says you are going to hell. What does a mountain or a red cow have to do with Daniel's 70th Week Prophecy? Nothing. You are using too much fluff and quoting too much stuff that doesn't even pertain. The third temple is ready to go. It will happen. You can search it. Let's relax and take a deep breath. Here is a quote from Nathan Jones at http://christinprophecyblog.org/2017/04/the-mighty-angels-of-daniel-9-foretell-483-years-until-the-messiah/ "What’s so amazing about Daniel is that the book has so many exact, precisely calculated prophecies that have already come true. Fulfilled Bible prophecy helps us put our faith and trust in the Bible. When we look at the various decrees that act as a starting point for Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, there are two main decrees that make the most sense. One calculates almost to the day when Jesus made His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, known as Palm Sunday. That is the view that Dr. John MacArthur holds. In one of his studies, he calculates to the exact day from when Artaxerxes, King of Persia, in 445 B.C. issued his decree to Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem all the way up to when Jesus made His final entry into Jerusalem (Neh. 2:1-8). Our own Dr. David Reagan wrote an excellent article on Daniel’s 70 Weeks of Years that I would highly recommend for those interested in this topic. He argues for another starting point that ends at the beginning of Christ’s ministry in 27 AD. His starting date is 457 B.C., when Artaxerxes issued a decree to Ezra authorizing him to reinstitute the Temple services, appoint judges and magistrates, and teach the Law (Ezra 7:11-26). So, even with a 12 year variation between the two decrees, the numbers work out when you factor in whether the prophetic year is 360 or 365 days, Leap Years, and how off the Julian Calendar was. Either way, the Messiah was cut off from His potential kingship by execution. Jesus Christ was cut off, just as Daniel had been told by the Angel Gabriel. That Daniel was given the exact number of years — 483 years to be exact — for when Jesus would come should really strengthen our faith in the Bible. Daniel wrote these prophecies centuries before Jesus came, and that this prophecy came true so many centuries later, provides the absolute proof that the Bible is indeed the Word of God. After all, how could Daniel have known the number of years unless the prophecy originated with the Word of God?"
  9. Even So

    Daniel 9:24

    Which version you using?
  10. Even So

    Daniel 9:24

    When you say last day, do you mean the end of the world as we know it? (R.E.M. rim shot) What happens then?
  11. Even So

    Daniel 9:24

    If you believe in the millennial reign, you know there will be skeptics then also.
  12. Even So

    Daniel 9:24

    Seems to me the world is more sinful than ever
  13. Even So

    Christian comedians.

    Like Tim Hawkins?
  14. Even So

    Prayer Request for Origen

    Prayed for Origen
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