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  1. BillTaylor

    Should we have vets guard our schools?

    A Secret! Not one Vietnam Veteran enjoyed our reception when we returned to our home. Well over a million of us served and came home with Combat Fatigue, now known as PTSD and a small percentage of us, about the same as people that have never left the US flip out and it troubles me to need to say it but you people that know nothing of which you speak are the same bigots today as those of the Sixties. Come to think about it, they were younger than us or were our neighbors, they might have been you. It is sad but better than fifty years down the road and I still want to return to the war because one of those AK47 rounds is bound to have my name on it and will end this pain. Children? They are just as sweet here as they were in Vietnam. They are just being trained by the wrong people because they are being trained by bigots to be bigots. Sad.
  2. And knowing the Clinton's past that can be deadly.
  3. If one takes the time to dig into the scriptures it is very obvious that He does control everything and at the moment we are nearing the Day of the LORD, the Rapture time but more to the point, the Great Tribulation, God is certainly speaking but are we listening to perceive His warning that Judgment is at hand?
  4. BillTaylor

    Trump lives well on our money

    I would ignore Vince's remarks. We have long known how you are and think. I seem to have a issue with the Modern Day Democrats, when did they leave the Conservative World and become One World Communists? They were getting to liberal for me to support when I migrated to being an independent but Bernie, without HRC ad team fixing the Primaries and he is a card carrying Communist. Do people in that party no longer study the Candidates and their past records? I know the Main Stream Media no longer report the news but make stories up, fantasies but has YHWH turned all left thinking peoples over to a reprobate mind, they're evil to their cores.
  5. BillTaylor

    Should we have vets guard our schools?

    Your fear is unfounded. I've paid the price with PTSD since 1966, November 3. I served two more tours, multiplying te nightmares. Any Rape victim knows the wrath of the ungodly night ventures into the past, should we cast her out because she dreams about impossible experiences that actually happened to her? I'm willing to bet that no more than a couple of us have forund our closest friend at three in the morning and they were blown into pieces with their head sitting in a 175 mm Shell Box, eyes wide open staring at you but believe me the fools that can and have said to us, "Get over it." are idiots that have not the faintest idea of what Mild PTSD is about. Keep us away from Children? Keep us away from the little people so many of us died for? We understand the little people, the little human beings love us as we love and will still die for them... if it is needed. And we have already killed to many to forget and we do not forget who we are. You need us but you need us vetted for your comfort.
  6. No and emphatically no! Chucky is standing on his feet and Nancy is kicking him in the groin. But on the lighter side, ere a reported inquired and wanted to know if President Trump felt any of this troubhle was his fault? He stopped walking to Marine 1, turned and assured the press that the answer was yes and without pausing he continued, I was a Democrat for thirty-five years, to wit he proceeded to Marine 1. I almost fell out of my Recliner laughing. He stopped the MKSMK dead in their tracks.
  7. BillTaylor

    Hello Folks

    The Herc Pilots are a special breed of nuts, I believe they are akin to the C-123 Pilots. Our runway, down the middle of the Golf Course in An Khe was just long enough for the 123s to take off with JATO and the Herc Pilots would get their babies into the air om JATOs just before they ran over the Ammo Dump that some genius placed there but then we all knew that Military Intelligence is an Oxymoron. A C130 did finally land in the Ammo dump one day and we all gave blood for the FNGs and crew, it was a real mess.
  8. Isn't it wonderful that opinions, like behinds are as common as people andthat most of the time they are best hidden?
  9. BillTaylor

    Happy new year!

    Well it was my birthday yesterday and that puts about 26 days late but Happy New Year Brothers and sisters// in Christ. I'm 73 and I pray our LORD blesses you and yours in the same fashion He hasme and mine.
  10. BillTaylor

    Hello Folks

    I'm new here also and was looking for more seekers and have not figured all of this site out yet, it's different from most because they use different software. I did 3 tours in South Vietnam for 30 months, total. My combat flying was with B Co. 229th AsH, Bn. the Killer Spades. There was a little excitement... once or twice.
  11. BillTaylor

    Hello Folks

    One morning i had coffee and an egg sandwich walking to my UH!H and as I walked onto the Tarmac, looking toward the Razorback Mts, I watched two F4s, the first dropped an Arc Light, 750 pound Swimming pool creator (All labor finished in second ready to be filled) and I saw the Secondaries and as he pulled up, his trail must have alerted him because the SAM would not have been visible to him but he hit, I believe it was, all twelve after burners because his exhaust flame was longer than he was and he, shortly after his Trail dropped the Napalm and that created a mass of secondaries. You guys did pretty good work because for the rest of the time at that site we did not need to give the Razorbacks a wide berth when and if we flew at altitude. We had FM radios that we kept dialed in off station so we, unlike your birds, could hear when the Sam Radar hit us the first and second time. The only way we could avoid that site's SAMs was wait for the second beep and before the third and locking beep, change altitude, direction and speed. We really didn't figure we could shoot a SAM down with an M60. But it absolutely was the worst of times but the comrade-ship was the strongest and best I ever knew. On one Insertion my ship was Yellow 1 and we were the first and fourth of six turns inserting 42 men into an ambush site. These 242 men were to set up a night ambush on the expected company of NVA Infantrymen. With bullets flying way more green tracers than red flying they shot nobody but filled our ships full of holes so that a couple of the birds had to have new tail booms and fuselage repair in Field Maintenance.The other twelve Choppers were told not to go any further with the mission. My crazy pilot, the Flight Leader was19 and had no more brains than the rest of us and against orders we extracted the mken we had inserted and God allowed only one Grunt to receive a flesh wound to get him a purple heart and for my 19 year old Flight Leader. a CWO, to ruin any possibility of a career as an Army Pilot. I tell about it in the Dramatize, Historical Fiction Book A Young Man's Journey To War, subtitled The Real Vietnam if you enjoy reading. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=A+Young+Man%27s+Journey+To+War%2BThe+Real+Vietnam&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AA+Young+Man%27s+Journey+To+War%2BThe+Real+Vietnam I made the character,Bill, in the book from all the Crew Chiefs in the Killer Spades so I am not trying to sell myself as some superman but me and about 30 men had some part i the events that occur in the book. The opening, my early history is fact,the death of Heinen and the epilogue are all personal fact. The rest took place and I was either the subject or a participant in some form.
  12. BillTaylor

    Hello Folks

    I didn't know that but that might be the reason we saw more Navy Pursuit than than AF Jet Fighters but doesn't that mean the Navy chases after the enemy and the AF shoots them down? The Army? What did they expect it is difficult to shoot Migs, even a Miug 17 with a Huey Slick. And the Air Force threw a hissy fit when our Generals contracted for the F-4 for Close Combat Support. Imagine that, they were worried we might become more like the Marines and not need you folks.
  13. BillTaylor

    Hello Folks

    ( wasn't in the Navy, I was one of those screw-ball Killer Spades in the 229th AsH Bn. I was and at heart still am one of those that this p.s. applies to. The Naval Aviator was well decorated and more pilots were needed to fkll the Cockpits of all those Jets below the deck of the Flat-Tops. So it was on his return the Commander was sent on a College Tour to interest youStationng College Grads to enlist and to become Aviators as soon as his leave for the Year of War in Vietnam. After he was back to his next Duty Station the letter from a youngster about to graduate asking him which Service to join and fly with. The return read something like: If you want Your future mother-in-law and father-in-law to love you and you wat to sleep with your future wife, most every night and to see future children every night when you get off work, join the Air Force. If, on the other hand, you want to know the name of the tiny Asian girl at the other end of the bar in Singapore, join the Navy. He signed it Respectfully yours and signed it. Then there was the Post Script, p.s. Wnat ever you do, do not join the Army fly Helicopters. They, to the man are stupid crazy and have a death wish. See, and I thought we were jusr doing our duty, I had no idea.
  14. BillTaylor

    Trump lives well on our money

    President Trump is in the process of making the nation fruitful again and I believe the people of Puerto Rico have voted to become a state and that is true it will take Congressional action but they have a territory so long that I can't imagine it not happening. When they become a state, I believe they will have access to greater funding.
  15. BillTaylor

    Trump lives well on our money

    Brother, Christian converts are taught in much of Paul's twenty-three letters, found in the New Testament, to lift one another up, not to drag one another down as you have our baby brother in Christ, Mr. President Donald J. Trump. I know the Democratic Spew vomit all over Trump and he likely did most of that stuff, he, like myself worked and hung around Construction workers too much. I was a Spiritual wreck the day I crossed the threshold of God's place of Worship. Now President Trump prayed the Sinner's Prayer before the election, last year , as attested to by Dr. James Dobson of Focus On The Family. If Trump cannot be saved then neither can I be these last 27 years of ministry to Jesus. And then there is the very personal matter, taught by Jesus in the first six verses, the first paragraph, of understandMatthew, chapter7. I know, this world of Lost Men have raped the scriptures and, completely ignored all context and they produced, perhaps, the greatest lie Satan has told us, Jesus taught us not to judge lest we be judged. That is not what Jesus taught! The first six verses of that chapter form a paragraph and each of them, just like Christians in a Church Hall, reflect on each other, helping the reader to understand what the author is saying. Jerking them out of context is Spiritual Rape and from that, Heresy is born. Jesus was giving His followers the instructions on how to judge. Until we get the planed sin out of our lives, we are not fit to judge others, And finally, the Ten Commandments teach us that lusting is sin. Lusting is not just desiring that 18 year old blond in a miniskirt in the row in front of you. And your statement does not indicate that you are satisfied with your station in life and that you lust after his money and position. I have had money and suffered both from it and from the lack of it and money does not thrill with any longevity. it is a splash in a shallow, small diameter dish, 95% of the product bounces, splashes, in the dirt and is drawn away, i pray this helps you to become a man of contentedness.