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  1. erealmz

    One question no atheist can answer

    I like how you say "atheists" can not answer when in fact it is science that can not answer. The atheist has no burden to answer anything. Yet somehow, the believer can not comprehend such a concept. There need not be a creator to logically conclude that we exist. Self awareness should be understood to be the product of time. Reality as we perceive it consists of spacetime. Though consciousness is not fully understood, we know enough to understand that "being" is also a product of spacetime and required for us to exist.
  2. erealmz

    The apes

    And thus the same reason we still have apes regardless of where humans came from.
  3. erealmz

    The apes

    We are not saying men evolved from apes. We are saying that there could be apes even if humans evolved from them. Please forgive my syntax. I'm tired.
  4. erealmz


    I wish I had seen this topic a year ago. For one, being atheist does not require "blind Faith". We do not have a believing system to have faith in. We simply don't accept religious doctrine that can't be proven. Second, we do not believe that there was nothing and that nothing came from nothing something nothing nothing something dinosaur... However, using the term "magically" to describe how things came to be, well that's just ironic. If God created everything with a spoken word and gave no evidence or explanation of such creation, would that not be your "magic"? We don't worship animals. I agree that some animals can be eaten if need be. But to indulge in them like they were the last source of food in Earth, that's just sick. We should have a little more respect for life. Finally, we do not choose to believe in what we believe. It is in fact a lack of belief that defines atheism. I promised I would not argue with the people on this site. But I can't let this topic slip by. Have at it.
  5. erealmz

    The apes

    Great replies. But many of them are off topic. The question of apes existing simultaneously with humans is not a logical fallacy. One species can branch off and evolve while the other remains the same. Perhaps a better question would be: If God took one of Adams ribs to make woman, why do we still have all our ribs?
  6. erealmz

    The Lies That Keep Many Captive

    Great Post. Well thought out. The truth is, however, that most people do not live "outside the cell". They believe that belief in the death/Resurrection of Jesus is all they need to be saved. So they think that have enlightenment through him because some of the light shines through a window. Others have closed the window completely but think that because they once said the magic prayer to be saved, that they are indeed saved. So they stay in darkness. I've been outside the cell. I know what it's like to live completely in the light. But they world is very powerful. Especially with our current technology which provides on-demand solutions to almost anything we deal with. Mix that with our quickly-evolving social structure and you have a very potent brew of "blindness". Our best bet is to find a balance somewhere in between. Not give in to the overwhelming darkness. I do not consider myself evil. I do not abuse myself with the guilt of being a sinner. This website is so annoying. I can't type anything without it scrolling up. My post ends here
  7. erealmz

    hi guys

    Nope. No questions. I understand the mindset which leads us to a belief in Jesus. It's quite beautiful really. It's just hard to get into that mindset when the world is so tangible.
  8. erealmz

    hi guys

    I was struggling with depression for a while and I started getting help. It has since went away. Though it can sneak up from time to time, it's not as bad as it used to be. I'm glad to be here. Haven't been on in a while. I still don't follow any religions or spiritual beliefs, but I'm more clear-minded and focused on my goals so I no longer suffer as much. In the past, I used to argue with Christians about everything. Butt I found that it just pushed away possible friends. So now I'd rather be open to discussion. Thanks for having me.
  9. erealmz

    Looking for a partner

    Wow man you're very lucky. I've never been to any of those places. But I most agree with you, women here in the states have some pretty wicked world views as they allow society to dictate their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  10. erealmz

    Looking for a partner

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a girlfriend. I'm tired of being alone. And I mean TIRED of it. I know what you guys will say. Someone will come along. God has someone for me. All that jazz. But I'm not going to just wait around for some perfect Angel. I'm by myself out here in this world. Don't have many friends or family. I can count them all on 10 fingers. Not that I need a lot of people in my life. But I do need that one person. Because I sit here all diddly day long doing nothing. I'm bored to death. I work and make decent, honest money. But other than that, I have no life. I'm not looking for advice. I'm just venting. I know that Satan wants me to commit suicide. (Even though I don't believe in him or have suicidal thoughts). I just feel that that is the case based on how unimportant and unneeded I feel. I used to help out at my church doing volunteer work every Saturday. They was great. But due to circumstances beyond my control, I can no longer do that. So I basically have no social interaction with anyone aside from the common "thank you, come again" at the checkout line. At first I was okay with it. I needed time to myself. But that's done with and I'm ready to move on. So I've been actively seeking someone to spend time with. I've tried dating sites. I've tried night outs (I'll be honest, I'm talking about bars and pubs). I've tried church. But I just can't seem interest anyone enough to pursue further relations with me. Every night I just sit here and watch Netflix... By myself. I'm so sick of it. I feel like just running across the ocean and never looking back. Or jumping to the Moon. I feel like escaping this reality because I don't feel compatible with it. Like I don't belong here. I must do something soon or I might jump off the deep end. Love. Peace. Respect.
  11. erealmz


    Thank you. I've learned that I should keep my expressions separate from non-secular establishments. I'll probably just start a YouTube channel to voice my opinions. Besides that, I'm glad to be here.
  12. erealmz


    Thank you. I have just read the rules and such. Now where to begin. For one, I'm an atheist. I have already been kicked out of Christianforums.Com for my beliefs. So why am I here? Well since I've realized that most Christians fear the thought of there not being a God, and they act in such a manner that seems to make me the enemy, I am not. I defend myself when attacked, and since I am pretty smart (a curse), my replies usually seem intellectually threatening to the attacker. So I get reported a lot. I'll try to just shut my mouth and not say anything concerning my beliefs. I've learned that believers just can't handle it. I will follow the rules. But I follow them down to the tee. If you accuse me of violating any rule, you better have the proof because I will challenge it. The mods over at that other place couldn't handle this either because they could never prove that I did anything wrong. Well sometimes. But they pretty much treated my like drops. When I was feeling suicidal, they banned me. That could have been the triggering point. But they don't care about that. They only care about their website as they hide behind their doctrine in order to push any agenda they please. I'm going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and hope that you aren't like that. I have joined other Christian discission groups under the same name so you will all know who I am. If I find that you all treat me the same way, then it will have to become my life goal to expose this part of you and I will most likely turn against this idea of God completely. If, however, I find that maybe there are some true Christians out there, I might benefit in a spiritual way from interaction with them. I might change my while thought process. I might find the proof that I seek. As long as God's children do not stand against me, there is the possibility that I could return. We will see.
  13. erealmz


    Hello everyone. I need a place to discuss my ideas without being attacked by other members. If you attack me, I might defend myself. But I'll try not to and just take the beating like Jesus did. Peace.
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